What Life Looks Like in the Spirit World

How life looks like in the spirit world


Only when the conditions are right is when spirit communication happens. A cheerful atmosphere full of expectations needs to be achieved on this site. The medium normally finds it easier connecting thoughts with those being projected by the other world’s communicator once this has been achieved. Medium perceives these thoughts as a voice, pictures, or sensations. Evidence of contact with a dead loved one can be established once various impressions have been put together. The power of love is the energy that fuels this wonderful phenomenon. The bridge between these two worlds is built by love.


Frequently, the converted can be easily reassured through strong evidence for life after death, while convincing non-believers become very hard. Working with a skeptical individual is not easy.

Do you spend less time or more time trying to satisfy the needs of the physical body? You may enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, it’s like eating a lovely meal, but sooner or later, we become hungry again.

Remember, all these worldly things are good, but they are also transient. They don’t last. You can be trapped by desire.


According to Buddha, desire is the cause of all suffering. When you let go of all attachment and desire is when liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death comes. Individuals who fear death the most are those who worship material things. They are filled with utter dread when they remember that the physical body will perish one day.

To be honest, we spend a lot of time pampering the body, yet we are not the body. We usually carry with us a lot of burden of material thinking than any other person in the history of mankind. We quickly forget that the physical body is only one small part of our being.


In ancient times religion used the fear of dying to undermine one’s thinking so that they keep being dependent on the church. Fear of burning in hell kept the society in control and heretics in check. That was the only way one could be in power forever and maintain their status. Likewise, religion uses fear of death to manipulate its victims.

Death is still a taboo, which is so sad. According to history, several individuals still don’t see death as a transcendence. Rather, we are told not to say anything about death if it creeps closer. Everyone knows you are dying, but they prefer talking about things such as the weather. Nobody doesn’t want to talk to you about your journey to the unknown. Other than being lonely, you may have to deal with the dispassionate world of intensive care.


Would there be change if, rather than living in denial about death, we embrace it when it comes? Frankly, this looks easier than it is done. However, if we think about our mortality and consider the possibility of life beyond death, we will be able to realize that death doesn’t have to instill fear in us; it’s just a mystical experience.

The fact that the consciousness of our soul goes on after we’ve passed away is a sign that we should use our lives wisely. We should wake up and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of living on earth. There is no fear necessary when it comes to death, instead embrace life for what it is, temporary.