Finding Your Soul Family and Tribe

Soul Family

Most people have heard of having their own tribe or having a soul family. These are people that help you to grow by the connections that they have with their souls.

Soul Tribe

A soul tribe is someone that you have in your life that aren’t related to you, but they are connected to you in some way. This can be people such as soulmates, twin flames, karmic relationships and more.

These are people that will make a strong connection to you that aren’t your family members but that you feel that you have known for your whole life.

Soul Tribe Connections

Each life path that connects with someone outside of their family is connecting with their soul tribe. Here is what that feels like:

  • Feelings of being home.
  • Having energy that makes you feel alive.
  • Having core values and sharing the same kinds of experiences.
  • Being able to express self without being judged.
  • Feeling comfortable and safe.

Someone out of your soul family will come into your life and they will be a big part of who you are. This connection will last a lifetime and as you meet these people, they will help you to grow and help you to reach your life purpose. As you meet people in your soul tribe, they will make you feel safe, and they will be easy to talk to.

You will feel alive around them and you will not be worried that they will put you down or judge you when you share what you are feeling or thinking. This is someone that sees you differently than others in the world see you. This connection feels like magic, and it will change the way that you live and the way that those around you live. Even science shows that interacting with people that are like you will help you to be stronger and healthier.

Think about the people that you have met over time that you are able to connect with and talk to. These are people that you feel like you have known forever.


There will be people that you meet in school or somewhere else that you connect with at some time in your life and when you see them later in life, you might talk to them. You will also have coworkers and neighbors that you enjoy being around and they will come in and out of your life, most of them positive contacts.

But a soul tribe connection is different. You will feel different when you look at them like you have known them forever. They will make you feel loved and cared about and you will do the same for them. This connection will make you feel like you are awake and that you all of a sudden see everything in color.

Each connection that you make with your soul tribe is someone that you have a purpose with. They are there to show you who you are and to bring you peace and joy. They are people that will complete your life and make you happy.

Karmic Relationships

These are relationships that you feel that you are strongly connected to. They bring about patterns though that happen over and over. These relationships can be hard and painful. You will feel different emotions when you think of this person and sometimes you will be required to remove yourself from their life so that you can have peace. These are people that are there for a soul purpose, but these are temporary relationships.

Twin Flame

A twin flame relationship is the other half of your soul, and they will be part of your soul tribe. This is someone that you will meet once in a lifetime and not everyone has met their twin flame. These connections are up and down sometimes but in the end this connection will last forever.

How Do You Find Your Tribe?

Your soul tribe are relationships that come easy. They will have a connection to you that pulls you to them. When they come into your life, they will do different things that make you know that the connection is real such as:

  • Feeling Joyful

This connection will bring you peace and joy. It will be a connection that helps you to feel happy and to be able to connect with people that are like you.

  • Be Intuitive

You will be able to listen to your intuition to know if you have met someone in your soul tribe. Listen to what is going on in your spirit and let that be confirmation to you.

  • Find Your Soul Tribe

One way that you can find your soul tribe is to meditate and ask them to come to you. Write out positive mantras that you can say and ask your spirit guides to bring you your tribe. You will see that they will come to you, and they will be magnetic.

Love connections can be long or short term, but your soul family are people that will be there with you forever. They will come to you when you feel lost or afraid and they will hear you when you need them even if they are far away from you.