Getting Messages from Deceased Pets

Getting Messages from Deceased Pets

Pets that leave the world will often want to connect with you. They will continue to share their energy with you because a physical death doesn’t mean that the soul dies. You can trust your intentions when you want to talk and communicate with your pet, and you will see that you can do this telepathically.

All you have to do is to decide that you are going to talk to your animal, and it can happen for you.

How to Connect with Your Deceased Pets

Before you can communicate with your deceased pet, you need to imagine a bubble surrounding you. You need to ask your angels to protect you when you go into this higher state. Let the light come to you.

Gaze at Pictures

Look at a picture of your pet. Imagine that they are there with you and that you have something to tell them. Talk to them and tell them what you want them to know. You can say this out loud or you can say it in your mind.

Look for a Sign

Ask your pet to give you a sign that they are there to talk to you. This can be a message that only you and your pet would do.


You have to believe that your animal is going to talk to you in some way. When this happens, you need to make sure that you have a quiet mind and that you are willing to open up and to listen to what they are going to tell you.

Happy Emotions

You need to try and have happy emotions. Don’t feel regretful or sad. You cannot feel guilty when you talk to your pet, or they might disconnect from you. They want you to have peace and to be happy and they want to be excited to see you and to get the same reaction. Your pet doesn’t want you to feel sad or to be upset.

What to Avoid

Don’t ignore the messages that your pet is trying to give you. If you get a message, don’t doubt it. Learn to trust that your animal is communicating with you.

Talking to Your Pet

Here are some ideas to help you be able to talk to your pet that has passed over to the other side:

  • Stay positive.
  • Invite them to talk to you.
  • Use crystals such as amethyst or quartz.
  • Keep a large battery pack close to you to have fuel for the pets that come back to earth.
  • Try to smudge your area and yourself.
  • Keep your mind balanced.


Make sure when you talk to your pet that you keep their memory alive. Talk to them about what you used to do and how much fun you used to have.

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