Manifesting What You Want

Manifesting What You Want

If you are looking to manifest what you want, you might be frustrated because you haven’t gotten what you want.

Some of us were taught that things only happen if you are on all the time and if you are proactive.  If you have high-speed action and always think ahead and reach for what you want, then this can cause you not to be reactive.

It is important to check off what you have done on your to-do list and get things done.  This approach works but only for a period of time and only to a certain point.

There are other easier ways to succeed in your life, which are different from what we were taught.

A few years ago, I wanted to transform my career into my life’s work.  So I made a bracelet and called it an intention bracelet to help me to visualize my dream. I meditated and cleared my mind, and welcomed what I wanted in my life.  I decided to have no more limitations.

After a few minutes, I lived through a vision, closed my bracelet, put it on, and never took it off.

Every day I am reminded of my intentions, and I welcome them into my life.  They have made a difference.  It hasn’t faded or gone away and is as alive in me as ever.  I use my intention reminder bracelet to help me to remember.

This Isn’t Random

Having a result by being positive and sending energy to the universe can put things in motion.  But, of course, you have to do it like everything else; the universe doesn’t know what you want unless you ask for it.

You have to ask the universe to get you through certain things, and then you have to turn over the power to it so that it can take charge.  So you have to learn to surrender.  You can’t be redirecting and pushing things to happen a certain way; that is not going to help you manifest what you want.

Why the Standstill?

If you feel that you are stuck, you need to back off and consider what you have set as your goal.

Then, you need to welcome the goal as your dream, whether it is scary, big, or wild.  It can be scary to ask the universe to help you.

It is understandable that this is hard and scary; when this happens, you know it is on the right track.

Let the scary feeling give you courage and help you not to doubt or give up.  Feel that you are supported and believe in yourself and your intention.  Then, find a way to remind yourself of your intentions.

Make a bracelet and wear it every day to remind you of your intentions and to help give you positive energy from the universe.  It is happening!

Tips for Manifestation:

Make sure that you pay attention to what you are feeling inside.   Welcome visions to come into your life.

  • If you are happy, you are on the right track.
  • If you are uncertain or nervous, it might not be the right intention right now.

Your intentions need to be truthful. Don’t let your motive be anything but the truth, or it won’t happen.  Be honest with yourself and trust the process.

If your intention involves other people that you want to be part of it, then it might not work. You can’t make intentions for other people, but you can use your role to be a manifest for someone else.

Manifestations don’t have limits.  So don’t try to be limited and trust in your abilities to get what you want.


If you have read this far, you are probably curious about starting to get your intentions right.  Remember, this is always there for you, and we limit our own selves by not giving ourselves the opportunity to make things happen.

If you want your life to change, you have to take responsibility.

You might say that you set some realistic goals, and nothing is happening or what is the difference between a goal and an intention?

The difference is important to understand; it is why you might be limiting yourself.


If you set the intention, then you let it go, and after you release it, you have trust that the universe will help it happen.

This is possible and always available to you if you just realize it.


A goal is something with a plan, most detailed.  Even though having a plan makes us feel secure, it doesn’t always come to us.  Relying on your plan limits your solution.

Don’t wait; go deeper and set your intention based on truth.  Wear a reminder bracelet if you want to start manifesting your dreams.