How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Negative Energy

If you have negative energies that are around, you or attached to you then you need to get rid of them. Here are some ways to get rid of these energies:

Surrounded By Energies

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that the energy around you is negative. There can be feelings in a room that show you that you are full of negative energy. When this happens, you need to face the energy and learn to get rid of it.

Negative Influences

If there are people in your life that make you feel drained, these people are not good for you. This can be toxic relationships and it can bring negativity to you. Once you understand that you can get rid of these people, you can move on and you can live a happier life.

Don’t let the influences of others fill you with negativity and learn to move on when you are with people that are constantly bringing you down.

Be Calm

There are different things that you can do to be calm. You can try to close your eyes and meditate and change your thought pattern. Don’t let negative thoughts go through your mind and learn to lean on positivity.

Find quiet places to reflect on the good things in your life and see that this is the best way that you can get rid of negative energy that surrounds you.


Take time to declutter and get rid of things in your home and office that you no longer need. By doing this, you will see that you can get rid of negativity as well. Free up space and invite good things into your life. Don’t hold on to things that don’t bring use to your life.

Stop Whining

Make a note to pay attention to what you are saying and doing. Don’t whine and don’t talk negatively. When you are being unnecessarily negative, you are attracting this kind of energy to your life.

Pay attention to how you are talking and change your mindset to make things around you more positive and fun.

Smudging or Using Salt

Take salt and sage and smudge or salt your room. You can do this to remove negative energy from your area or even your body. If you smudge, make sure the smoke goes in all the corners and leave a window open to let the negativity out.

Use salt in your bath and see all of the negativity rinsing down the drain after your shower or your salt bath.

Final Thoughts

Get rid of negativity in your life by living a better life. You can choose to be positive, and you can choose to bring light into your life. Don’t let the choices of others bring you down or cause you to feel stressed or anxious. Choose to feel happy and at peace and you will have this in your life.