The Astonishing Truth About Astral Projection

Astral Projection

Astral projection is a spiritual theory of the out-of-body experience. However, could astral projection be true, or might be a form of lucid dreaming?

Skeptics see astral travel as a controversial notion because it lacks direct physical evidence.  According to lucid dreamers, there is a resemblance it has with internally generated wake-induced lucid dreams.

Therefore, is astral projection true?

This depends on what the meaning of ‘real’ is.  I have a unique perspective as a skeptical sort and a seasoned lucid.

The Connection Between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreams

Amazingly, there is a similarity between the core encounter of astral projection, out-of-body encounters, sleep paralysis, and wake-induced lucid dreams.

It starts when you are not fully asleep. You might feel paralyzed. You know you are lying in bed but some funny sensations are going on.

That moment you start dissociating from your body, you start to feel as if you are floating. Your mind closes completely from your physical body. You will naturally transfer your awareness to a more flexible replica body as long as you wake up and your body falls asleep.

This can be described as a spirit or astral body. Or it can be called a lucid dream body. It all depends on perspective but I’m very sure this is not a real body.

That perception you have will create a very frustrating experience. It might even become scary especially if you started having nightmares of evil spirits and astral spirits entering the room. That’s a real mark of sleep paralysis.

Once you have separated from your body in bed, you can explore the room, pass through the walls and the windows and even fly out into the night. It’s not a surprise that this beautiful realistic experience is interpreted as a spiritual one.

External vs Internal Experiences

Pay attention to the distinction between internal experience and external experience.

An externally generated experience will unveil itself the same way across the population. We will see everything the same if the astral projection is real. This depends on reality and not on us. Proving this will also not be hard, as some experiments have tried.

An internally generated experience will be highly subjective. If the astral projection is true then everything will be seen, especially those that they expect to see.

Why believing in astral projection is dangerous

This belief can erroneously harm you and distract you from your lucid dreaming experience.

Since we are lucid dreamers, the expectation principle frequently works in our favor.  We can use it to unleash dream figures, change the scenery and accomplish our greatest wishes. Even if everything changes and we encounter a lucid nightmare, we just believe that none is true and we are safe.

The power of expectations can be a major hindrance for the astral traveler. However not much because of the direct emotional implications of socializing with the spirit world.

Final Thoughts

This is a very controversial topic. It is very sensitive since it mostly touches on religious and spiritual views. Nevertheless, there is still a possibility of one believing in the idea of astral projection and at the same time acknowledging the fact that these experiences are internally generated.