What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

Black Aura

The aura is a shield that is around you and it comes in different shapes and colors. The colors can be blue, purple, yellow, and more. Colors can make up what your personality is and what you are feeling in your life.

Auras change colors depending on your personality and how you are feeling. Having an aura that is bright means that you are living your best life. What happens though if you have a black aura?

Having a Black Aura

A black aura doesn’t mean that you have an evil spirit, and it isn’t something that is dark. A black aura isn’t a dingy or dirty aura, but it is an aura that might mean that you have low vibrations at the time. It can also mean that you don’t have as much energy as you had before.

Energies can come to you, and they can be positive or negative. When the energies are negative, it can make your vibrational frequency get lower. This can cause you to feel tired or to feel that you aren’t able to do as much as you wanted to do in your life.

Black Aura and Personality

An aura is something that is always changing. Having a black aura doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person and just like you change your mind about things, your aura will change often. Some people think that the aur comes and never changes but that isn’t true. Since energy is always flowing, the aura is always changing with this energy.

A black aura doesn’t represent your personality, it is just an energy that causes you to feel differently in your life. On that note though, someone that has a black aura can have a personality disorder.

Black Aura and Other Colors

If you have been feeling down lately, chances are that you need to get some color into your aura. This can mean that you have a black aura and that you need to work on yourself. You could start by bringing things into your life that bring you peace, love, and passion. This can make you to feel grounded and strong.

There are nine main colors in the aura, and you can use these colors to bring better things in your life. Try adding colors such as yellow, white, purple, blue, green, and other colors to boost your energies. Here are some ways to bring color into your aura:

Pick the Color

One way you can add these colors to your aura is by adding the color that you have chosen. If you want to have more passion in your life, add the color red. Eat strawberries or wear something red.

Take Care of Your Body

Another great thing that you can do is to take care of your body. Try to exercise, go out in nature, and eat healthier. This can increase your energy and your health.

Be Spiritual

You can also increase and better your spiritual self.  Try to meditate and do some breathwork to be stronger.

Figure Out What You Need

People go through times that are hard sometimes but when an aura is full of negativity, you will see that you have problems that you are going through. When you feel tired and overwhelmed, you need to do things that are bringing you peace and joy in your life. Find things that make you happy such as a hobby. Go outside and sit in nature or go to the beach.

Final Thoughts

Once you figure out that having a black aura isn’t something that is totally negative, figure out how to add more color to your aura. You can find things that bring you peace and joy in your life and as you do these things, you will see that your aura will get brighter and more colorful.