Connecting with the other side of Mediumship
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Connecting with the other side of Mediumship

Mediumship is the capability of an individual to connect with the spirits of the dead using energies that are beyond human understanding. Spiritual mediums always spend most of their time trying to connect with ‘the other side.’ They try to communicate with people who they know who have died. This is due to the fact that religion in itself is changing thus allowing them to make this transition into the spirit world. The increase in the practice of yoga meditations among individuals has also influenced individuals to tap into their own divinity. TV shows that discuss Mediumship are now globally accepted.

Psychic abilities

We all have a voice inside us that guides us on our daily activities. This voice cannot be explained scientifically as it is part of our psychic realm. The energy we experience at this time is not and cannot be explained using the five normal senses of an individual. In some individuals, however, it is more developed than others.

Misconceptions in Mediumship

Most mediums are born with the gift of connecting with the spirit world. This gift usually starts showing signs at an early age. Unnecessary fear and a lot of doubtfulness are disadvantages of possessing such gifts at an early age. This is because, when growing up most children are taught to be afraid of beings such as ghosts. Most religions see them as evil. This is what the impact on children is. Individuals, therefore, need to experience certain events within the spirit world themselves so as to believe that Mediumship is not just a myth but a way of channeling the inner energy into the spirit world.

Accessing the spirit world


This is the fastest way of making your perceptions and insights stronger. This is because this is the main channel of communication to the spirit world. You don’t have to be a skilled yoga instructor to meditate. Finding quiet time through purposeful breathing, meditation whether guided or unguided will help in connecting an individual to the spirit world by opening the required channels of communication.

Enjoying your moments

Finding time to relax the brain is also very important. Overcrowding the brain with thoughts makes it very difficult for one to receive information from the spirit world. Physical activities can also affect the ability of an individual to connect with the spirit world. By taking a break from day to day activities, we give the mind a chance to relax and concentrate fully in channeling our inner self to connect with the spirits.

Releasing Sorrow

Believing that these spirits are dead and that they cannot be communicated to may also block an individual’s ability to connect with the spirits. Individuals hold sorrow so as to honor the spirits of the dead. Holding such thoughts may in one way or another block the required pathways to connecting with the spirit world.

Honoring the signals we receive

The signs we receive from these spirits are not to be ignored as they may be very important. Paying attention to the dreams that one receives is one way of achieving this. Every word or sign an individual receives is very important and should not be taken for granted. The more an individual takes these messages seriously the more they will communicate.

Creating a link

This involves believing that things are working out for you and seeing the positive side of life. This will help one in finding solace in his or her soul which is the connection we have with the spirit world

The spirit world is a very important aspect of our lives. Connecting with this part of our lives makes us connect the non-physical and the physical world.

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