Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Is there someone that you have been dating for a while and you wonder if you are just infatuated with him or if there is going to be something serious? You may be one that has searched for the perfect person and now you want to know if this is the man that is meant for you or not.

Maybe you have been divorced and you are a single mom or maybe you have just been with a few people that have really hurt you and now you want to find the perfect person that is meant to be with you.

Someone comes to you and then all of a sudden everything seems perfect. You have waited and now you see that it was probably worth the wait.

What is a Soulmate?

Many people have different ideas on what a soulmate is. Some believe that a soulmate is someone that comes along that completes you, while others feel that a soulmate is someone that only lasts for a while.

A soulmate might be your best friend. It can be someone that is the same sex as you or even a family member. It is someone that you cannot imagine living without. If you meet a guy that is your soulmate, you will be attracted to him and you will love him deeper than anything ever.

Are Soulmates Real?

Maybe you are one of those people that don’t believe in fate or in soulmates. You might be surprised that many people believe in soulmates because of science and because it is something that is tangible.

Many believe that there is more than one soulmate, and some believe that if you meet the right person, they will touch your soul and be there rather they are a soulmate or not.

Difference Between a Soulmate and Other People

No matter what you think a soulmate is, you know that your soulmate will have to be different than everyone else. When you look at your past relationships, you will realize that this one is different than those.

Maybe the other relationships were full of lust and you were just wanting to have sex with that person. With this new person, you realize there is a physical and an emotional connection and you want more than just hooking up.

It can be hard to know if someone is your soulmate or not because you might think that you love this person and only realize later that it didn’t work out because something wasn’t right. Maybe that wasn’t your soulmate at all.

Finding Out if it is a Soulmate Relationship

Here are some ways that you can tell if you have a soulmate relationship or not.

Love Doesn’t Change

After you have been with the person for a while, you still love them. At first you might have this strong passion and you go through struggles and challenges only to find that you still love this person.

Knowing Them Forever

You might have met this person and you feel that you have known them your whole life. You can share anything with them, and you feel that they will love you no matter what.


Part of you worries about what will come but most of you trusts him. You believe that he is the one and you are vulnerable with him.

You might feel at first that you shouldn’t trust him, but you realize you love and trust him, and it feels good.

Finish Their Sentences

This is someone that you know so well that you finish what they are going to say before they say it. When you really know someone, you can know exactly what they are thinking.

You also probably have a lot of inside jokes with this person.

You Get Him

He will be someone that you get. Everything he does makes sense to you and you understand him inside and out. You know what he likes and what he hates.

Other people won’t know him like you do but you don’t have to explain things to them because you understand.

Reading Him

You can communicate and know what he is thinking or feeling without asking him. You don’t need any words to communicate, and you will be able to read his face and know what he is feeling and thinking.

You know if he hides something from you and you know what kind of mood he is in right when he walks in.

Strong Feelings

You have strong feelings for him that don’t fade over time. You have a good relationship even though sometimes things aren’t so good.


You have had chemistry in your relationships before, but this time is different. You have a different chemistry that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You feel attracted to him and you love that he is smart and that you are able to have conversations with him. He is your soulmate, and you have an easy time talking to him.

Spiritual chemistry is hard to find but you have the same beliefs and the same feelings about angels and loyalty and other things that are important.

Love Him No Matter What

Even when you disagree with him and even through his flaws, you still love him. You have unconditional love for him, and you are there for him no matter what happens.

You Feel Safe

He never makes you feel like he is going to leave you and you always feel secure in the relationship. You feel safe when you are around him and you feel relief that he has come into your life.

You know that you don’t need a man to survive but you like having him close to you.

He Knows You

He will be one that knows you better than you know yourself. He will know what you are feeling, and he sees who you really are.

Challenging You

He will want you to be the best that you can be, and he will challenge you to be better. He will work with you and for you to push you and to help you realize that you need to be happy and motivated.


You and he will share the same ideas and values. You will have the same kind of important values such as:

  • Politics
  • Spiritual things
  • Goals
  • How you look at the world
  • If you want children or not
  • If you want to be married or not
  • Loving
  • Kindness
  • Ethics

These are values that you should never give up and these values will not change for you over time.

Team Players

You will see that you and he work well as a team. You will do things together and you will work hard to make each other happy. You will be partners.

When things are unbalanced, you will work hard to balance each other and to give each other strength.


When you look at other relationships you realize you were never that secure, but your soulmate makes you feel differently.

He comes and you no longer feel afraid or insecure, but you know he is going to be there for you.

How You Met is Special

The way that you met is a special story to you and him. You tell everyone that you meet about how you met your soulmate.


You finally know what love is supposed to feel like and be. You may have thought you knew this before but now you realize you never did.

Better You

He makes you want to be the best that you can be. He wants you to have a better life and you want it for him. Together you can work to make sure that you have the best life you can.

He inspires you and sees through your flaws.


You realize at this point that your past relationships were just infatuations. You know what real love is now and you know that you want to be in this relationship forever.

Being You

You feel that you can always be yourself with him and he can be himself. He doesn’t want a fake you, but he wants you to be the best that you can be but to be yourself.

He never wants you to lose your identity and he wants you to be your separate self and to be there with you so that you can become individuals but one.

You Know

You know that you are with the right person and you get that he is the one for you. No one else has ever made you feel that they were the one.

Working Through Bad Times

You and he will work through things that are hard. When you argue and fight, you will make up and work things through. You will fight through issues and you will do what it takes to have a happy life together.

Making Each other Happy

You want him to be happy and he wants the same for you. You go out of your way to do small things to make sure that he knows you love him and vice versa.


You never feel jealous because you trust him, and you know that you are the one that he has chosen to be with.

You Say What You Think

You are never afraid to tell him what you are thinking. You don’t have to worry that you will mess up the relationship by saying your thoughts or opinions.


You listen to him and he listens to you. You give each other undivided attention because you love each other.

You Can Do Nothing

He is one that makes you happy just sitting around and watching television. You don’t have to do anything big to have fun because you just want to spend time together.


When you are in a soulmate relationship, you find happiness and thrills all at the same time. You can meet the one that makes you happy and show you who you are.

You are in love and hopefully you have found the one that you can call your soulmate. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, keep looking and the universe will send him when the time is right.

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