Types of Ghosts

Types of Ghosts

People have claimed for years to see ghosts. They claim that they see something flash before their eyes or movement out of the corner of their eyes and when they look, they disappear. You might be someone that is afraid of the paranormal, but if you ever wonder about what kinds of ghosts there are, the truth is that there are different kinds of ghosts.

Many ghost experts have put together a list of different types of ghosts that are the main types of ghosts that people come in contact with. This can come in handy if you deal with the paranormal at all.


Most ghosts are those that are people that have deceased. This is probably a person that you know such as a friend, a family member, or even someone that is a historical figure that you have read about. These ghosts are usually friendly but sometimes they are not.

These ghosts can show us different things and there are different ways they can communicate with you such as by being seen, speaking, touching or moving things, letting off a certain smell, moving things, and other ways to let you know they are in your presence.

Some people believe that these ghosts had the same personality as when they were alive and that they can feel the emotions and feelings of those that are around them. Most of the time it is believed that these ghosts come to tell you that they are okay and to give you comfort. If you see someone that you love that has passed away, they want you to see them.


There is another type of spirit or ghost that comes in the form of a fog. If you have seen this before, chances are you are seeing a ghost mist. This is a cloud that will come off of the ground and will stay in one place. The ghost is doing what is called orbiting and many people have proof of these kinds of ghosts in pictures or even in video.

These ghosts are generally gray or black in color and when they move, it is usually slow, but they can move fast if they need to. Chances are these ghosts will come in their full body if they are outside and are sometimes found at historical sites or in graveyards.


One term that is used when people talk about ghosts is the word poltergeist. This word means noise and ghost or a noisy ghost. The reason that people call this a poltergeist is because some ghosts are just learning to use their spirit body and they do not always know how to move around their environment, and they knock into stuff or knock things over.

Even though most people have heard this term before, most of the ghost sightings are not in the poltergeist form but when they are it can be slamming of doors, lights going on and off, pianos playing, fires, things knocking over, and more.

Some of the ghosts are not used to their movements but some ghosts will do a poltergeist so that they can scare the people around them. This can happen when the ghosts will move slowly at first and then go faster and faster.

Most of the time with this kind of ghost, the scare happens fast but one bad thing is this kind of ghost can be harmful. The ghost will usually come as a form of energy that is moving all over the area.


One of the most pictured ghosts is the orb. This can be seen in photographs where there is an orb that is circling a person or a place. Sometimes this can be found if you visit a graveyard or if you are taking a family photo.

Most believe that the orb is a family member or animal that has died and is traveling from place to place to see their loved ones. They are usually seen as an orb, but they can turn into full-bodied ghosts.

If you see an orb on camera or video, you can see how fast they move but, in a picture, they are usually seen as blue or white.

Funnel Ghosts

The ghost that is mostly seen in historical places is the funnel ghost. This happens when there is a shape that looks like a funnel cloud, followed by a cold area. Most experts on ghosts believe that the ghost will be in a home that they formally lived in.

These ghosts can appear as light and they are sometimes seen in pictures or on video.

For the most part, ghosts are nothing to fear, but they are something to believe in and try to understand on deeper levels.