A Guide for a Beginner on How to Communicate with Spirits on the Other Side
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A Guide for a Beginner on How to Communicate with Spirits on the Other Side

The guides below will help you communicate with spirits on the other side:

Sage it for later.

This is an herb that was used in the past to cleanse and purify rituals. The first step to quite a number of rituals and spells is known as smudging. Spirits interpret sage as a request to leave space because it is used for clearance. If you try to communicate after the sage, you are likely to annoy the spirits with your mixed messages

Put up, distinct conductors.

Industrious spirits also depend on conduits to pass on messages. Put up distinct conductors within the space when preparing to make contact with the dead. Spirits have been described by history to communicate through candle flames, liquid and scent. Audio and video recording devices can be used to help in transmission since they are very effective conductors. Have quite a number of options available, because just like the living have preferences, the dead also prefers some devices over others.

You need to speak with affection.

Treating the dead with reverence is great but you don’t have to embarrass yourself by speaking in a fake dialect. Speak with the spirits authentically and do away with the old talk. It’s very essential to show respect, therefore, your tone and voice should be calm throughout the dialogue. Don’t hold yourself, speak up about all the things you’re experiencing. Spirits don’t usually mean to scare you so if you’re afraid just let them know and they’ll move to another conductor that’s not obtrusive.

Ouija boards usually work.

Since Ouija boards have complete letter and numbers, it eases the work of the spirits since they easily spell out their messages. Make your own Ouijas board if the commercial aspect of the Ouija board can’t relate with your style.

Celebrating life by acknowledging death.

We usually fear spirits because of the horror movies we watch. But the reality is that our relationship with mortality is reflected in our fear of ghosts. Accepting death is very hard; very heartbreaking and painful too.

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