Twin Flame Ghosts

What Happens When Your Twin Flame Ghosts You?

Do you have a twin flame, and they aren’t contacting you or responding to you? Do you wonder if your twin flame is ghosting you?

What is Ghosting?

The first thing to look at is what ghosting means. Ghosting is a new kind of term that people use when someone is dating, and they stop talking to you or answering you without you knowing why.

This is not someone that you want to have in your life and is not someone that you want to have an intimate relationship with.

If you have feelings for someone or if you are with your twin flame and they are ghosting you, this might not be the same thing as when you are dating someone that is not your twin flame.

Twin flames might ghost you even when they don’t want the relationship to end and this doesn’t always mean that they don’t have feelings for you because your twin flame is meant to be part of your energy world.

If you would ask your twin why they keep ignoring you or disappearing on you, they will probably not really even understand why they are doing it. You are the best thing that ever happened to them and even if their behavior is telling you otherwise, they want to be with you and they need you.

Your twin flame is the other part of your soul and you will always be close to this person. The problem is, before you can really be in this relationship, both you and your twin have to heal from the things that are going on inside.

You have to know that if your twin flame begins to ghost you that this is a chance for them to heal and a time for the universe to help them through their struggle. When they come back to you, you will see that they are closer to you than ever before.

Your twin flame will always come back to you because they are meant to be part of your soul. They don’t have a choice to leave you and they will come back to you because they are meant to be with you through eternity.

Even if you feel that your relationship is over, it is only beginning. You cannot stay stuck in your problems and you have to learn to better yourself and to learn to make your life good until they come back to you.

There are some things that you can do so that your relationship will be better, and this kind of thing will work with your twin flame because the relationship is not based on their ego but based on a soul connection.

Some things that you will do will cause your twin flame to ignore you because the relationship is not a normal relationship. You might think that your twin flame is a toxic relationship, or you might be dealing with frustration with them because maybe they haven’t fully grown yet.

Do not let your twin manipulate or control you or else this can cause your life to keep going in circles. Do not let fear come to you and do not let the loss of your twin flame cause you to be afraid because you will never lose them.

Being afraid will not help to raise your vibrations which you need to be strong for your twin flame. Fear is something that causes negativity and lower vibrations in your life. This can cause you to be confused and cause you to act ways that you don’t want to act.

Sending Mean Texts

Do not fall for the idea of sending mean texts or saying mean things. Even if you are upset or mad, your twin flame has left for a reason.

Your twin flame is meant to be with you and if you have expressed your feelings for each other, you still probably haven’t gone through the runner and chaser state. This is a time where one of you will run away for a time and it will be hard for both you and them.

This can cause you to be angry, if they are the runner, and you might want to send them angry texts and say mean things because of the hurt you are feeling. Stop yourself form doing this and learn to be in control.

Heart Strings

Another thing to avoid is sending sad texts. Do not try to get them to come back to you by sending them sad texts. Doing this will only make them stay away from you longer and will not let you heal.

You still have a problem that is there in the relationship and if you send texts that are sad or trying to guilt them, then this will become a problem and you will have a longer wait for them to come back.

If you have a twin flame that is a man, they have a hard time understanding things sometimes and when a woman is sad, it can cause him to withdraw more.

Seducing Him

One thing that you should try to avoid is seducing your partner. Do not let your partner come around you and do not try to take them to bed. Give them time to heal and give them time to have their distance.

The behavior that they have right now will keep them away from you and you need to give them a chance to grow. This doesn’t mean that you should stop contacting them or that you shouldn’t love them, what it means is that you need to let them get over whatever they are going through before you sleep with them again.


Stop trying to make your twin flame jealous. When you post things online or say things or make it look like you are dating someone, it can cause your twin not to respond to you for a while. Your twin is meant to be with you, and they will not ever want anyone more than you.

They know that they are meant to be with you, but they need time to work through things in their life and to figure out what is going on.

When you try to make it look like you want to be with someone else, your twin journey will be harder to reunite. If your twin is with someone else, give them a chance to learn that they are wrong and give them time to figure out that you are the perfect one.

Ignoring Them

When you ignore your twin flame it will cause them to feel that they are losing you. This will cause them to feel that you are not interested in them.

Do not play games with your twin. This can cause you to show conditional love instead of unconditional love that you will need to show for your twin. It will also cause you to feel unloved in the end and it is an ego thing that you are trying to control.

Maybe your twin is ignoring you, but this is because they are trying to fight against your energy. This can be because of something in their past life or something in yours.

If you are in the runner and chaser stage, you will see that you have to work through this and you have to let your twin work through it so that you can find real love with each other.

Life is different for everyone and it is very important that you try to make sure that you are kind and loving when you find your twin flame and that you do not let your emotions be in control.

Making Ultimatums

Do not try to make ultimatums to keep your twin flame. This will never work for you and when you do this and you set boundaries, you cause the relationship to be controlling.

You will not get your way when you do this, and it will cause your twin flame to feel controlled and make them want to get away form you. This will cause there to be much frustration and cause there to be problems working out the situation.

A twin flame union will happen when the universe says it is time and not when you think the time is right or when you want things to happen.

Forcing Their Hand

Trying to force your twin flame to contact you will only cause them to contact you less. Let them reach out to you when they are ready.

Being afraid of losing them is something that we will all face at some time and it is something that we have to work through. One thing is that when you engage in behaviors that are negative, it will cause there to be a circle of bad times in your relationship.

When love is fear based, it is an energy that is negative, and it can cause there to be feelings that take so long to heal. Stop letting negative behavior control you and if you are trying to stop your twin from running, figure out what is going on and see how your past life is affecting your relationship.

Contact a psychic and get your Akashic records reading and see if this is what is keeping your twin flame union from working.

Learn to send out light and love to your twin flame and allow your journey to be a divine journey that helps you to stay protected and strong.

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