Believing in Soulmates

Believing in Soulmates

The soulmate is the one person that will give you enough love so that your soul can meet them and work out the emotional situations that will bring the awakening of the self.

If you believe in a soulmate, you should know that many people have many different ideas on a soulmate and what their purpose is.

There are different perspectives on how a soulmate relationship will go and so it is important to be aware of what you believe that a soulmate’s purpose is.  The way that you relate to your soulmate will deal with how you feel and act in your relationship.  If you understand your beliefs and the perspective that you have on this type of relationship, you will understand what kind of relationship that you want to have in this journey.  Your soulmate will impact your life and so you need to understand what having a soulmate means.


A soulmate is someone that is your perfect match.  No matter how strong your thoughts or your emotions are, your soulmate will match your personality and when you face conflict, it will be something you can handle together.


A soulmate will give you a promise to always love you and to love you unconditionally.  They will make promises to you and no matter what kind of faults they have; you will overlook them because you will know that the universe sent this soulmate to you.

Your spouse is always going to be your other half and will complete you.  That is also what the purpose of a soulmate is for.

If you believe in bashert, it means that you have a union that is supported by the universe.  This gives people that believe this meaning in their relationship.  This can cause the energies to come alive and bring a connection bigger than life.

When you believe in things, it causes your values and your thoughts to be guarded.  It allows you to figure out how you should act and how you place your values on what you should do in your relationship.

Always There

Your soulmate will always be there.  They might come in the form of a family member, a lover or even a best friend.  Maybe you will marry them and have kids together.  You will be challenged.

When people are together, they focus on their journey and they move through life together to create a greater relationship.  They will have a perfect match in their soulmate and their soulmate will travel with them and fit them perfectly.

Many people feel that if you have a soulmate, you will only know after your third or fourth date, but the truth is, the important thing is if you have someone that will travel through life with you and will move together with you into love and happiness.

Perfect Fit

People believe that a soulmate is the perfect fit and what everyone wants in their life.  The truth is, the soulmate is the person that mirrors your soul and shows you exactly who you are.  They will show you that your life can change for the better and they will be the most important person in your life.

They will help you to tear down walls that you have built and will be there when they are needed, even if that is not forever.

Most of the time, with a soulmate comes pain.  You will come together with someone that could be form your past and they will make you tender and vulnerable.

A soulmate relationship is limited and will not be a forever ordeal.  They will come and change us and allow us to see things form a different point of view.  They will bring heartbreak and pain with them and even during times of happiness, life will not be easy.

When the relationship ends, it was and will never be a failure, but it is a completion of your test and another step closer to a perfect life.


A soulmate relationship is not easy, and it will evoke pain and emotions.  You and your soulmate have free will and so when you are growing together, you are learning how to live and what each individual will have for you.  When you have free will, you will possibly have an intimate relationship and you will learn a lesson.  Things might be hard, but they will help you to grow.

You may end up lonely or have sexual chemistry, things can go different ways.  Maybe you will spend a period of time loving them and a period of time being hurt by them.  You will become a better person because of them and will become compassionate and kind.  You will love until love finds another path and that is how a soulmate works.

Soulmates are there when things are easy and when they are hard.  There are no set rules with them, and you have to know and understand what you believe your soulmate is.  Know what you believe and see how this works for your life.