Things I've Learned from My Ex
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Things I’ve Learned from My Ex

Honesty needs to be the foundation of every relationship.

It’s possible to love somebody even if they’re acting like an ass.

You can desire to be with somebody, even if you know that’s not what’s best for you.

Someone can love you and still be a liar, a cheater and a thief.

Your response to others’ crummy behavior is up to you.

People will leave even if you think things are going well.

You need to understand that it’s not possible to truly know somebody else.

When somebody shows you who they truly are, you need to trust what you saw and to act accordingly.

It’s possible to love a bad person.

It’s up to you to seek and hear the truth.

You have to stand up for your own hopes and dreams. If somebody loves you, they’ll support you.

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of being respected.

If somebody hurts you so much that you can’t breathe, realize that it’s time to breathe.

Somebody can walk out of your life just as easily as they walked in.

If somebody isn’t with you, it’s because they really don’t want to be with you. There are no exceptions.

The ability to forgive is a divine gift.

If somebody leaves you, it’s okay to still love them.

If somebody leaves you, it’s okay to hate them.

Allow yourself to cry over the little things.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you should get over it.

Make the choice, when you’re ready, to dream about your new life.

Rest assured that you did what was right. Unless you didn’t do what was right. Either way, it’s time forgive yourself and to move on.

The reason your ex left isn’t because of who you truly are.

You will be able to love again.

Even if you’re afraid, keep your heart open.

Stay in the game. Don’t run away. You’ll be thankful you did.

Don’t give up. Try, try, try.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t loved back like you loved. They’re not you, so they couldn’t.

When somebody treats you badly, walk away.

When your heart breaks, you are its best repair person. Don’t rely on another person to fix it.

You brought the love you felt into the relationship.

Most of us have loved the wrong person. Life will go on.

If somebody says they don’t want you, you need to accept the truth of what they said.

You’ll always have reasons to live if you focus on you.

When you’re dying of a broken heart, let yourself cry about it.

Put all your photos away and don’t look at them.

Always strive to take the high road. If you slip back down to the lower road, seek forgiveness and go back to the high road.

Their family isn’t your family. The loss will hurt. But your family is still your family.

The more shocking somebody’s behavior is, the better reasons to leave or to be glad that they left.

They didn’t leave you for a perfect life. They still have problems and issues. They didn’t become a better person when they left you.

You will be happy again. This is a universal truth.

Know yourself better. This will bring about a better life, and maybe even a new love.

Don’t stop breathing.

Talk to yourself about your ex until you’re tired of hearing about your ex.

Your love lives on inside you. This may be painful, but it is still beautiful.

Be open. Accept and say “yes” to new things.

It’s okay to plan revenge against your ex. Just don’t act on them.

Write angry and hurtful letters to your ex. But don’t send them.

Take care of yourself. Sleep and eat.

Remember that you will make it.

You’re stronger than you realize you are.

Life goes on all around you and wants you to jump back in.

A lost love might lead you to a greater love.

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