Manipulating Energy

Manipulating Energy

Energy is the force that animates our life and allows us to feel a certain way each day.  Sometimes this way will be strong and healthy while other days will leave us feeling tired and angry.  We will contribute the low energy that we have to days that we get no sleep or when we have a long day.  The truth is, energy is more than just getting rest and when our energies are low, we can be impacted both physically and mentally.  When we have blocks in our energy levels, we might have gotten these even as young children.

Our body will show us that spending time with others and moving freely through our energy will help us to find our place and to have more energies.

Our Mind

Our energies are complicated and when we want to define them, it is hard because a lot of it is spiritual.  We have to understand our energies in ourselves and our surroundings.  When we feel happy, we have good energy which is grounded and when we feel angry, we have blockages in our energy.  This might cause us to act on our emotions and cry or scream.

Situations that we are in can drain us of our energy and can cause us to feel that we are not good enough.  We might need others to be a crutch to us and feel that we can’t make it on our own.  Our boundaries are sometimes not strong enough and our energies will suffer because of this.  When we create a separation, we let our energies to flow freely.

One of the first things about energy is that it cannot be created or destroyed.  Energy can slow down and speed up, but it cannot be changed.  Energy can be held, or it can be open and flow without a block.  Our energy is an amazing thing and when it is depleted, it can cause our system to not work right.

When our energy works in its natural force, it can direct our movements and make us think about things that we would not think about otherwise.  The direct energy will connect us and give us energy.  When we have no energy, this can lead to destruction.

Blocked Energy

Blocked energy is a problem and can cause you to feel that your mind is open, but you are not able to concentrate on good things.  We can see reason and our emotions not working together and we can find that we are not able to hold it together.  This is energetic integrity.

Most people know that energy integrity is short lived, and it can be followed by a blockage or being stuck.  When we are blocked, our feelings are in limbo and they are not even and can cause us to be unhealthy.  A good balance is when we are giving and getting, and we are able to be submissive to a point.  We can be reasonable and kind and full of willpower.  When there is blockage, there will be exaggeration, selfishness and perfectionism.

Brain Blocks

When you have a closed mind, this is a blockage in your mind.  When someone wants to say they aren’t that kind of person, this is a brain blockage.


When you have no faith in yourself, your energy is blocked.  This can cause you to surrender your will instead of being able to fight against it.  Some situations do not allow us to trust and do not give us what we need.  Our energy can be tight and can try to make you take what you deserve.

What Makes Energy Blockages?

One of the biggest reasons our energy gets blocked is because of our emotional repression.  When we repress our emotions, it can cause us to be frustrated.  This can bring about humiliation and can cause you to not be happy or to experience depression and anxiety.  You will feel rejection and abandonment which can take away more of your energy.

When you have childhood trauma, you will see as an adult that you will have less energy and that this affected your life.  You will struggle and have a hard time expressing who you are and what you feel.  There will be distrust in your relationships and you will not be able to show people what you need and desire.

You learn to adapt to your feelings and avoid anything that can bring you fulfillment.  You will live your life with reason and with interlelect but you will never be able to allow your emtoinos to show.  When you are sad, you will mask this with anger.  You will feel numb and be misunderstood and people will think you are cold hearted.

The truth is that you are learning to manipulate your energy so that you do not have to face the truth of life.

Restoring Energy Integrity

If you want to restore your energy integrity, you have to look inside at yourself.  You have to learn to take risks and be willing to know that you are responsible for who you are.  Work to be conscious and to act a certain way and let your energy be on your side.  Defend yourself by using your energy and what you believe in.  Hold on to the energy and learn to stand up for who you are but also to let go of your emotions.  Learn to ask for help.

As you learn that your energy is on your side, you will see that things will come together, and you will know that your energy is there to defend you against emotions and experiences.  You will see that your energy was used to protect you and served you when you needed it.  When you use your energy this way though, it holds you back from having a good life.

This is a way that you can have personal growth and you can understand the relationship between your energy and your life.  You will see that your family and your friends do love you and that you are creative and fun.  You will see that you can reach your goals and that you can be happy.

Energy distortions can be found everywhere and if you can understand the idea of energy, you can work to make a change in our life that will help us.

Energy System

Our thoughts are a part of our energies and when we notice what we are thinking then we can make a list of what to fix our mind on.

Throughout your day, take time to close your eyes and meditate on who you are.  How do you feel and what is holding you back?  Move your body and notice if you have feelings when you do.  Do you have energy in certain parts of your body?

Make sounds and let your voice be heard.  Say yes and no with energy and allow yourself to make some noise.  What happens when you are with other people, do you feel that your energy is stronger?  Pay attention to this and allow other people to be in your life.

Have boundaries but allow them to change.  Let your friends come and find things out about you.  Take time to get to know each other and feel their energy.  Let your energy be part of them and you take some of theirs.  Let them help ground you.

Make a list of things you feel and write down what you feel when you are around other people.  Does your body change at all?  Are you comfortable meeting new people?  Do you lead your life with reason and feel freer?  Lead others and let them experience who you are.

Look for other experiences and see how other people feel. Invite people in your life and tune into them.  Don’t always push people out of your lie.

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