Soulmate Attractions

Soulmate Attractions

When you want to be with someone and you find yourself wishing you were in love, chances are you are stuck.  When you go after things, you are reaching for energies and you are moving forward.  The energies that you have will come with ideas and intentions and you will have a lot or a little outcome.

When the outcome is little, you will wonder if you can get things to work for you.  You will wonder what you need in order to attract someone.  If you want to attract a soulmate and nothing has happened, it can leave you feeling doubtful and down.

Here are some things that you can do to turn your desires into attraction.  Remember, there are different types of energies that people carry around and these are those finding their soulmate.

Some have loud energies, and they want to know who their soulmate is and want to let people know they are searching.  They talk about it and they carry the energy outward and it is a heightened state that they are in.  They will keep being occupied with their soulmate but are getting nowhere.

They think that if they hope for something hard enough that it will happen but that is not how it works.  This is a state that they are in of lacking power and being helpless.  They have a choice to get over this place and to move on with love.

Soulmates are a part of our soul and our soul is the highest vibrational thing that we have.  We carry it around with us and we have the power to love and to have wisdom.  Our soul’s energy is always there and when it is ready, it will get things ready for us and it will match us and get things done.

When we listen to what our soul is saying, something with our energy changes and it makes us more attractive.  It is our heart and life and our soul, and it is a silent thing that allows us to have wants and needs.  This is a divine intention and attracts us to a deeper purpose.

When we are ready, our soul does these things:

    • Fills us-our soul will have a place for love that is already there. It will come each day and our soul is attracted to someone that is full.  You can attract by being full of love and letting this deep inside of you.
    • Open-when our heart is open it shows the joy of love. When we are looking and trusting for love to come, it will be big, and it will come to us.
    • Knowing-when our soul is knowing, it means that it is ready to have someone come. The mindfulness of our thoughts will allow us to experience true love and be happy.

When the soul cares for you, which is always, it allows us to have deep intentions.  The soul has powerful vibrations and that is what you need to have a soulmate.

Learn to be patient and to practice being kind and loving to others.  Allow your soul to let other people in and love them like no other.  When your soul is ready, your soulmate will come, and they will see you for who you really are.

You can practice now and when you do, make sure that you keep your energies up.  Low energies mean that you are in a state of longing and you have to get out of this because it takes away your powers.  Your destiny is to love, and you have to have your powers strong and ready in order for your soul to call this love into your life.