Clear Negative Energy

Need to Clear Negative Energy and Enhance Your Psychic Self-Defense? Try These Ancient Shamanic Techniques

Are you in need of a cleansing of negative vibes and energies? Maybe you’re looking to enhance your psychic self-defense against these negative energies? Or maybe it’s a bit of both. When negative vibes and energies surround us, it can be difficult to listen to the positive energies, making it harder to get clear and concise readings. However, there are plenty of ways to help clear the negative energy and help protect you from it in the future. Through these helpful shamanic techniques, you’ll be clearing out the negative and welcoming in the positive.

Using Amulets

Amulets are created by whomever is wearing them and are used to protect the wearer from harm, evil spirits, and psychic attacks. It can be a piece of jewelry or an object made from seeds, metals, stones, or coins. They can also be blessed by a shaman for extra protective powers. It’s best to wear the amulet on your left hand or over your heart.


The process of smudging helps rid an area of negative energy while helping to summon helpful spirits. It involves using smoke composed of a variety of resins, herbs, plants, and minerals and represents transforming solid mater to spirit as the smoke rises and disappears into the air. That smoke captures the negative energy and transports them to be dispersed away from your space. Typical plants used for smudging include sage, lavender, sweet grass, valerian root, rosemary, and aromatic trees like pine, cider, copal, and palo santo.

Using Protection Stones

Stones and crystals are great for psychic and spiritual protection. They can help repel, absorb, or clear out negative energies. Wear protective stones and crystals around your neck or carry them with you. Black onyx, black obsidian, black tourmaline, and apache tears are just a few examples of stones and crystals that are good for protection.

Using Coal

Coal is great for absorbing and removing negative energies as well as bad dreams. For added protection, grind up wood coal from a ceremonial fire. You’ll want to wrap it in natural fabric and tap it over your body or place it under your pillow so it can absorb the bad dreams and negative energies.

Using Sea Salt

As a natural detoxifier, sea salt can help absorb and clear out negative energies not only from your surroundings, but from your skin as well. You can rub your hands and body thoroughly with sea salt or dissolve some in a hot bath and take a soak. Placing small bowls of sea salt and water in various places around your house can also help absorb negative energies and assist in psychic protection.

Using Sulfur

It may be a foul-smelling crystal, but sulfur can be used for spiritual and psychic protections. Use sulfur to remove hexes, emotional problems, and to free up yourself from negative attachments. If you have access to sulfur sticks, use them by rolling them over your body. You can also do a sulfur soak by adding it to your bath.

Using Plants

Plants not only help absorb and clear away negative energy, they also purify the air around you. Use plants with large green leaves such as banana, arrowhead, aloe vera, evergreen, and dragon plant, placing them around the house and on windowsills.

There are plenty of ways to help clear up negative energies around you, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Find what works best for you and help get rid of the negativity while ushering in the positivity and enhancing your psychic protection in the process.

How to Let Go of a Grudge

How to Let Go of a Grudge

Pay attention to other things!

It is now a good time to think about shedding everything that doesn’t serve you, from not so great habits to toxic friends since the New Year is now approaching. If you’re holding on a long-held grudge or have animosity towards others it’s now time to take inventory of your negative thoughts.

Keeping your mind focused on the good in life is better for your health although it’s most definitely impossible to have positive thoughts and reactions towards everybody and every situation all the time.

Below are five ways to let go of a grudge before 2019 hits, if you are still clutching tight to resentment towards someone (or a few people):

  1. Stop the snap judgments

Can you pinpoint grudges to a specific incident when you think about them? Did you fall out with that individual you’re feeling animosity towards? If that’s not the case then snap judgment is to blame. The grudges we have sometimes is as a result of snap judgments we make. Be sure to give people the benefits of doubt in order to avoid these kinds of grudges in the near future. Their comments and actions are not necessarily directed to you, therefore, do not them personally. Approach individuals open-mindedly. You’ll soon find yourself steeped into negativity if you find yourself labeling people or counting them out as friends based on quick assessments.

  1. Process it by asking yourself questions

How to Let Go of a Grudge	Take time to really think about why you’re still angry, hurt or whatever emotion you’re feeling if you’re holding a grudge because of a certain situation that still has a great impact on you. What’s the reason why the incident still affects you? What do you need to do to get over it? And how does it affect your daily life? There’s a difference between being permanently changed by someone else’s actions and being slighted or wronged.

  1. Talk it out

This is one of the best ways to let go of a grudge. Just approach the person you are not in good terms with and tell them how you feel. Listen to their explanations too. Once they realize how their words or deeds have impacted you, they may apologize. It’s good to talk things out with a trusted friend first if the grudge you have is based on a snap judgment. Get to understand why you feel the way you do. You’ll feel more at peace if you get your emotions out.

  1. Know the consequences of a grudge

Know the impact of the grudge you’re holding. Those resentments will only hurt you in the long run. You are just the one who is swimming in negativity and whose mind is consumed. Holding grudges only misuse your emotional energy and valuable time. Letting it go however will free up mental and emotional space for more positive thoughts.

  1. Practice letting go

Your feelings of resentment won’t disappear immediately even if it is based on the fact that you’re going to let go of a grudge. You need to replace your negative thoughts with more self-serving ones by releasing your emotions and channeling positivity. When you start going down the rabbit hole of resentment you need to recite a mantra which you should have created by then. Start focusing on new things in life and before you know it grudges will have gone although it will take quite a while.

Starting Over After a Loss

From Grief and Sadness to New Beginnings: Starting Over After a Loss

There will come a time in life when we have to deal with losing someone we love. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the breakup of a long-term friendship, dealing with different types of loss can be difficult. But no matter the amount of grief and loss you’re trying to juggle with the rest of the hectic happenings in your life, there is room for new beginnings. There is room for healing and moving on while working through your sense of loss, giving you the power to heal and move on.

The beauty of getting through grief is that we have the decision to make choices over everything we do in life. But sometimes, those choices don’t seem like our own. We tend to put life on autopilot, letting it dictate what choices we make. This can lead to us feeling out of control and checking out on everyday decisions because we feel as though the choices have already been made. For example, perhaps you’ve lost your spouse, and he or she was the one in charge of making the bill payments. Add to that that you never really discussed things in life but relied on your spouse for choices being made. Now that your spouse is gone, you’re going to be likely to feel lost and like you have no choice but to feel that way. In reality, you’re going to have to take a deep breath, calm yourself, and learn how to manage the house and pay those bills on your own. This means starting over and embracing a new beginning at your choice.

Whenever you’ve experienced a loss, although it may not feel like it right away, you’ll be able to discover your own independence once again. Once you’ve grieved over your loss and have made peace with it, part of starting over means embracing your newfound independence. There’s going to be so much to see, do, and experience once you’ve started over. And your independence is going to play a big role in that Embracing your independence will help the starting over process transition into a new way of life for you, resulting in you being able to go wherever you want, buy whatever you want, and hang out with whomever you want. And that will be a very positive, freeing experience for you.

Of course, there’s that old saying that time heals all wounds. And that can prove to be partially true, but it’s important to remember that you can’t always rely on taking too much time to allow yourself to grieve. Yes, people are going to grieve for different amounts of time, and that’s okay. The key here is not to let yourself get caught up in moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s okay to grieve the loss of a family member, the breakup of a marriage, or the loss of a longtime friendship. However, you don’t want to be continually dwelling on your grief. Instead, it’s important to work on ways of allowing yourself to grieve in your own time while gradually getting out from under that grief and taking charge of your new beginning!

Skeptics and Psychic Readings

Skeptics and Psychic Readings

When skeptics call me for psychic readings, I generally discourage them from scheduling. I know that good readings are the result of close collaboration between the psychic and the client. It helps to receive validation from the client that the messages I’m receiving for them are clear and genuinely describing their life and their situations. Skeptics can be somewhat distracting to me as I try to be alert for messages, and am left wondering if they’re actually intended for that client.

This is a story about a skeptic whose friend insisted that she have a reading because they wanted a break from what they were doing. Despite my general policy, I reluctantly agreed to do the reading. It surprised me that I wasn’t hearing my inner voice telling me to avoid doing the reading. If anything, I felt encouraged to do it. But I assumed the skeptic’s energy was already affecting me.

The time came for the skeptic’s reading. She sat in a chair across from me, and I offered her a drink. She didn’t respond. So I asked her again. This time she replied, “I’m not going to talk during this reading,” and her facial expression became cold and blank. So I asked her if she’d please shake her head “yes” or “no” to my question. I asked if she’d ever had a psychic reading before, and she vigorously shook her head “no.”

Psychic ReadingsI sat down, relaxed as much as I could, closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. I soon began receiving messages, which I relayed to her. I felt that things war flowing smoothly for me, and I felt certain that the messages were for her.

A little over halfway through the reading time, I received and passed along the following to her: “You should buy a hot wax machine to help with your pain,” and, “You’ll soon be caring for a child.”

The skeptic immediately stood up and angrily told me that those messages could not possibly be for her. She hastily left the room, leaving me feeling that I should have listened to my inner voice and refused to do that reading.

I anguished over the experience, considered a career change and asked my spiritual guides for their input. Finally, I came to realize that my lesson from the situation was to find ways to keep other people’s anger and wounding behavior from entering and affecting my being. I use various methods, including talking to myself, to do this.

I also lecture myself occasionally that I don’t really need reassurance. I breathe deeply and let spirits help me do this. But in this situation, I actually did receive reassurance. And it came from the skeptic!

The skeptic’s friend returned to me for several additional readings, and eventually told me that the skeptic friend was now a believer in psychics. She also said that I was the reason!

The skeptic unfortunately had developed arthritis in her feet, and then plantar fasciitis in her heels. She recalled that one of my messages to her was that she should buy a hot wax machine to help with her pain. She made the purchase, and her friend said that it actually did help ease her pain.

Also, the skeptic had no kids of her own, and further, had no interest in being around children. Her job moved her to another city, and she settled next door to a woman with a young daughter. This girl somehow charmed the skeptic into interacting with her. The skeptic ended up adoring the girl, and helping her single parent take care of her. The skeptic now describes the little girl as one of the joys in her life.

So, in the end, I was not the only one who received a life lesson. The former skeptic did, too!

Overcoming Your Fears

Overcoming Your Fears

Do you have fears that you need help to overcome? Are you getting ready to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” at a sporting event? Are you trying to convince somebody else of your skills? Are you planning to ask your boss for a raise? Are you preparing to end a long-term relationship?

I’ve used this easy, four-step exercise and have found it helpful when I’m trying to summon enough courage to overcome my own fears. This method will allow you to be your own inspiration so you can overcome your fears.

It’s been effective not only for me, but for others as well. A successful male speaker I know regularly uses this method to overcome his paralyzing fear of public speaking in front of a crowds of thousands of people. Another person I know uses this method not only before, but also during meetings with intimidating corporate representatives.

  1. Close your eyes and relax. Imagine that you’re with a person who’s always been supportive of you. This person has always had your back, was kind and loyal to you, and was an advocate for your happiness and success.

If you’re currently experiencing a really tough time, you might need to search your memory to recall family members or best friends from the past who were there for you and supported of your desires, your hopes and your dreams, and was always there for you no matter what was happening. Remember, this could be somebody who died. They are still available to you in spirit and for exercises like this one.

Overcoming Your FearsIt’s fine if you feel more comfortable with creating a person or a team in your imagination to be this endorsing, supportive advocate. It doesn’t have to be a person who’s been physically present in your life.

  1. Once you have the person or team firmly fixed in your mind, take notice of how deeply they genuinely care about you, and how much you appreciate their support. Feel their support and their love, and appreciate the roles you played in each others’ lives.
  2. While still visualizing your support person, place your right hand over your left hand. Lightly squeeze your left hand. Imagine the squeeze is from your supportive person, as they show you the love, encouragement and comfort you know they always provide for you when you face a difficult situations and fears.
  3. Visualize yourself overcoming the situation you’re afraid of handling or facing. Then slightly squeeze your left hand again as a physical reminder of your support team.

This exercise summons and rallies the spirits of people who love you and who support you whatever the outcomes of the situations you face.

Your supporters can be with you at any time. All you need to do is simply squeeze your left hand with a right hand. You can do this in a stadium full of people, or alone in your office as you contemplate meeting with your supervisor, or in your kitchen as you prepare to inform your partner that you’re leaving the relationship.

Lots of people have found this excercise an effective way to help them elevate their confidence and to reduce the fear they feel in difficult situations. I hope it helps you, too.

I’m eager to hear how this works for you. Tell me your story in the comments section below!

Things I've Learned from My Ex

Things I’ve Learned from My Ex

Honesty needs to be the foundation of every relationship.

It’s possible to love somebody even if they’re acting like an ass.

You can desire to be with somebody, even if you know that’s not what’s best for you.

Someone can love you and still be a liar, a cheater and a thief.

Your response to others’ crummy behavior is up to you.

People will leave even if you think things are going well.

You need to understand that it’s not possible to truly know somebody else.

When somebody shows you who they truly are, you need to trust what you saw and to act accordingly.

It’s possible to love a bad person.

It’s up to you to seek and hear the truth.

You have to stand up for your own hopes and dreams. If somebody loves you, they’ll support you.

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of being respected.

If somebody hurts you so much that you can’t breathe, realize that it’s time to breathe.

Somebody can walk out of your life just as easily as they walked in.

If somebody isn’t with you, it’s because they really don’t want to be with you. There are no exceptions.

The ability to forgive is a divine gift.

If somebody leaves you, it’s okay to still love them.

If somebody leaves you, it’s okay to hate them.

Allow yourself to cry over the little things.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you should get over it.

Make the choice, when you’re ready, to dream about your new life.

Rest assured that you did what was right. Unless you didn’t do what was right. Either way, it’s time forgive yourself and to move on.

The reason your ex left isn’t because of who you truly are.

You will be able to love again.

Even if you’re afraid, keep your heart open.

Stay in the game. Don’t run away. You’ll be thankful you did.

Don’t give up. Try, try, try.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t loved back like you loved. They’re not you, so they couldn’t.

When somebody treats you badly, walk away.

When your heart breaks, you are its best repair person. Don’t rely on another person to fix it.

You brought the love you felt into the relationship.

Most of us have loved the wrong person. Life will go on.

If somebody says they don’t want you, you need to accept the truth of what they said.

You’ll always have reasons to live if you focus on you.

When you’re dying of a broken heart, let yourself cry about it.

Put all your photos away and don’t look at them.

Always strive to take the high road. If you slip back down to the lower road, seek forgiveness and go back to the high road.

Their family isn’t your family. The loss will hurt. But your family is still your family.

The more shocking somebody’s behavior is, the better reasons to leave or to be glad that they left.

They didn’t leave you for a perfect life. They still have problems and issues. They didn’t become a better person when they left you.

You will be happy again. This is a universal truth.

Know yourself better. This will bring about a better life, and maybe even a new love.

Don’t stop breathing.

Talk to yourself about your ex until you’re tired of hearing about your ex.

Your love lives on inside you. This may be painful, but it is still beautiful.

Be open. Accept and say “yes” to new things.

It’s okay to plan revenge against your ex. Just don’t act on them.

Write angry and hurtful letters to your ex. But don’t send them.

Take care of yourself. Sleep and eat.

Remember that you will make it.

You’re stronger than you realize you are.

Life goes on all around you and wants you to jump back in.

A lost love might lead you to a greater love.

Dealing with a Cheater

Dealing with a Cheater

If you’ve been through the shock of discovering that your partner had an affair during your long-term romantic relationship or marriage, you’re not alone. Many others have also endured this shock. I have, too.

Rationally, we understand that our “ex” isn’t part of our life anymore. But the ordeal can fracture our ego and mess up our emotions. And the mental anguish doesn’t fit in with logic!

On some levels, we know we’re wasting our time going over and over the details, asking ourselves why we didn’t know the affair was happening. How they could lie to us when we asked if there was someone else, how they could say that they loved us, or how they actively made plans for a future together may escape us.

I think that the main reason we feel this deep level of hurt is that we experience what I call “Fairy-tale Recall:” we recall only the good times from the relationship. But at the same time, we’re shocked that we were lied to and overcome with the concept that our former partner is in love with somebody else. So it’s no surprise we feel so bad!

Here are some things I found helpful while going through the trauma. I’m sharing it in the hope that you find them helpful. Feel free to add to the list or to share your own story in the comments section after the post.

  1. Don’t seek revenge.

Think through, journal about, and discuss, but don’t act out. The first thing many people want to do is to tell their ex that they were no-good, lying scoundrels. While that’s okay, actually doing this would reflect badly on you and harm your self-image. So steer yourself away from actions like this. You generally don’t need to let everyone else know. Chances are, people are already aware of your ex’s character flaws–the narcissism, cheating, disrespect, and broken friendships, strained professional relationships, and “secret” romantic liaisons are likely already known by others.

  1. Don’t dig for the dirty details.

Don’t waste your time playing detective in search of all the dirty details. Researching your ex like this might add insult to your injured sense of self. You’re already suffering enough. Instead, totally ban, or at least greatly limit yourself, from combing through your ex’s social media updates about the person they cheated on you with. Your ex may look like royalty there. But you know the magic won’t continue forever.

  1. Don’t accept blame.

Don’t allow your ex to place all of the blame on you. If you remain in contact with your ex or have heard that they’re blaming you for their actions, remind yourself that cheating is a choice. Your ex could have discussed separation or divorce, offered to go to marriage counseling, or chosen other respectful, decent courses of action. You did not cause them to be a lying cheater. Your ex made that choice.

  1. Self Care

Take care of yourself. Spend time working on yourself. Join a relationship or divorce support group. Consider seeing a counselor or therapist to help you work through your loss and rebuild your self-esteem. Go to the gym. Take a yoga class. Learn how to meditate. Take that bucket-list trip that you’ve been procrastinating about.

If you find self-help books helpful, read them. If you think you need therapy, seek it. Care for your broken heart so you have closure and can move forward.

  1. Remember

Remind yourself often that you will get through this, and you will become a wiser and better person through the process.

In closing, it’s important to know in our minds and our hearts that every experience in our lives is a learning experience. Even in a broken relationship, we’re intended to learn something positive to incorporate into our life’s journey.

Eventually, you will feel gratitude for the relationship. You may even feel so secure in your closure that you can be on friendly terms with your ex. However, it’s okay for now to feel the hurt, the pain, and the anger. It will pass.

Please leave any of your own stories, comments, or tips that you think might serve the good of other readers.

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Healthy Endings to Relationships

A Helpful How-To: Healthy Endings to Relationships

People who are able to be open and feel compassion and love towards our former partners are in for a great reward. You’ll be able to feel deep self-love; a sense of closure, and you will grow in the future so you can experience loving, healthy relationships. A relationship ending is not the end of the world. Some relationships are not meant to work out in the moment and some are simply not meant to be. Learn from the time you had together and allow yourself to feel the emotions, then move forward. A relationship changes people, so does one ending which is why it is so important to end them in the healthiest way possible.

There are few reasons why a relationship cannot end in a healthy way, though the one that comes to mind is anything abusive. If you happen to be in an abusive relationship, cut all ties immediately and walk away not worrying about things ending on a positive note. Otherwise, be honest when things are ending instead of dragging things on simply because you want a relationship. Below is a list of ways to help you end a relationship on a positive note.

Here are some things you can do to work towards this goal. I developed this list as I went through an ending of my own.

  1. Be kind to yourself and to your ex even if they’re acting with a mean spirit.
  2. Always be honest with yourself and with your ex.
  3. Be a true friend to your ex, even if your ex doesn’t reciprocate.
  4. Remember the beauty that was in the relationship
  5. Listen to your ex’s pain, even if it hurts you to do so.
  6. Understand that you might be causing pain.
  7. Let yourself feel your hurts.
  8. Work at feeling compassion for the person that hurt you. They’re human, too.
  9. Know that you’re not a mistake.
  10. If you hurt your ex, apologize. Then apologize again.
  11. Examine your role in the relationship and its ending.
  12. Discover yourself. Delve deeply within. Seek counseling if you need help doing this.
  13. Always choose the high road.
  14. Put yourself first, even if this means you need to leave the relationship.
  15. Don’t let the ex return to you if they haven’t truly changed. If they haven’t yet, they won’t.

In closing, strive to forgive, to release, and to remember.