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Need to Clear Negative Energy and Enhance Your Psychic Self-Defense? Try These Ancient Shamanic Techniques

Are you in need of a cleansing of negative vibes and energies? Maybe you’re looking to enhance your psychic self-defense against these negative energies? Or maybe it’s a bit of both. When negative vibes and energies surround us, it can be difficult to listen to the positive energies, making it harder to get clear and concise readings. However, there are plenty of ways to help clear the negative energy and help protect you from it in the future. Through these helpful shamanic techniques, you’ll be clearing out the negative and welcoming in the positive.

Using Amulets

Amulets are created by whomever is wearing them and are used to protect the wearer from harm, evil spirits, and psychic attacks. It can be a piece of jewelry or an object made from seeds, metals, stones, or coins. They can also be blessed by a shaman for extra protective powers. It’s best to wear the amulet on your left hand or over your heart.


The process of smudging helps rid an area of negative energy while helping to summon helpful spirits. It involves using smoke composed of a variety of resins, herbs, plants, and minerals and represents transforming solid mater to spirit as the smoke rises and disappears into the air. That smoke captures the negative energy and transports them to be dispersed away from your space. Typical plants used for smudging include sage, lavender, sweet grass, valerian root, rosemary, and aromatic trees like pine, cider, copal, and palo santo.

Using Protection Stones

Stones and crystals are great for psychic and spiritual protection. They can help repel, absorb, or clear out negative energies. Wear protective stones and crystals around your neck or carry them with you. Black onyx, black obsidian, black tourmaline, and apache tears are just a few examples of stones and crystals that are good for protection.

Using Coal

Coal is great for absorbing and removing negative energies as well as bad dreams. For added protection, grind up wood coal from a ceremonial fire. You’ll want to wrap it in natural fabric and tap it over your body or place it under your pillow so it can absorb the bad dreams and negative energies.

Using Sea Salt

As a natural detoxifier, sea salt can help absorb and clear out negative energies not only from your surroundings, but from your skin as well. You can rub your hands and body thoroughly with sea salt or dissolve some in a hot bath and take a soak. Placing small bowls of sea salt and water in various places around your house can also help absorb negative energies and assist in psychic protection.

Using Sulfur

It may be a foul-smelling crystal, but sulfur can be used for spiritual and psychic protections. Use sulfur to remove hexes, emotional problems, and to free up yourself from negative attachments. If you have access to sulfur sticks, use them by rolling them over your body. You can also do a sulfur soak by adding it to your bath.

Using Plants

Plants not only help absorb and clear away negative energy, they also purify the air around you. Use plants with large green leaves such as banana, arrowhead, aloe vera, evergreen, and dragon plant, placing them around the house and on windowsills.

There are plenty of ways to help clear up negative energies around you, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Find what works best for you and help get rid of the negativity while ushering in the positivity and enhancing your psychic protection in the process.

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