How Emotions Affect Psychic Readings

How Emotions Affect Psychic Readings

A psychic, also known as someone who has professional intuitivism, is a spiritual scientist, and like all forms of science, there are patterns and formulas that can exact an outcome. The majority of professional psychics read what the highest will for your life is. It depends on who or what they subscribe to as a belief system. A reader most often views Akashic records, which are records of the soul in its entirety, including everything you have ever thought or done and all that has yet to come. However, there are also parallel universes with variations of that outcome for whatever circumstances arise. You determine your path and can fluctuate at any time you choose. Some people operate between several realities to gain from multiple experiences. Most people do not realize that the outcome is up to you as a co-creator of your reality and what you experience, repay in karmic debt, or what you are available to learn.

There is no right or wrong path to choose because all contain benefits and blessings as well as detriments and disadvantages. The path you either intentionally step into or unintentionally fall into depends on your life variables. If you have issues with addiction or abuse, you will likely attract the same. Conversely, if you are self-loving, good, and fair to yourself always, you will attract more of the same. The cosmic mirror is, after all, a reflection of the self. Your emotions and mood at the time you receive a psychic reading will influence the information you receive. If you are set on a specific outcome ahead of time, that is what the empath will pick up on. If you feel lost, again, the reader will pick up on that strongest. You get what you are focused on at that moment.

All psychics differ in the way they get or receive their information and even in what comes through during your reading. The majority are only as accurate as you allow them, and if a reader starts to tell you something that you do not want to hear and has a negative reaction, you have sealed your entire reading. If you are willing to expand your consciousness, let go of the victim mentality and then embrace the bigger picture. This is not just for one instance but for every life event and action. You may not see it at the moment, but you will eventually understand the reasons for any trial you face. Always stay open to receiving what the reader is telling you, even if the outcome is not what you want. You may not want to hear it at the moment, but in six months or a year, be rejoicing at the message.

Before you try to phone a psychic, take some personal responsibility for getting calm, clear, and in a serious mindset. Write your questions out clearly to save time and be willing to share how you are feeling in the moment so the reader can go beyond that to access the necessary information without a cloud of emoting darkening the reading. Stay open to all you hear without blocking it with fears or cynicism. If you are struggling to make ends meet, hold off because rushing a reader can cloud the reading. Most readers are not in it to take advantage of the caller, so be patient and use all your manners. Your willingness, receptivity, demeanor, and candor will all have an influence on your reading.