Partner and Soulmates

Partner and Soulmates

When you think you have found the one and you think they are your soulmate it might make you feel like you are perfect to be together and it is destiny. The problem is that when you mention soulmates, your partner lets you know that he does not believe in soulmates and you wonder if the relationship is really going to work out or not.

What is a Soulmate

A soulmate is believed by many to be someone that is perfect for you and they are supposed to be perfect with your ideas and they trust and love you. The bond is supposed to be strong and they are supposed to be engaged with you in your sexuality and they are supposed to have the same morals and goals as you.

A soulmate will be there to support the dreams that you have and to give you comfort when you are together. Your relationship feels right, and you believe that they understand you like no one else does.

  • Perfect

soulmate is not perfect, no one is. They have problems in their life, but they are meant to grow with you and face challenges with you. They will have emotions that need healing and they will be there to figure out their journey with you. The soul connection can last over many different lifetimes.

  • Multiple?

In your past, you might have had many different relationships from your previous lives. You will have more than one soulmate and if you have someone that you thought was the only one, do not be upset. Someone else will come and connect with you when the time is right.

  • Partner

If you are with a partner that does not believe in soulmates, let them deal with that on their own. What they believe does not affect what you believe but if you feel that you cannot deal with someone that does not have the same spiritual connection that you have, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

Ask them what they believe a soulmate is, maybe they just have a different idea of what a soulmate is. You and they are both going to be a whole and it is important to know what they think about your relationship and what a bond they think you have. Some people see this bond as a different name, so it is important to ask them.

Spiritual Ideas

Dig deeper into what they believe and if you share the same religion, this might be a problem but if you are of different religions, you need to learn to decide if you respect their religion and you let them live their way and you yours or if you need to move on. Do they put love and family first or do they have other priorities?

What is their respect for living things?  Do they love all living things? Are they compassionate with others? Do they want the world to be at peace? Everyone has some kind of belief in a higher power, so what do they believe?

Whatever different ideas you have, find out if your partner shares them, if they do, you have to ask yourself if their soulmate belief really matters to you or not.

Listen to your intuition and let it guide you as to what you should do next.