Spirits and How They Help


People have many guides and teachers in their life, and these are people that come to help them through hard things and help them to make good decisions. Another type of helper that we have are spirit guides. These are guides that come from the spirit world and they use their energies to help you become a better you.

There are different kinds of spirit guides that you might see in your life. You can have more than one kind of guide and they might interact at the same time with you, or they might take turns being in your life. Sometimes a spirit guide will step back if they think that they aren’t the right guide for you right at the moment.

Animal Spirit Guides

Animal spirit guides are guides that are animals and they come to give you a message or to help you to be guided. They can come into any role that you need them at the time. If you see a special animal or an animal keeps showing up over and over, this can be your animal spirit guide.

Ancestral Spirit Guides

These are guides that are spirits that have died and are connected to you in some way such as a loved one from your family tree. They come to help keep you safe and are sometimes looked at as guardian angels. They can help you to heal from trauma that is passed down generationally.

Ascended Masters Guides

Ascended Masters are guides that are at a higher vibration than other guides. They are selected to come back to help people live better lives and to help with humanity.

Patrons or Matrons Guides

There are patron or matron guides that sometimes come to someone for their entire life even though they might not have known that they were guides. These are spirits that can teach you things that you’re lacking.

Mentor Spirit Guides

These are spirit guides that only come to you for a short time, and this is normally when you are dealing with some kind of challenge. You might need to learn a lesson and you might need to have a relationship that grows to help you reach your purpose.

Pathfinder Spirit Guides

These are guides that can come to you and will give you clarity in what you need in your life. They help you to reach your soul purpose and they help you to make good decisions. You can connect with these guides when you meditate.

Gatekeeper Spirit Guides

Gatekeeper spirit guides are those that come to give you strength and to help you to see your talents and your gifts. They are able to connect with you and get rid of negative energies that other spirits leave to bother you. They have strong psychic gifts and they usually come when someone goes through their enlightenment. They teach people to use discernment and to protect their spiritual being.

Let Your Guides Help!

The great thing about spirit guides is that they are there to help you throughout your entire life. There are guides that will come to you to bring you healing and to protect you and there are guides that might come in multiples depending on what you need.

Don’t worry that you will hurt or offend one of your guides because they don’t have the same kinds of emotions that you have, and they are there primarily to help you.

You can connect with your spiritual guides by meditating and you can develop your spiritual self as you connect with these guides. They are there to offer you advice that you need and that you want to live your best life.