Doing Your Own Mediumship


If you have ever lost someone that you love, you will know that this is hurtful and can be heartbreaking to miss someone. But the truth is, you don’t have to lose that connection after someone has passed, especially if you are a medium.

Maybe you have gotten a medium reading before and you understand how it works, the medium might ask you questions about what your loved one looked like or tell you things that they hear your loved one saying. This will be when your intuition kicks in to let you know if that person is there with you or not.

Being able to do your own mediumship takes things to a whole new level. If you can connect with your loved ones that have passed away, you will see that they are living big lives in the spiritual world and even though they might not be around every single day, you will see that they can come to you whenever they want, and this will often be special days like your birthday or some important holiday.

A loved one might even come to you and let you know what they are doing. They might talk about things in your life like leaving a seat open at the table for thanksgiving dinner or talking to you about special things that you kept from them after they died.

Spirits will tell you that they are okay and will reassure you and your intuition will guide you to these things. As you connect with the spirits and your psychic gifts grow, you can develop this gift even more. Here is how:

  • Listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition is your inner voice. Talking to a spirit is a connection that requires you to use your intuition and your psychic gift. This is a way that you can connect yourself with the people of the spiritual world. Even if you just want to connect with someone that you loved that died, it has to go through you to make that happen. You can’t be a good medium if you aren’t able to make the connection in yourself and this helps to lay a foundation.

Trusting yourself and listening to your intuition is imperative if you want to be able to listen to the spiritual world.

  • Know If Your Intuition is Blocked

There are some people that have blocked their intuition, and you might not even realize that you have done this. Here are some reasons that intuition gets blocked sometimes:

  • Fearfulness: This could be based on society and the beliefs that you grew up in.
  • Lack of validation: You never had people validate or listen to you.
  • Being too busy: When you are too busy you might rush past what your inner voice is trying to tell you, or you might think it is just something else.
  • Being out of your body too much: Some people want to be spiritually out of their body with meditation, hypnosis, or even astral projection. Being out of your body too much makes you lose the feelings that you know to connect with spirits.
  • Make Your Environment Right

Another thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the right environment to hear. Connect to your space and make sure that you are using something like a comfortable bed or chair or even a meditation pillow.

Find a place that you can be receptive and where your brain waves are open. As you start receiving information from the spiritual world, you will see that you need to slow down. You can’t always be running and doing other things when you want to hear what your intuition or even the spirits are trying to tell you.

Do things that are repetitive like deep breathing or mantras so that your mind will slow down. This can create a calm space that you can receive the information that you need.

  • Get Rid of Disbelief

Disbelief is one of the biggest reasons that people cannot connect with the spiritual world. You have to get rid of beliefs that other people have given you and learn to reframe your mind. Not only can this help to open you up to the spiritual world and be liberating to your life.

  • Find Negative Patterns

Focus on the patterns that you keep having. How do you feel when a spirit comes to you? Do you start to get negative, or do you choose to not listen or to cut them off? Find a pattern that is positive that is your own. If you feel that the spirit is there and it makes your hair on your neck stand up, know that they are emotionally triggering you and embrace that.

Each connection might be different but if you feel anxious when they do, this isn’t going to be something that ends up being a great experience. Learn to be calm and to find ways to make the meeting positive.

  • Subtle Experiences

Sometimes you will have spirits that come, and you will barely know that they are there. You have to learn to see subtle experiences such as flashes of light or an image. Then once you learn to notice these things, you might need to use this kind of effort to understand what they are trying to tell you because it can be confusing sometimes.

You might even notice that your emotions change a little bit. This can be a sign that they are coming to visit with you.

  • Don’t Give Up

After you embrace the idea that you have your own mediumship gift, learn to keep looking into things and pushing forward. Use your intuition not only to help you speak into the spiritual world but also to help you to live your life better. This can help you to trust yourself and to be more confident.

Nurture your mediumship gift and embrace everything that comes with it. You will see that you have more control over things than you realized and as you practice, things will get easier.