Skeptics and Psychic Readings

Skeptics and Psychic Readings

When skeptics call me for psychic readings, I generally discourage them from scheduling. I know that good readings are the result of close collaboration between the psychic and the client. It helps to receive validation from the client that the messages I’m receiving for them are clear and genuinely describe their lives and their situations. Skeptics can be somewhat distracting to me as I try to be alert for messages, and am left wondering if they’re intended for that client.

This is a story about a skeptic whose friend insisted that she have a reading because they wanted a break from what they were doing. Despite my general policy, I reluctantly agreed to do the reading. It surprised me that I wasn’t hearing my inner voice telling me to avoid doing the reading. If anything, I felt encouraged to do it. But I assumed the skeptic’s energy was already affecting me.

The time came for the skeptic’s reading. She sat in a chair across from me, and I offered her a drink. She didn’t respond. So I asked her again. This time she replied, “I’m not going to talk during this reading,” and her facial expression became cold and blank. So I asked her if she’d please shake her head “yes” or “no” to my question. I asked if she’d ever had a psychic reading before, and she vigorously shook her head “no.”

I sat down, relaxed as much as I could, closed my eyes, and took several deep breaths. I soon began receiving messages, which I relayed to her. I felt that things were flowing smoothly for me, and I felt certain that the messages were for her.

A little over halfway through the reading time, I received and passed along the following to her: “You should buy a hot wax machine to help with your pain,” and, “You’ll soon be caring for a child.”

The skeptic immediately stood up and angrily told me that those messages could not possibly be for her. She hastily left the room, leaving me feeling that I should have listened to my inner voice and refused to do that reading.

I anguished over the experience, considered a career change, and asked my spiritual guides for their input. Finally, I came to realize that my lesson from the situation was to find ways to keep other people’s anger and wounding behavior from entering and affecting my being. I use various methods, including talking to myself, to do this.

I also lecture myself occasionally that I don’t really need reassurance. I breathe deeply and let spirits help me do this. But in this situation, I actually did receive reassurance. And it came from the skeptic!

The skeptic’s friend returned to me for several additional readings and eventually told me that the skeptic’s friend was now a believer in psychics. She also said that I was the reason!

The skeptic unfortunately had developed arthritis in her feet, and then plantar fasciitis in her heels. She recalled that one of my messages to her was that she should buy a hot wax machine to help with her pain. She made the purchase, and her friend said that it actually did help ease her pain.

Also, the skeptic had no kids of her own, and further, had no interest in being around children. Her job moved her to another city, and she settled next door to a woman with a young daughter. This girl somehow charmed the skeptic into interacting with her. The skeptic ended up adoring the girl and helping her single parent take care of her. The skeptic now describes the little girl as one of the joys in her life.

So, in the end, I was not the only one who received a life lesson. The former skeptic did, too!