Connecting Through Dreams

Connecting Through Dreams

Do you believe you are connecting with people who have passed away to the other side through your dreams?  Will they come and say goodbye or give you a kiss?  If you give yourself time, you will see that these signs are open to them and will come when they are ready to.

Even though some people have been psychic their whole lives, it doesn’t mean they will not still grieve for someone who has passed.  For example, I was very close to my grandpa.  I have been a medium my whole life, but his love was like no one had ever loved me before.  He made me feel safe and unstressed in a stressful world.

My grandpa first recognized my abilities as a psychic.  He helped me to accept them and to grow in my abilities.  He was not afraid of them or acted like I was being weird.

We would spend days and days laughing and playing at his house.  I never wanted to go home after I was there with him.  When I would leave, he would always put his hand on my arm and give me a small kiss on my cheek.  I can remember what he smelled like, and it is a comfort for me.

When I was 17 years old, we had a conversation, and he knew he was going to die soon.  He asked if he could “visit me once in a while” after he was gone.  I told him that he better visit me now and then.

In 1990, he went to live in a nursing home, despite my disagreement.  The family felt this was best for him.  But, it was far away, and I only would get to see him a few times each year.  I was so sad when they sold his house.  I guess I thought he would come back one day even though he had so many health problems and was hard to care for.

One morning in 1991, I woke up and felt a presence at my side.  It was a hand that was on my arm.  I knew someone was there, but I was so tired from working my job that I tried to ignore it but went to get a drink of water.  I remember how tired I was when I stumbled back to bed, and I remember saying, “I will talk to you tomorrow; I am too tired.  Please understand this.”

I didn’t realize that the spirits who came to see me were ones that had visited before.  In the middle of the night, I dreamed and saw my grandpa in a small room, looking out the window and resting in a chair.  He looked so frail, and I asked, “are you okay?”  He said, “my head hurts.”  I asked in the dream if he wanted me to get some headache medicine, and he said, “Don’t worry about that; I am going to go away.”  I begged him not to go, but he didn’t say anything or move.

When I woke up, my first thought was that my grandpa had visited my room.  A few minutes later, my dad came in and told me that my grandpa had died.  I was shocked.  I knew it was him that came to me in the night, and I just felt so bad for not paying more attention.

When someone dies, they have a hard time talking to you at the beginning of their journey.  This must have been the case with my grandpa.  I was so mad at myself for being too tired to take the time to talk to him and help him.  Although I give myself a break now when I think about it, I just wanted him to come back so much and see him.

A while later, my grandpa’s wake was happening.  I was uncomfortable like I am when anyone dies because there are a lot of spirits there.  But his wasn’t there.  I wondered if he got mad at me for going back to sleep when he died.  His funeral came and went, and I asked him to come back and visit me.  Nothing happened, and I wanted to give up hope.  I knew I was a failure as a medium.

When we lose someone that we love very much, it takes a long time to stop grieving for them.  Everyone’s grief is different, and the process and time are different for everyone.  It is a process everyone must go through.  Being a medium means that I was understanding that our loved ones are not completely gone and that we will see them again.  So it was even harder for me knowing that I saw spirits but that none of them was my grandpa.  I worked as much as I could to keep my mind occupied.

One night after I had worked, I decided to sit outside for a while.  My grandpa and I used to do this.  We loved the outdoors.  I said, “Please, God, let me know that my grandpa is okay.  Let me see him; I miss him so much.”

Even though I was outside, I fell asleep and woke up in a state of sleepy wakefulness.  I heard a noise beside me, and I felt someone touch my arm.  I looked, but before I could really see, I heard my grandpa say, “I’m okay.  I love you, and I will always be here.”  I felt him kiss my cheek and pat me on the back.  It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to react.  I sat up and only heard the trees and the wind.  Then, I smelled his smell, and it stayed with me the whole night.  I know my grandpa moved on, and I know it took him time to do that.  I also know that he came to say goodbye to me.  This helped me to connect with the other side of my dream, and I will always treasure this.

A spirit cannot be forced.  It is important that you are careful when you ask for signs through a medium or try to connect with someone through your dreams.  Be respectful of them and consider that they might need time to do this.  Don’t be upset if the medium cannot connect you.  Forcing them doesn’t help.

I have no idea why it took my grandpa so long to connect and visit me after the first visit.  Of course, some can discuss different theories, but I am just happy that he finally did.

Remember this; when we die, our love doesn’t die.  We are made from love, and it cannot die.