How to Get Rid of Soul Contracts

Get Rid of Soul Contracts

Knowing what kind of soul contract you have with people is important. You can have soul contracts with just about anyone, including your family, friends, or even strangers.

Soul contracts are connections that are there to help people to grow and to find unconditional love for others. If you can learn to understand your soul contracts, you can have better relationships.

Some soul contracts are not fun; they are there so that you can learn your lesson and grow. These contracts can block your way because you are learning, and they can be very hard and painful. Some people are not successful, nor can they find love because of their soul contracts.

Known Soul Contracts

There are some soul contracts that people will know, but some that others do not recognize. Here are some soul contracts that are very known:

  • Martyrdom

Do you have a hard time saying no and always saying yes to others? Do you put your own needs away to help others? If you do this, it can leave you feeling used and tired. When you are always sacrificing yourself to make others happy, it can cause you to be aggravated in your life.

This is a soul contract that can be painful. However, when you break this soul contract, you can learn to say no when you need to and learn to care more for yourself while still being kind to others. Life has to have a balance.

  • Loyalty

When you have a loyalty soul contract, it can be with your family, friends, or your lover. This means they can treat you any way they want, but you will still be there for them.

This kind of soul contract can cause you to be used and abused by people that should love you. You may even try to leave the relationship, but you cannot do it because you are afraid of leaving them.

When you let go of this kind of soul contract, you can improve who you are and make better relationship choices. This can mean leaving your job or leaving your relationships.

  • Loneliness

Are you someone that is always looking for love? Have you had many failed relationships? Maybe you have tried different things and still cannot find love. Having a soul contract of loneliness can be hard on you.

Even when you find someone you love, you might still feel lonely, which can cause the relationship to fail. However, once you get rid of this contract, you can find the love and support that you deserve.

  • Anxiety

Some people are always worried about things and nervous. Chances are that they have a soul contract with anxiety. Learn to let go of your worry and find that you can trust yourself and know what is going on in your future without having to worry about it.

  • Fear

Do you feel afraid of things, even small things, such as talking to someone in public? We all have this trait at times to protect us, but if it gets out of control, you probably have a soul contract. So you need to open up about this and get rid of your fear.

Releasing Soul Contracts

Breaking a soul contract is difficult, and you must understand how these things work.  The point of this contract was to serve you at some point, and you have to understand why you got into this contract from the beginning.

When you learn to be aware of your soul contracts, your mind will be clearer, and you will be able to take time to decide how you want to handle the contract. You will soon see that it is affecting everything in your life. You have to learn to release this, and you can do this by journaling or automatic writing.

There are different ways that you can get rid of a soul contract, and some people have better success with different things than others. The biggest thing is to be aware of your soul contract and then take action to get rid of it.