Don’t Love You Back

What to if They Don’t Love You Back?

Unrequited love is love that you give to someone, but they don’t give the love back. This can be in any kind of relationship from friendship love to romantic love. This can be painful when you are in this kind of relationship and the more you understand this kind of love, the more problems you will see with it.

Understanding Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is love that is one sided. This means that you are in a relationship and even if you enjoy each other, it doesn’t mean that they love you. This kind of unreturned love can cause you to feel embarrassed or ashamed that you fell for it. It causes people to make bad relationship decisions and rather they know that the person feels this way or not, it can leave you feeling confused and with low self-esteem.

Knowing Unrequited Love

Here are some prime examples of what unrequited love looks like:

  • You fell for someone that isn’t available to you.
  • You have strong romantic feelings for your best friend, but they don’t feel the same.
  • You want to get back with your ex, but they have already moved on.
  • You feel strong feelings for someone that is in the movies.
  • You feel romantic feelings for a family member or a friend.
  • You fall in love with someone that you know doesn’t love you.

Signs of Unrequited Love

You may or may not know that the person that you are in love with loves you back or not. There are some signs that you can look for to help you to know if the person is giving you love back or if you are with someone that has unrequited love:

  • The person wants to have more boundaries with you than they do with other people. They act uncomfortable around you.
  • They flirt with other people when you are around.
  • They make you feel ignored.
  • They talk about their attraction to others.
  • They want you to give them dating advice.
  • You feel that this person cannot do anything wrong.
  • You put all the effort into the relationship.

Remember, if someone is meant to be with you then they will put as much effort into the relationship as you do. They will be around you because they enjoy you and not to get things from you. They will have boundaries that are healthy for both of you.

Why Does Unrequited Love Happen?

Unrequited love happens for different reasons. Some will have this kind of relationship because it seems safe for them. It is easier for them to not get stuck on someone and to not allow their heart to get broken. This kind of love can be addicting because it can be made up in the mind and this gets rid of all of the challenges.

This is also addicting because it of escapism. This can feel like a drug and it can make people to feel less painful than facing reality.

Dealing with Unrequited Love

It can be hard to deal with unrequited love because this is love that is only one sided. When you have to deal with this kind of love, it requires you to be compassionate with yourself and to be more tolerant. You have to learn to heal from this kind of relationship and you can heal by allowing yourself to feel the feelings that you are having. Don’t shame yourself.

Make sure that you have compassionate with yourself and any traumas that you dealt with in your past. This can be childhood trauma that made you feel that your life was not possible and that there was no hope.

There is nothing wrong with you if you fall into unrequited love, this is just something that happens to some people. You are someone that has strong love, and you are just trying to give it to someone else, other than yourself. Be loving and compassionate with yourself and make sure that you respect yourself and love yourself. This is what will help you to move on.

Steps to Manifesting Love

Steps to Manifesting Love

There is a great deal of hype surrounding manifestation and that is unlikely to be a coincidence. This has gained even more popularity with quarantine allowing for little to be done except for dreaming. While visualizing your ideal life and willing it into reality may sound too good to be true, there are many who claim it has worked for them. If your dream is to find love and you are open minded enough to manifest it, then why not test the theory.

Manifestation is basically intentionally creating your personal reality through beliefs and actions. We continuously manifest in life whether we mean to or not, so it is best to take control of the power to make positive changes. Manifestation is about attracting what you are thinking and feeling which can lead or guide the actions you take. Emotions are our guidance system and when you think of something specific it is something you want to attract. We always have the option to choose better thoughts, ones that are positives in our lives, but we must choose to do so.

Apart from riches, true love is what most people want to manifest. Whether or not manifestation can accomplish this is open to debate, but many fully believe in the power of manifestation. Not only can manifestation attract new love, but it can strengthen existing love. Remember, the longer you focus upon something or someone, the stronger the attraction. This is not for a specific person necessarily, but love in general, whoever it may come from as the attraction grows. This basically means that you can manifest for yourself, but not others. You cannot force someone to love you.

How to Manifest Love

If you wish to try manifesting love for yourself, there are a few simple steps you can follow. Below will tell you all you need to know.

  • Decide What You Want – The first step is to determine what your ideal relationship looks like by considering what you are looking for in a partner. This is planting a seed so you can stay in a vibrational match with what you wish to manifest. It is not up to you to decide how this will occur, that is left up to the universe, but you need to know what you want.
  • Visualize It – Next, dream about it and allow yourself to get excited. This is how you match your vibrational level to what you want to attract. Make sure you are specific in what you want, how they look, and the qualities they will have.
  • Embody It – Start behaving as if your dream person has already manifested and embody the version of this relationship. Do not obsess over the outcome, but instead focus on self-care and doing things that make you feel good.
  • Align Your Actions – When you have made the steps listed above, you may find your ideal person has presented themselves and this is not something to ignore. Do something about this and start saying yes to this or these potential partners that have the qualities you were trying to manifest. Put aside those who do not match what you were trying to manifest or you will just attract more of them. Remember, what you focus on is what you manifest.
  • Surrender – The final step may sound easy, but it is often the most difficult. The love you attract may not match what you imagined and there may be some surprises along the way. Surrender by allowing love into your life without attachment to a specific outcome or person. Be open to creative possibilities for love and the universe may surprise you with someone you had never considered.
Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Is there someone that you have been dating for a while and you wonder if you are just infatuated with him or if there is going to be something serious? You may be one that has searched for the perfect person and now you want to know if this is the man that is meant for you or not.

Maybe you have been divorced and you are a single mom or maybe you have just been with a few people that have really hurt you and now you want to find the perfect person that is meant to be with you.

Someone comes to you and then all of a sudden everything seems perfect. You have waited and now you see that it was probably worth the wait.

What is a Soulmate?

Many people have different ideas on what a soulmate is. Some believe that a soulmate is someone that comes along that completes you, while others feel that a soulmate is someone that only lasts for a while.

A soulmate might be your best friend. It can be someone that is the same sex as you or even a family member. It is someone that you cannot imagine living without. If you meet a guy that is your soulmate, you will be attracted to him and you will love him deeper than anything ever.

Are Soulmates Real?

Maybe you are one of those people that don’t believe in fate or in soulmates. You might be surprised that many people believe in soulmates because of science and because it is something that is tangible.

Many believe that there is more than one soulmate, and some believe that if you meet the right person, they will touch your soul and be there rather they are a soulmate or not.

Difference Between a Soulmate and Other People

No matter what you think a soulmate is, you know that your soulmate will have to be different than everyone else. When you look at your past relationships, you will realize that this one is different than those.

Maybe the other relationships were full of lust and you were just wanting to have sex with that person. With this new person, you realize there is a physical and an emotional connection and you want more than just hooking up.

It can be hard to know if someone is your soulmate or not because you might think that you love this person and only realize later that it didn’t work out because something wasn’t right. Maybe that wasn’t your soulmate at all.

Finding Out if it is a Soulmate Relationship

Here are some ways that you can tell if you have a soulmate relationship or not.

Love Doesn’t Change

After you have been with the person for a while, you still love them. At first you might have this strong passion and you go through struggles and challenges only to find that you still love this person.

Knowing Them Forever

You might have met this person and you feel that you have known them your whole life. You can share anything with them, and you feel that they will love you no matter what.


Part of you worries about what will come but most of you trusts him. You believe that he is the one and you are vulnerable with him.

You might feel at first that you shouldn’t trust him, but you realize you love and trust him, and it feels good.

Finish Their Sentences

This is someone that you know so well that you finish what they are going to say before they say it. When you really know someone, you can know exactly what they are thinking.

You also probably have a lot of inside jokes with this person.

You Get Him

He will be someone that you get. Everything he does makes sense to you and you understand him inside and out. You know what he likes and what he hates.

Other people won’t know him like you do but you don’t have to explain things to them because you understand.

Reading Him

You can communicate and know what he is thinking or feeling without asking him. You don’t need any words to communicate, and you will be able to read his face and know what he is feeling and thinking.

You know if he hides something from you and you know what kind of mood he is in right when he walks in.

Strong Feelings

You have strong feelings for him that don’t fade over time. You have a good relationship even though sometimes things aren’t so good.


You have had chemistry in your relationships before, but this time is different. You have a different chemistry that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You feel attracted to him and you love that he is smart and that you are able to have conversations with him. He is your soulmate, and you have an easy time talking to him.

Spiritual chemistry is hard to find but you have the same beliefs and the same feelings about angels and loyalty and other things that are important.

Love Him No Matter What

Even when you disagree with him and even through his flaws, you still love him. You have unconditional love for him, and you are there for him no matter what happens.

You Feel Safe

He never makes you feel like he is going to leave you and you always feel secure in the relationship. You feel safe when you are around him and you feel relief that he has come into your life.

You know that you don’t need a man to survive but you like having him close to you.

He Knows You

He will be one that knows you better than you know yourself. He will know what you are feeling, and he sees who you really are.

Challenging You

He will want you to be the best that you can be, and he will challenge you to be better. He will work with you and for you to push you and to help you realize that you need to be happy and motivated.


You and he will share the same ideas and values. You will have the same kind of important values such as:

  • Politics
  • Spiritual things
  • Goals
  • How you look at the world
  • If you want children or not
  • If you want to be married or not
  • Loving
  • Kindness
  • Ethics

These are values that you should never give up and these values will not change for you over time.

Team Players

You will see that you and he work well as a team. You will do things together and you will work hard to make each other happy. You will be partners.

When things are unbalanced, you will work hard to balance each other and to give each other strength.


When you look at other relationships you realize you were never that secure, but your soulmate makes you feel differently.

He comes and you no longer feel afraid or insecure, but you know he is going to be there for you.

How You Met is Special

The way that you met is a special story to you and him. You tell everyone that you meet about how you met your soulmate.


You finally know what love is supposed to feel like and be. You may have thought you knew this before but now you realize you never did.

Better You

He makes you want to be the best that you can be. He wants you to have a better life and you want it for him. Together you can work to make sure that you have the best life you can.

He inspires you and sees through your flaws.


You realize at this point that your past relationships were just infatuations. You know what real love is now and you know that you want to be in this relationship forever.

Being You

You feel that you can always be yourself with him and he can be himself. He doesn’t want a fake you, but he wants you to be the best that you can be but to be yourself.

He never wants you to lose your identity and he wants you to be your separate self and to be there with you so that you can become individuals but one.

You Know

You know that you are with the right person and you get that he is the one for you. No one else has ever made you feel that they were the one.

Working Through Bad Times

You and he will work through things that are hard. When you argue and fight, you will make up and work things through. You will fight through issues and you will do what it takes to have a happy life together.

Making Each other Happy

You want him to be happy and he wants the same for you. You go out of your way to do small things to make sure that he knows you love him and vice versa.


You never feel jealous because you trust him, and you know that you are the one that he has chosen to be with.

You Say What You Think

You are never afraid to tell him what you are thinking. You don’t have to worry that you will mess up the relationship by saying your thoughts or opinions.


You listen to him and he listens to you. You give each other undivided attention because you love each other.

You Can Do Nothing

He is one that makes you happy just sitting around and watching television. You don’t have to do anything big to have fun because you just want to spend time together.


When you are in a soulmate relationship, you find happiness and thrills all at the same time. You can meet the one that makes you happy and show you who you are.

You are in love and hopefully you have found the one that you can call your soulmate. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, keep looking and the universe will send him when the time is right.

Twin Flame Ghosts

What Happens When Your Twin Flame Ghosts You?

Do you have a twin flame, and they aren’t contacting you or responding to you? Do you wonder if your twin flame is ghosting you?

What is Ghosting?

The first thing to look at is what ghosting means. Ghosting is a new kind of term that people use when someone is dating, and they stop talking to you or answering you without you knowing why.

This is not someone that you want to have in your life and is not someone that you want to have an intimate relationship with.

If you have feelings for someone or if you are with your twin flame and they are ghosting you, this might not be the same thing as when you are dating someone that is not your twin flame.

Twin flames might ghost you even when they don’t want the relationship to end and this doesn’t always mean that they don’t have feelings for you because your twin flame is meant to be part of your energy world.

If you would ask your twin why they keep ignoring you or disappearing on you, they will probably not really even understand why they are doing it. You are the best thing that ever happened to them and even if their behavior is telling you otherwise, they want to be with you and they need you.

Your twin flame is the other part of your soul and you will always be close to this person. The problem is, before you can really be in this relationship, both you and your twin have to heal from the things that are going on inside.

You have to know that if your twin flame begins to ghost you that this is a chance for them to heal and a time for the universe to help them through their struggle. When they come back to you, you will see that they are closer to you than ever before.

Your twin flame will always come back to you because they are meant to be part of your soul. They don’t have a choice to leave you and they will come back to you because they are meant to be with you through eternity.

Even if you feel that your relationship is over, it is only beginning. You cannot stay stuck in your problems and you have to learn to better yourself and to learn to make your life good until they come back to you.

There are some things that you can do so that your relationship will be better, and this kind of thing will work with your twin flame because the relationship is not based on their ego but based on a soul connection.

Some things that you will do will cause your twin flame to ignore you because the relationship is not a normal relationship. You might think that your twin flame is a toxic relationship, or you might be dealing with frustration with them because maybe they haven’t fully grown yet.

Do not let your twin manipulate or control you or else this can cause your life to keep going in circles. Do not let fear come to you and do not let the loss of your twin flame cause you to be afraid because you will never lose them.

Being afraid will not help to raise your vibrations which you need to be strong for your twin flame. Fear is something that causes negativity and lower vibrations in your life. This can cause you to be confused and cause you to act ways that you don’t want to act.

Sending Mean Texts

Do not fall for the idea of sending mean texts or saying mean things. Even if you are upset or mad, your twin flame has left for a reason.

Your twin flame is meant to be with you and if you have expressed your feelings for each other, you still probably haven’t gone through the runner and chaser state. This is a time where one of you will run away for a time and it will be hard for both you and them.

This can cause you to be angry, if they are the runner, and you might want to send them angry texts and say mean things because of the hurt you are feeling. Stop yourself form doing this and learn to be in control.

Heart Strings

Another thing to avoid is sending sad texts. Do not try to get them to come back to you by sending them sad texts. Doing this will only make them stay away from you longer and will not let you heal.

You still have a problem that is there in the relationship and if you send texts that are sad or trying to guilt them, then this will become a problem and you will have a longer wait for them to come back.

If you have a twin flame that is a man, they have a hard time understanding things sometimes and when a woman is sad, it can cause him to withdraw more.

Seducing Him

One thing that you should try to avoid is seducing your partner. Do not let your partner come around you and do not try to take them to bed. Give them time to heal and give them time to have their distance.

The behavior that they have right now will keep them away from you and you need to give them a chance to grow. This doesn’t mean that you should stop contacting them or that you shouldn’t love them, what it means is that you need to let them get over whatever they are going through before you sleep with them again.


Stop trying to make your twin flame jealous. When you post things online or say things or make it look like you are dating someone, it can cause your twin not to respond to you for a while. Your twin is meant to be with you, and they will not ever want anyone more than you.

They know that they are meant to be with you, but they need time to work through things in their life and to figure out what is going on.

When you try to make it look like you want to be with someone else, your twin journey will be harder to reunite. If your twin is with someone else, give them a chance to learn that they are wrong and give them time to figure out that you are the perfect one.

Ignoring Them

When you ignore your twin flame it will cause them to feel that they are losing you. This will cause them to feel that you are not interested in them.

Do not play games with your twin. This can cause you to show conditional love instead of unconditional love that you will need to show for your twin. It will also cause you to feel unloved in the end and it is an ego thing that you are trying to control.

Maybe your twin is ignoring you, but this is because they are trying to fight against your energy. This can be because of something in their past life or something in yours.

If you are in the runner and chaser stage, you will see that you have to work through this and you have to let your twin work through it so that you can find real love with each other.

Life is different for everyone and it is very important that you try to make sure that you are kind and loving when you find your twin flame and that you do not let your emotions be in control.

Making Ultimatums

Do not try to make ultimatums to keep your twin flame. This will never work for you and when you do this and you set boundaries, you cause the relationship to be controlling.

You will not get your way when you do this, and it will cause your twin flame to feel controlled and make them want to get away form you. This will cause there to be much frustration and cause there to be problems working out the situation.

A twin flame union will happen when the universe says it is time and not when you think the time is right or when you want things to happen.

Forcing Their Hand

Trying to force your twin flame to contact you will only cause them to contact you less. Let them reach out to you when they are ready.

Being afraid of losing them is something that we will all face at some time and it is something that we have to work through. One thing is that when you engage in behaviors that are negative, it will cause there to be a circle of bad times in your relationship.

When love is fear based, it is an energy that is negative, and it can cause there to be feelings that take so long to heal. Stop letting negative behavior control you and if you are trying to stop your twin from running, figure out what is going on and see how your past life is affecting your relationship.

Contact a psychic and get your Akashic records reading and see if this is what is keeping your twin flame union from working.

Learn to send out light and love to your twin flame and allow your journey to be a divine journey that helps you to stay protected and strong.

Get Rid of Soul Contracts

How to Get Rid of Soul Contracts

It is important to know what kind of soul contract that you have with people. You can have soul contracts with just about anyone including your family, friends or even strangers.

Soul contracts are connections that are there to help people to grow and to find unconditional love for others. If you can learn to understand your soul contracts, you can have better relationships.

Some soul contracts are not fun, and they are there so that you can learn your lesson and you can grow. These contracts can block your way because you are learning, and they can be very hard and painful. Some people are not successful, nor can they find love because of the soul contracts that they have.

Known Soul Contracts

There are some soul contracts that people will know but some that others do not recognize. Here are some soul contracts that are very known:


Do you have a hard time saying no and you are always saying yes to others? Do you put your own needs away to help others? If you do this, it can leave you feeling used and tired. When you are always sacrificing yourself to make others happy it can cause you to be aggravated in your life.

This is a soul contract that can be painful. When you break this soul contract, you can learn to say no when you need to, and you will learn to care more for yourself while still being kind to others. Life has to have a balance.


When you have a loyalty soul contract it can be with your family, friends, or your lover. This means that they can treat you anyway that they want but you will still be there for them.

This kind of soul contract can cause you to be used and abused by people that should love you. You may even try to leave the relationship, but you cannot do it because you are afraid of leaving them.

When you let go of this kind of soul contract, you can improve who you are and make better relationship choices. This can mean leaving your job or leaving your relationships.


Are you someone that is always looking for love? Have you had many failed relationships? Maybe you have tried different things and still cannot find love. Having a soul contract of loneliness can be hard on you.

Even when you find someone that you love, you might still feel lonely and this can cause the relationship to fail. Once you get rid of this contract you can find the love and support that you deserve.


Some people are always worried about things and nervous. Chances are that they have a soul contract with anxiety. Learn to let go of your worry and find that you can trust yourself and know what is going on in your future without having to worry about it.


Do you feel afraid of things even small things such as talking to someone in public? We all have this trait at times to keep us protected but if it is getting out of control, you probably have a soul contract. You need to open up about this and get rid of your fear.

Releasing Soul Contracts

Breaking a soul contract is not easy and you have to understand how these things work.  The point of this contract was to serve you at some point, and you have to understand why you got in this contract from the beginning.

When you learn to be aware of your soul contracts, your mind will be clearer and you will be able to take time to decide how you want to handle the contract. You will soon see that it is affecting everything in your life. You have to learn to release this and you can do this by journaling or automatic writing.

There are different ways that you can get rid of a soul contract and some people have better success with different things than others. The biggest thing is to be aware of your soul contract and then to take action to get rid of it.

Earth Angels and Relationship

Earth Angels and Relationship

Lightworkers, Earth angels, empaths and other people are drawn to helping others and sometimes they have a hard time working through their heart because of how strong and trying their work can be.

Most people in these fields wonder why even though they are so kind and caring, patient and even loving that they find themselves in the same situation, over and over again, having bad relationships or being heartbroken.

These people are very smart and the most important thing about them is how beautiful of a soul they have. They know the things that they want and they know who they want but for some reason, they seem to feel destined to live a life that is not worthy and one that is not what they want at all.

Those that work in the service field in the psychic realm such as lightworkers and Earth angels will often come to a place where they see their life person but they have to learn to let their heart work through things, sometimes over and over again.

Relationships with people can be complicated and these people have to learn to plan a way to stop themselves from getting hurt. The first area that has to change is being willing to face yourself. You can practice this by looking in the mirror and repeating this:

“I am responsible. I am allowing myself to be a part of people and their situations even if they do not have my best interests and the well-being of my heart in mind.”

Then, after facing this, these people have to set boundaries. For the Earth Angel, this is like withdrawing form something because it changes the way they see the purpose of their life. It is what they do, and they are there for someone rather it is night or day and always available.

The thing is, when you do not have boundaries, it can cause people to stretch and use you. They will keep stretching you until you are not able to go back to who you are or to be able to help them because you are stretched too thin. You need to repeat this to yourself:

“I will set boundaries. I will say no when I need to take care of myself.”

When you have finally had enough and you really need time with yourself to recoup your energy and your mind, you can say that something is cancelled or say that you cannot make it that day. If you need a break from your partner, tell them you need to cancel the date today. Or, if you need to spend some time by yourself that day, tell them that they need to get someone else to help them that day.

Learn to do things for yourself to give your mind and your body a break.

There are things that you can do to break the habit of always giving in to people such as setting your own rules. Learn to live your life for you sometimes. This does not have to be all the time and every time, just sometimes.

Once you feel better and you are stronger and you are where you are meant to be, start helping others again. Never allow people to walk all over you or to use you. This was not the intention of the universe.

Having the gift of a lightworker or an Earth Angel is a great gift, but the universe expects this gift to help you along your journey just as much as you are helping others along their journey. Learn to embrace these feelings and learn to embrace your happiness and your life.

Partner and Soulmates

Partner and Soulmates

When you think you have found the one and you think they are your soulmate it might make you feel like you are perfect to be together and it is destiny. The problem is that when you mention soulmates, your partner lets you know that he does not believe in soulmates and you wonder if the relationship is really going to work out or not.

What is a Soulmate

A soulmate is believed by many to be someone that is perfect for you and they are supposed to be perfect with your ideas and they trust and love you. The bond is supposed to be strong and they are supposed to be engaged with you in your sexuality and they are supposed to have the same morals and goals with you.

A soulmate will be there to support the dreams that you have and to give you comfort when you are together. Your relationship feels right, and you believe that they understand you like no one else does.


A soulmate is not perfect, no one is. They have problems in their life, but they are meant to grow with you and face challenges with you. They will have emotions that need healing and they will be there to figure out their journey with you. The soul connection can last over many different lifetimes.


In your past, you might have had many different relationships from your previous lives. You will have more than one soulmate and if you have someone that you thought was the only one, do not be upset. Someone else will come and connect with you when the time is right.


If you are with a partner that does not believe in soulmates, let them deal with that on their own. What they believe does not affect what you believe but if you feel that you cannot deal with someone that does not have the same spiritual connection that you have, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

Ask them what they believe a soulmate is, maybe they just have a different idea of what a soulmate is. You and they are both going to be a whole and it is important to know what they think about your relationship and what a bond they think that you have. Some people see this bond as a different name, so it is important to ask them.

Spiritual Ideas

Dig deeper into what they believe and if you share the same religion, this might be a problem but if you are of different religions, you need to learn to decide if you respect their religion and you let them live their way and you yours or if you need to move on. Do they put love and family first or do they have other priorities?

What is their respect of living things?  Do they love all living things? Are they compassionate with others? Do they want the world to be a peace? Everyone has some kind of belief in the higher power, so what do they believe?

Whatever different ideas you have, find out if your partner shares them, if they do, you have to ask yourself if their soulmate belief really matters to you or not.

Listen to your intuition and let it guide you as to what you should do next.

Soulmate Attractions

Soulmate Attractions

When you want to be with someone and you find yourself wishing you were in love, chances are you are stuck.  When you go after things, you are reaching for energies and you are moving forward.  The energies that you have will come with ideas and intentions and you will have a lot or a little outcome.

When the outcome is little, you will wonder if you can get things to work for you.  You will wonder what you need in order to attract someone.  If you want to attract a soulmate and nothing has happened, it can leave you feeling doubtful and down.

Here are some things that you can do to turn your desires into attraction.  Remember, there are different types of energies that people carry around and these are those finding their soulmate.

Some have energies that are loud, and they want to know who their soulmate is and want to let people know they are searching.  They talk about it and they carry the energy outward and it is a heightened state that they are in.  They will keep being occupied with their soulmate but are getting nowhere.

They think that if they hope for something hard enough that it will happen but that is not how it works.  This is a state that they are in of lacking power and being helpless.  They have a choice to get over this place and to move on with love.

Soulmates are a part of our soul and our soul is the highest vibrational thing that we have.  We carry it around with us and we have power to love and to have wisdom.  Our soul’s energy is always there and when it is ready, it will get things ready for us and it will match us and get things done.

When we listen to what our soul is saying, something with our energy changes and it makes us more attractive.  It is our heart and life and our soul, and it is a silent thing that allows us to have wants and needs.  This is divine intention and attracts us to a deeper purpose.

When we are ready, our soul does these things:

  • Fills us-our soul will have a place for love that is already there. It will come each day and our soul is attracting to someone that is full.  You can attract by being full of love and letting this deep inside of you.
  • Open-when our heart is open it shows the joy of love. When we are looking and trusting for love to come, it will be big, and it will come to us.
  • Knowing-when our soul is knowing, it means that it is ready to have someone come. Our mindfulness of our thoughts will allow us to experience true love and be happy.

When the soul cares for you, which is always, it allows us to have deep intentions.  The soul has powerful vibrations and that is what you need to have a soulmate.

Learn to be patient and to practice being kind and loving to others.  Allow your soul to let other people in and love them like no other.  When your soul is ready, your soulmate will come, and they will see you for who you really are.

You can practice now and when you do, make sure that you keep your energies up.  Energies that are low mean that you are in a state of longing and you have to get out of this because it takes away your powers.  Your destiny is to love, and you have to have your powers strong and ready in order for your soul to call this love into your life.

Believing in Soulmates

Believing in Soulmates

The soulmate is the one person that will give you enough love so that your soul can meet them and work out the emotional situations that will bring the awakening of the self.

If you believe in a soulmate, you should know that many people have many different ideas on a soulmate and what their purpose is.

There are different perspectives on how a soulmate relationship will go and so it is important to be aware of what you believe that a soulmate’s purpose is.  The way that you relate to your soulmate will deal with how you feel and act in your relationship.  If you understand your beliefs and the perspective that you have on this type of relationship, you will understand what kind of relationship that you want to have in this journey.  Your soulmate will impact your life and so you need to understand what having a soulmate means.


A soulmate is someone that is your perfect match.  No matter how strong your thoughts or your emotions are, your soulmate will match your personality and when you face conflict, it will be something you can handle together.


A soulmate will give you a promise to always love you and to love you unconditionally.  They will make promises to you and no matter what kind of faults they have; you will overlook them because you will know that the universe sent this soulmate to you.

Your spouse is always going to be your other half and will complete you.  That is also what the purpose of a soulmate is for.

If you believe in bashert, it means that you have a union that is supported by the universe.  This gives people that believe this meaning in their relationship.  This can cause the energies to come alive and bring a connection bigger than life.

When you believe in things, it causes your values and your thoughts to be guarded.  It allows you to figure out how you should act and how you place your values on what you should do in your relationship.

Always There

Your soulmate will always be there.  They might come in the form of a family member, a lover or even a best friend.  Maybe you will marry them and have kids together.  You will be challenged.

When people are together, they focus on their journey and they move through life together to create a greater relationship.  They will have a perfect match in their soulmate and their soulmate will travel with them and fit them perfectly.

Many people feel that if you have a soulmate, you will only know after your third or fourth date, but the truth is, the important thing is if you have someone that will travel through life with you and will move together with you into love and happiness.

Perfect Fit

People believe that a soulmate is the perfect fit and what everyone wants in their life.  The truth is, the soulmate is the person that mirrors your soul and shows you exactly who you are.  They will show you that your life can change for the better and they will be the most important person in your life.

They will help you to tear down walls that you have built and will be there when they are needed, even if that is not forever.

Most of the time, with a soulmate comes pain.  You will come together with someone that could be form your past and they will make you tender and vulnerable.

A soulmate relationship is limited and will not be a forever ordeal.  They will come and change us and allow us to see things form a different point of view.  They will bring heartbreak and pain with them and even during times of happiness, life will not be easy.

When the relationship ends, it was and will never be a failure, but it is a completion of your test and another step closer to a perfect life.


A soulmate relationship is not easy, and it will evoke pain and emotions.  You and your soulmate have free will and so when you are growing together, you are learning how to live and what each individual will have for you.  When you have free will, you will possibly have an intimate relationship and you will learn a lesson.  Things might be hard, but they will help you to grow.

You may end up lonely or have sexual chemistry, things can go different ways.  Maybe you will spend a period of time loving them and a period of time being hurt by them.  You will become a better person because of them and will become compassionate and kind.  You will love until love finds another path and that is how a soulmate works.

Soulmates are there when things are easy and when they are hard.  There are no set rules with them, and you have to know and understand what you believe your soulmate is.  Know what you believe and see how this works for your life.

Releasing Soul Contracts

Releasing Soul Contracts

Soul contracts can be created between loving people that create a growth and transformation that helps you learn unconditional love. People often want to seek out the soul contract in their lives so they are able to create a successful relationship with the family member or partner in their lives.

Unfortunately, soul contracts can be negative when they are blocking people from reaching their dreams, finding a friend, enjoying a marriage, or even being successful in a business situation. This can easily become confusing and disheartening as someone wants to move forward in an area, but a soul contract is impeding movement.

There are several soul contracts that people are often unaware of in their lives that have been shared and how to actively break these contracts if they are holding you back in some area of life.


When you have a soul contract of martyrdom, you may find yourself saying “yes” much more than “no”. This is true even if you are overly busy or do not really want to help with something. You will likely feel like your own needs require sacrifice in order to avoid ever being called selfish. This can likely leave you feeling frustrate, unappreciated, tired and drained over time. This is a martyrdom soul contract and can be horrible. Even once it is broken you will help others, but you will be more balance in the decisions of what to do.


Loyalty soul contracts are those that cause you to stand by a lover, friend, parent, or even boss regardless of how you are treated. Loyalty contracts get people into situations in which they are treated as doormats or feel helpless when trying to make a change. They do not want to abandon the other person, but may also be miserable. When this type of contract is released, the desired changes will be easier, even if you have avoided leaving for many years. The hold that you may not have been aware of will seem to disappear.


If you have spent your life lonely, but always searching for a soulmate, then you may have a soul contract for loneliness. Even if you have been in relationships, but they ended in failure for whatever reason, it could be a loneliness contract that is causing issues. When the soul is stuck in this agreement, even when you are with someone amazing, loneliness can be overwhelming. Once the contract is released, you will be able to feel the love and support from those in your life.


If your state of being is trending toward constant nervousness, anxiety, and worry, then you may have an anxiety contract. This could be general anxiety or worry about specifics like finances, work, or any other area. While part of this is human nature, it can also be due to a soul contract from a past life. Perhaps this contract was first made so nothing would take you by surprise in life. When this contract is ended, your intuition will be heightened and you can better trust your gut. This will make for a better life overall.

Rocking the Boat

Some people commit themselves to never standing out or rocking the boat. It is a form of protection from the world. This type of contract makes it harder to build a company, write a book, or even become expert level at anything. You must be able to stand out in order to do these types of things. When this type of contract is released, new pathways will open up. Your work may be highlighted and life will propel forward.

Releasing and Clearing Contracts

So, if you have determined that you are against an unwanted soul contract, there are ways that most can be broken. The first step is understanding both how the contract has helped and hindered you in life so that it can be removed.

Then, by aware of where this contract is most present and problematic in your life. Document these behaviors so you know where this affects you most. As this is recognized, clarity will be gained. In those moments that give you pause about a situation; you also have the opportunity to change your normal behavior. Over time this gets easier. This can lead to journaling that can further the breaking of the contract. This is a process that will take time and work on your part. When it starts it will be one of the most empowering things you can imagine.