Earth Angels and Relationship

Earth Angels and Relationship

Lightworkers, Earth angels, empaths, and other people are drawn to helping others, and sometimes they have a hard time working through their hearts because of how strong and trying their work can be.

Most people in these fields wonder why even though they are so kind and caring, patient, and even loving, they find themselves in the same situation, repeatedly having bad relationships or being heartbroken.

These people are very smart, and the most important thing about them is how beautiful of a soul they have. They know the things they want and who they want but for some reason, they seem to feel destined to live a life that is not worthy and not what they want at all.

Those who work in the service field in the psychic realm such as lightworkers and Earth angels will often come to a place where they see their life person but have to learn to let their heart work through things, sometimes over and over again.

Relationships with people can be complicated, and these people have to learn to plan a way to stop themselves from getting hurt. The first area that has to change is being willing to face yourself. You can practice this by looking in the mirror and repeating this:

“I am responsible. I am allowing myself to be a part of people and their situations even if they do not have my best interests and the well-being of my heart in mind.”

Then, after facing this, these people have to set boundaries. For the Earth Angel, this is like withdrawing from something because it changes how they see their life’s purpose. But, it is what they do, and they are there for someone, rather it is night or day, and they are always available.

The thing is, when you do not have boundaries, it can cause people to stretch and use you. They will keep stretching you until you are not able to go back to who you are or to be able to help them because you are stretched too thin. So you need to repeat this to yourself:

“I will set boundaries. I will say no when I need to take care of myself.”

When you have finally had enough, and you really need time with yourself to recoup your energy and your mind, you can say that something is canceled or say that you cannot make it that day. For example, if you need a break from your partner, tell them you need to cancel the date today. Or, if you need to spend some time by yourself that day, tell them that they need to get someone else to help them that day.

Learn to do things for yourself to give your mind and your body a break.

There are things that you can do to break the habit of always giving in to people, such as setting your own rules. Learn to live your life for you sometimes. This does not have to be all the time and every time, just sometimes.

Once you feel better and are stronger and where you are meant to be, start helping others again. Never allow people to walk all over you or to use you. This was not the intention of the universe.

Having the gift of a lightworker or an Earth Angel is a great gift, but the universe expects this gift to help you along your journey just as much as you are helping others along their journey. So learn to embrace these feelings and embrace your happiness and life.