Releasing Soul Contracts

Releasing Soul Contracts

Soul contracts can be created between loving people that create a growth and transformation that helps you learn unconditional love. People often want to seek out the soul contract in their lives so they are able to create a successful relationship with the family member or partner in their lives.

Unfortunately, soul contracts can be negative when they are blocking people from reaching their dreams, finding a friend, enjoying a marriage, or even being successful in a business situation. This can easily become confusing and disheartening as someone wants to move forward in an area, but a soul contract is impeding movement.

There are several soul contracts that people are often unaware of in their lives that have been shared and how to actively break these contracts if they are holding you back in some area of life.

  • Martyrdom

When you have a soul contract of martyrdom, you may find yourself saying “yes” much more than “no”. This is true even if you are overly busy or do not really want to help with something. You will likely feel like your own needs require sacrifice in order to avoid ever being called selfish. This can likely leave you feeling frustrate, unappreciated, tired and drained over time. This is a martyrdom soul contract and can be horrible. Even once it is broken you will help others, but you will be more balance in the decisions of what to do.

  • Loyalty

Loyalty soul contracts are those that cause you to stand by a lover, friend, parent, or even boss regardless of how you are treated. Loyalty contracts get people into situations in which they are treated as doormats or feel helpless when trying to make a change. They do not want to abandon the other person, but may also be miserable. When this type of contract is released, the desired changes will be easier, even if you have avoided leaving for many years. The hold that you may not have been aware of will seem to disappear.

  • Loneliness

If you have spent your life lonely, but always searching for a soulmate, then you may have a soul contract for loneliness. Even if you have been in relationships, but they ended in failure for whatever reason, it could be a loneliness contract that is causing issues. When the soul is stuck in this agreement, even when you are with someone amazing, loneliness can be overwhelming. Once the contract is released, you will be able to feel the love and support from those in your life.

  • Anxiety

If your state of being is trending toward constant nervousness, anxiety, and worry, then you may have an anxiety contract. This could be general anxiety or worry about specifics like finances, work, or any other area. While part of this is human nature, it can also be due to a soul contract from a past life. Perhaps this contract was first made so nothing would take you by surprise in life. When this contract is ended, your intuition will be heightened and you can better trust your gut. This will make for a better life overall.

  • Rocking the Boat

Some people commit themselves to never standing out or rocking the boat. It is a form of protection from the world. This type of contract makes it harder to build a company, write a book, or even become expert level at anything. You must be able to stand out in order to do these types of things. When this type of contract is released, new pathways will open up. Your work may be highlighted and life will propel forward.

Releasing and Clearing Contracts

So, if you have determined that you are against an unwanted soul contract, there are ways that most can be broken. The first step is understanding both how the contract has helped and hindered you in life so that it can be removed.

Then, by aware of where this contract is most present and problematic in your life. Document these behaviors so you know where this affects you most. As this is recognized, clarity will be gained. In those moments that give you pause about a situation; you also have the opportunity to change your normal behavior. Over time this gets easier. This can lead to journaling that can further the breaking of the contract. This is a process that will take time and work on your part. When it starts it will be one of the most empowering things you can imagine.