Are You an Earth Angel?

Earth Angel

Angels are spiritual beings, and they have a purpose to reach the highest good in their existence and to show unconditional love. There are some people that come to earth as angels and these humans will have a soul that is full of traits that angels have. These are souls that have a real connected purpose in life.

No matter what origin they are, they are considered to have traits that are like angels, but they are also humans. These traits allow these people to look a certain way and one of the given traits is to have angelic eyes. Angelic eyes are able to be seen by how an earth angel acts such as being compassionate, forgiving, having unconditional love, and understanding pain and hurt. These are people that love others more than themselves and they are often seen as selfless.

Earth angels help others and people are attracted to them. This is why they make so many friends but even strangers are attracted to them. The aura that they have is bright and inviting and this brings even more people close to them.

Here are some of the traits of an earth angel:

  • Intuitive and Insight

Earth angels have strong intuition, and they are able to understand what others are going through. These are people that are often seen to be healers and they are givers. They give more than they get, and they have a hard time saying no when someone asks something of them. Most of the time these people won’t ask for help for themselves but will ask for help for others that are in need.

  • Experiencing Life

You can see who an earth angel is if you are close to one. These are people that will show you respect and whatever you do for them or for others, it won’t go unnoticed. This kind of person is someone that will help you, but they won’t always take help from you.

When you have a relationship with someone that is an earth angel, it can be a relationship that is amazing. These are people that are overall wonderful, and they have a soul that makes you feel better when you are around them. They are full of balance and love and when they are in your life you will be happier.

  • Helpless Relationships

Earth angels often have relationships that are helpless. They attract people that are hurting, and this can cause them to hurt others or to take away from people. Since an earth angel is so giving, these people that come into their life often take more than they give, and it can cause there to be issues in the relationship. This can leave everyone feeling frustrated and this can become a cycle that happens over and over again.

Earth angels will often stay in relationships longer than they should stay in them even if they are toxic. They will allow neglect to happen to them and they will allow themselves to be abused because they don’t want to upset their partner and they want them to be happy even when they aren’t.

  • Stopping the Growth

When you are putting other needs over your own, it can cause you to not be able to grow. It can cause you to find yourself in a place where you are stuck. Earth angels want to see people healed and they will allow broken souls to come to them because they are so kind and compassionate and even if they are hurting, they will allow it to keep going.

  • Best Life

Even if you have only one or two traits of an earth angel, you can still be someone that is helpful in life. If you are someone that is giving and loving, make sure that you have boundaries and that you are able to say no to people when it doesn’t benefit you to say yes. This can help you to help yourself so that you can help others.

  • Let It Go

Some things can be fixed but some things cannot. If you are continuously trying to help someone that isn’t able to be helped, let hem go. You can’t fix everyone, and you have to realize that you need to have people in your life that respect you and that care for you, even if you are or aren’t an earth angel.