Ways to tap into your intuition

Ways to tap into your intuition

Below are ways you can feed your intuition so it flourishes and be ready to advise:

  1. Listen

This sounds easy, and it sure is.  Your intuition is unable to communicate to you if you are not paying attention. When you begin to notice, good things start happening. Try it and see.

  1. Trust your instincts (gut feeling)

There has to be a reason why a word like ‘gut’ teams up with a word like ‘feeling’. Study indicates that

Both emotion and intuition have a physical presence in our gut. The gut is also referred to as the second brain since it is lined with a network of neurons. That’s why we get sick after knowing that we’ve made a bad decision or when we are about to make a tough decision.

  1. Feel

The only way you can know the existence of your intuition is by feeling it. You can feel it your belly and it is likely to goosebump your skin. At times it’s a bit subtle such that you can only describe it as knowing. When something is not right, you’ll feel it clear, enriching and nourishing. If you are not used to your intuition, it might be hard trusting it at first. However, give it time and trust step by step. It will be worth it.

  1. Let negative feelings go away

Negative feelings always overpower intuition. This is why you can easily make bad decisions when angry or depressed. Study indicates that individuals make positive decisions when they are in a good mood and negative decisions when in a bad mood.

  1. Be cautious about the individuals you hang on to

People who take all your energy will make it hard for you to hear your intuition since they will be contributing to the noise which you are trying to avoid. You might know how they are, if you don’t, wait a minute, your intuition will be able to tell you. Be around people who empower and enrich you and walk away from those who drain you. It’s hard to walk away from troublesome people, but you decide to stay and empower yourself.

  1. Focus on what’s going on around you

Your intuitive, subconscious part of your brain has to work with and the more accurately it will choose with the information you will gather from the surroundings.

  1. Find some time and be still and silent

Being in solitude allows you to tune into your intuition without any problem. Our intuition always sends us warnings and encouragement but we are frequently too busy to notice. Be open-minded to what comes to you be it feelings, words or thoughts.

  1. Make use of your dream time

It is through dreams that the brain processes information that was left during the day. They have valuable data and experiences, therefore, they can work hard if we let them. We can get information that we are unable to get when we are awake when we pay attention to dreams. Before sleeping, think about any unresolved issues or problems. Think about possible solutions as you fall asleep. Close your eyes and let your brain do the rest.

Manifesting What You Want

Manifesting What You Want

If you are looking to manifest what you want, then you might be frustrated because you so far haven’t gotten what you want.

Some of us were taught that things only happen if you are on all the time and if you are proactive.  If you have high speed action and always think ahead and reach for what you want, then this can cause you to not be reactive.

It is important to check off what you have done on your to do list and get things done.  This approach works but only for a period of time and only for a certain point.

There are other easier ways to be successful in your life and it is different than what we were taught.

A few years ago, I wanted to transform my career into my life’s work.  I made a bracelet and called it an intention bracelet to help me to visualize my dream. I meditated and cleared my mind and welcomed what I wanted in my life.  I decided no more limitations.

After a few minutes I lived my life through a vision, and I closed my bracelet and put it on and never took it off.

Every day I have been reminded of my intentions and I welcome them in my life.  They have made a different.  It hasn’t faded or gone away and it is as alive in me as ever.  I use my intention reminder bracelet to help me to remember.

This Isn’t Random

Having a result by being positive and sending energy to the universe can make things in motion.  You have to do it, just like everything else, the universe doesn’t know what you want unless you ask for it.

You have to ask the universe to get you through certain things and then you have to turn over the power to it so that it can take charge.  You have to learn to surrender.  You can’t be redirecting and pushing things to happen a certain way, that is not going to help you manifest what you want.

Why the Standstill?

If you feel that you are stuck, you need to back off and consider what you have set as your goal.

Then, you need to welcome the goal as your dream even if it is scary or big or wild.  It can be scary to ask the universe to help you.

It is understandable that this is hard and scary, when this happens though, you know it is the right track.

Let the scary feeling give you courage and help you to not be doubting or giving up.  Feel that you are supported and believe in yourself and your intention.  Find a way to remind yourself of your intentions.

Make a bracelet and wear it everyday to remind you of your intentions and to help give you positive energy from the universe.  It is happening!

Tips for Manifestation:

Make sure that you pay attention to what you are feeling inside.   Welcome visions to come in your life.

  • If you are happy, you are on the right track.
  • If you are uncertain or nervous, it might not be the right intention right now.

Your intentions need to be truthful. Don’t let your motive be anything but truth or it won’t happen.  Be honest with yourself and trust the process.

If your intention involves other people that you want to be part of it then it might not work. You can’t make intentions for other people, but you can use your role to be a manifest for someone else.

Manifestations don’t have limits.  Don’t try to be limited and trust in your abilities to get what you want.


If you have read this far, you are probably curious about starting to get your intentions right.  Remember this is always there for you and we limit our own selves by not giving ourselves the opportunity to make things happen.

If you want your life to change, you have to take your own responsibility.

You might say that you set some realistic goals, and nothing is happening or what is the difference between a goal and an intention?

The difference is important to understand it is why you might be limiting yourself.


If you set the intention then you let it go and after you release it, you have trust that the universe will help it happen.

This is possible for you and always available to you if you would just realize it.


A goal is something with a plan, mostly detailed.  Even though having a plan makes us feel secure it doesn’t always come to you.  Relying on your plan limits your solution.

Don’t wait, go deeper and set your intention based on truth.  If you want to start manifesting your dreams then wear a reminder bracelet.

How life looks like in the spirit world

How life looks like in the spirit world


Only when the conditions are right is when spirit communication happens. A cheerful atmosphere full of expectations needs to be achieved on this site. The medium normally finds it easier connecting thoughts with those being projected by the other world’s communicator once this has been achieved. Medium perceives these thoughts as a voice, pictures or sensations. Evidence that contact has been made with a dead loved one can be established once various impressions have been put together. The power of love is the energy that fuels this wonderful phenomenon. The bridge between these two worlds is built by love.


Frequently, the converted can be easily reassured through strong evidence for life after death while convincing non-believers become very hard. Working with a skeptical individual is not easy.

Do you spend less time or more time trying to satisfy the needs of the physical body? You may enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, it’s like eating a sweet meal, but sooner or later, we become hungry again.

Remember, all these worldly things are good, but they are also transient. They don’t last. You can be trapped by desire.

The cycles of birth and death

According to Buddha, desire is the cause of all suffering. When you let go of all attachment and desire is when liberation from the endless cycle of birth and death comes. Individuals who fear death the most are those who worship material things. They are filled with utter dread when they remember that one day the physical body will perish.

To be honest, we spend a lot of time pampering the body yet we are not the body. We usually carry with us a lot of burden of material thinking than any other person in the history of mankind. We quickly forget that the physical body is only one small part of our being.

Life after death and denial

In ancient times religion used the fear of dying to undermine one’s thinking so that they keep being dependent on the church. Ear of burning in hell kept the society in control and heretics in check. That was the only way one could be in power forever and maintain their status. Religion uses fear of death to manipulate its victims.

Death is still a taboo, so sad. According to history several individuals still don’t see death as a transcendence. Rather, we are told not to say anything about death if it creeps closer. Everyone knows you are dying but they prefer talking about things such as the weather. Nobody doesn’t want to talk to you about your journey to the unknown. Other than being lonely, you may have to deal with the dispassionate world of intensive care.

The afterlife world

Would there be change if rather than living in denial about death, we embrace it when it comes? Frankly, this looks easier than done. However, if we think about our mortality and consider the possibility of life beyond death we will be able to realize that death doesn’t have to instill fear in us, it’s just a mystical experience.

The fact that the consciousness of our soul goes on after we’ve passed away is a sign that we should use our lives wisely. We should wake up and take every advantage of this wonderful opportunity of living on earth.

The Astonishing Truth About Astral Projection

The Astonishing Truth About Astral Projection

Astral projection is a spiritual theory of the out of body experience. However, could astral projection be true or might be a form of lucid dreaming?

Skeptics see astral travel as a controversial notion because it lacks direct physical evidence.  According to lucid dreamers, there is a resemblance it has with internally generated wake induced lucid dreams.

Therefore, is astral projection true?

This depends on what the meaning of ‘real’ is.  I have a unique perspective as a skeptical sort and a seasoned lucid.

The Connection Between Astral Projection and Lucid Dreams

Amazingly, there is a similarity between the core encounter of astral projection, out of body encounters, sleep paralysis and wake induced lucid dreams.

It starts when you are not fully asleep. You might feel paralyzed. You know you are lying in bed but some funny sensations are going on.

That moment you start dissociating from your body, you start to feel as if you are floating. Your mind closes completely from your physical body. You will naturally transfer your awareness to a more flexible replica body as long as you are wake and your body falls asleep.

This can be described as a spirit or astral body. Or it can be called lucid dream body. It all depends on perspective but I’m very sure this is not a real body.

That perception you have will create a very frustrating experience. It might even become scary especially if you started having nightmares of evil spirits and astral spirits entering the room. That’s a real mark of sleep paralysis.

Once you have separated from your body in bed, you can explore the room, pass through the walls and the windows and even fly out into the night. It’s not a surprise that this beautiful realistic experience is interpreted as a spiritual one.

External vs Internal Experiences

Pay attention to the distinction between internal experience and external experience.

An externally generated experience will unveil itself the same way across the population. We will see everything the same if the astral projection is real. This depends on reality and not us. Proving this will also not be hard, as some experiments have tried.

An internally generated experience will be highly subjective. If the astral projection is true then everything will be seen, especially those that they expect to see.

Why believing in astral projection is dangerous

This belief can erroneously harm you and distract you from your lucid dreaming experience.

Since we are lucid dreamers, the expectation principle frequently works in our favor.  We can use it to unleash dream figures, change the scenery and accomplish our greatest wishes. Even if everything changes and we encounter a lucid nightmare, we just believe that none is true and we are safe.

The power of expectations can be a major hindrance for the astral traveler. However not much because of the direct emotional implications of socializing with the spirit world.

Final Thoughts

This is a very controversial topic.

It is very sensitive since it mostly touches on religious and spiritual views.

Nevertheless, there is still a possibility of one believing in the idea of astral projection and at the same time acknowledge the fact that these experiences are internally generated.


Connecting Through Dreams

Connecting Through Dreams

Do you believe that you are connecting with people that have passed away to the other side through your dreams?  Will they come and say goodbye or give you a kiss?  If you give yourself time, you will see that these signs are open to them and they will come when they are ready to.

Even though some people have been psychic their whole lives, it doesn’t mean that they will not still grieve for someone that has passed.  For example, I was very close to my grandpa.  I have been a medium my whole life but his love was like no one had ever loved me before.  He made me feel safe and unstressed in a stressful world.

My abilities of a psychic were first recognized by my grandpa.  He helped me to accept them and to grow in my abilities.  He was not afraid of them or acted like I was being weird.

We would spend days and days laughing and playing at his house.  I never wanted to go home after I was there with him.  When I would leave, he would always put his hand on my arm and give me a small kiss on my cheek.  I can remember what he smelled like and it is a comfort for me.

When I was 17 years old, we had a conversation and he knew he was going to die soon.  He asked if he could “visit me once in a while,” after he was gone.  I told him that he better visit me now and then.

In 1990, he went to live in a nursing home, despite my disagreement.  The family felt this was best for him.  It was far away and I only would get to see him a few times each year.  I was so sad when they sold his house.  I guess I thought he would come back one day even though he had so many health problems and was hard to care for.

One morning in 1991, I woke up and felt a present at my side.  It was a hand that was on my arm.  I knew someone was there but I was so tired from working my job that I tried to ignore it, but went to get a drink of water.  I remember how tired I was when I stumbled back to bed and I remember saying, “I will talk to you tomorrow, I am too tired.  Please understand this.”

I didn’t realize that the spirits who came to see me were ones that had visited before.  In the middle of the night I dreamed and saw my grandpa in a small room looking out the window and resting in a chair.  He looked so frail and I asked, “are you okay?”  He said “my head hurts.”  I asked in the dream if he wanted me to get some headache medicine and he said, “Don’t worry about that, I am going to go away.”  I begged him not to go but he didn’t say anything or move.

When I woke up, my first thought was that my grandpa had visited my room.  A few minutes later, my dad came in and told me that my grandpa had died.  I was shocked.  I knew it was him that came to me in the night and I just felt so bad for not paying more attention.

When someone dies, they have a hard time talking to you at the beginning of their journey.  This must have been the case with my grandpa.  I was so mad at myself for being too tired to take time to talk to him and help him.  I do give myself a break now when I think about it, I just wanted him to come back so much and wanted to see him.

A while later, and my grandpas wake was happening.  I was uncomfortable like I am when anyone dies because there are a lot of spirits there.  But his wasn’t there.  I wondered if he got mad at me for going back to sleep when he died.  His funeral came and went and I asked him to come back and visit me.  Nothing happened and I wanted to give up hope.  I knew I was a failure as a medium.

When we lose someone that we love very much it takes a long time to stop grieving for them.  Everyone’s grief is different and the process and time is different for everyone.  It is a process everyone must go through.  Being a medium means that I was understanding that our loved ones are not completely gone and that we will see them again.  So it was even harder for me knowing that I see spirits but that none of them were my grandpa.  I worked as much as I could to keep my mind occupied.

One night after I had worked I decided to sit outside for a while.  Me and my grandpa used to do this.  We loved the outdoors.  I said, “Please God, let me know that my grandpa is okay.  Let me see him, I miss him so much.”

Even though I was outside, I fell asleep and I woke up in a state of sleepy wakefulness.  I heard a noise beside me and I felt someone touch my arm.  I looked but before I could really see, I heard my grandpa say, “I’m okay.  I love you and I will always be here.”  I felt him kiss my cheek and pat me on the back.  It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to react.  I sat up and only heard the trees and the wind.  Then, I smelled the smell that he had and it stayed with me the whole night.  I know my grandpa moved on and I know it took him time to do that.  I also know that he came to say goodbye to me.  This helped me to connect with the other side of my dream and I will always treasure this.

A spirit cannot be forced.  It is important that you are careful when you ask for signs through a medium or trying to connect with someone through your dreams.  Be respectful of them and consider that they might need time to do this.  Don’t be upset if the medium cannot connect you.  Forcing them doesn’t help.

I have no idea why it took my grandpa so long to connect and visit me after the first visit.  Some can discuss different theories but I am just happy that he finally did.

Remember this, when we die, our love doesn’t die.  We are made from love and it cannot die.

A Guide for a Beginner on How to Communicate with Spirits on the Other Side

A Guide for a Beginner on How to Communicate with Spirits on the Other Side

The guides below will help you communicate with spirits on the other side:

Sage it for later.

This is an herb that was used in the past to cleanse and purify rituals. The first step to quite a number of rituals and spells is known as smudging. Spirits interpret sage as a request to leave space because it is used for clearance. If you try to communicate after the sage, you are likely to annoy the spirits with your mixed messages

Put up, distinct conductors.

Industrious spirits also depend on conduits to pass on messages. Put up distinct conductors within the space when preparing to make contact with the dead. Spirits have been described by history to communicate through candle flames, liquid and scent. Audio and video recording devices can be used to help in transmission since they are very effective conductors. Have quite a number of options available, because just like the living have preferences, the dead also prefers some devices over others.

You need to speak with affection.

Treating the dead with reverence is great but you don’t have to embarrass yourself by speaking in a fake dialect. Speak with the spirits authentically and do away with the old talk. It’s very essential to show respect, therefore, your tone and voice should be calm throughout the dialogue. Don’t hold yourself, speak up about all the things you’re experiencing. Spirits don’t usually mean to scare you so if you’re afraid just let them know and they’ll move to another conductor that’s not obtrusive.

Ouija boards usually work.

Since Ouija boards have complete letter and numbers, it eases the work of the spirits since they easily spell out their messages. Make your own Ouijas board if the commercial aspect of the Ouija board can’t relate with your style.

Celebrating life by acknowledging death.

We usually fear spirits because of the horror movies we watch. But the reality is that our relationship with mortality is reflected in our fear of ghosts. Accepting death is very hard; very heartbreaking and painful too.

Connecting with the other side of Mediumship

Connecting with the other side of Mediumship

Mediumship is the capability of an individual to connect with the spirits of the dead using energies that are beyond human understanding. Spiritual mediums always spend most of their time trying to connect with ‘the other side.’ They try to communicate with people who they know who have died. This is due to the fact that religion in itself is changing thus allowing them to make this transition into the spirit world. The increase in the practice of yoga meditations among individuals has also influenced individuals to tap into their own divinity. TV shows that discuss Mediumship are now globally accepted.

Psychic abilities

We all have a voice inside us that guides us on our daily activities. This voice cannot be explained scientifically as it is part of our psychic realm. The energy we experience at this time is not and cannot be explained using the five normal senses of an individual. In some individuals, however, it is more developed than others.

Misconceptions in Mediumship

Most mediums are born with the gift of connecting with the spirit world. This gift usually starts showing signs at an early age. Unnecessary fear and a lot of doubtfulness are disadvantages of possessing such gifts at an early age. This is because, when growing up most children are taught to be afraid of beings such as ghosts. Most religions see them as evil. This is what the impact on children is. Individuals, therefore, need to experience certain events within the spirit world themselves so as to believe that Mediumship is not just a myth but a way of channeling the inner energy into the spirit world.

Accessing the spirit world


This is the fastest way of making your perceptions and insights stronger. This is because this is the main channel of communication to the spirit world. You don’t have to be a skilled yoga instructor to meditate. Finding quiet time through purposeful breathing, meditation whether guided or unguided will help in connecting an individual to the spirit world by opening the required channels of communication.

Enjoying your moments

Finding time to relax the brain is also very important. Overcrowding the brain with thoughts makes it very difficult for one to receive information from the spirit world. Physical activities can also affect the ability of an individual to connect with the spirit world. By taking a break from day to day activities, we give the mind a chance to relax and concentrate fully in channeling our inner self to connect with the spirits.

Releasing Sorrow

Believing that these spirits are dead and that they cannot be communicated to may also block an individual’s ability to connect with the spirits. Individuals hold sorrow so as to honor the spirits of the dead. Holding such thoughts may in one way or another block the required pathways to connecting with the spirit world.

Honoring the signals we receive

The signs we receive from these spirits are not to be ignored as they may be very important. Paying attention to the dreams that one receives is one way of achieving this. Every word or sign an individual receives is very important and should not be taken for granted. The more an individual takes these messages seriously the more they will communicate.

Creating a link

This involves believing that things are working out for you and seeing the positive side of life. This will help one in finding solace in his or her soul which is the connection we have with the spirit world

The spirit world is a very important aspect of our lives. Connecting with this part of our lives makes us connect the non-physical and the physical world.

Clear Negative Energy

Need to Clear Negative Energy and Enhance Your Psychic Self-Defense? Try These Ancient Shamanic Techniques

Are you in need of a cleansing of negative vibes and energies? Maybe you’re looking to enhance your psychic self-defense against these negative energies? Or maybe it’s a bit of both. When negative vibes and energies surround us, it can be difficult to listen to the positive energies, making it harder to get clear and concise readings. However, there are plenty of ways to help clear the negative energy and help protect you from it in the future. Through these helpful shamanic techniques, you’ll be clearing out the negative and welcoming in the positive.

Using Amulets

Amulets are created by whomever is wearing them and are used to protect the wearer from harm, evil spirits, and psychic attacks. It can be a piece of jewelry or an object made from seeds, metals, stones, or coins. They can also be blessed by a shaman for extra protective powers. It’s best to wear the amulet on your left hand or over your heart.


The process of smudging helps rid an area of negative energy while helping to summon helpful spirits. It involves using smoke composed of a variety of resins, herbs, plants, and minerals and represents transforming solid mater to spirit as the smoke rises and disappears into the air. That smoke captures the negative energy and transports them to be dispersed away from your space. Typical plants used for smudging include sage, lavender, sweet grass, valerian root, rosemary, and aromatic trees like pine, cider, copal, and palo santo.

Using Protection Stones

Stones and crystals are great for psychic and spiritual protection. They can help repel, absorb, or clear out negative energies. Wear protective stones and crystals around your neck or carry them with you. Black onyx, black obsidian, black tourmaline, and apache tears are just a few examples of stones and crystals that are good for protection.

Using Coal

Coal is great for absorbing and removing negative energies as well as bad dreams. For added protection, grind up wood coal from a ceremonial fire. You’ll want to wrap it in natural fabric and tap it over your body or place it under your pillow so it can absorb the bad dreams and negative energies.

Using Sea Salt

As a natural detoxifier, sea salt can help absorb and clear out negative energies not only from your surroundings, but from your skin as well. You can rub your hands and body thoroughly with sea salt or dissolve some in a hot bath and take a soak. Placing small bowls of sea salt and water in various places around your house can also help absorb negative energies and assist in psychic protection.

Using Sulfur

It may be a foul-smelling crystal, but sulfur can be used for spiritual and psychic protections. Use sulfur to remove hexes, emotional problems, and to free up yourself from negative attachments. If you have access to sulfur sticks, use them by rolling them over your body. You can also do a sulfur soak by adding it to your bath.

Using Plants

Plants not only help absorb and clear away negative energy, they also purify the air around you. Use plants with large green leaves such as banana, arrowhead, aloe vera, evergreen, and dragon plant, placing them around the house and on windowsills.

There are plenty of ways to help clear up negative energies around you, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Find what works best for you and help get rid of the negativity while ushering in the positivity and enhancing your psychic protection in the process.

How to Let Go of a Grudge

How to Let Go of a Grudge

Pay attention to other things!

It is now a good time to think about shedding everything that doesn’t serve you, from not so great habits to toxic friends since the New Year is now approaching. If you’re holding on a long-held grudge or have animosity towards others it’s now time to take inventory of your negative thoughts.

Keeping your mind focused on the good in life is better for your health although it’s most definitely impossible to have positive thoughts and reactions towards everybody and every situation all the time.

Below are five ways to let go of a grudge before 2019 hits, if you are still clutching tight to resentment towards someone (or a few people):

  1. Stop the snap judgments

Can you pinpoint grudges to a specific incident when you think about them? Did you fall out with that individual you’re feeling animosity towards? If that’s not the case then snap judgment is to blame. The grudges we have sometimes is as a result of snap judgments we make. Be sure to give people the benefits of doubt in order to avoid these kinds of grudges in the near future. Their comments and actions are not necessarily directed to you, therefore, do not them personally. Approach individuals open-mindedly. You’ll soon find yourself steeped into negativity if you find yourself labeling people or counting them out as friends based on quick assessments.

  1. Process it by asking yourself questions

How to Let Go of a Grudge	Take time to really think about why you’re still angry, hurt or whatever emotion you’re feeling if you’re holding a grudge because of a certain situation that still has a great impact on you. What’s the reason why the incident still affects you? What do you need to do to get over it? And how does it affect your daily life? There’s a difference between being permanently changed by someone else’s actions and being slighted or wronged.

  1. Talk it out

This is one of the best ways to let go of a grudge. Just approach the person you are not in good terms with and tell them how you feel. Listen to their explanations too. Once they realize how their words or deeds have impacted you, they may apologize. It’s good to talk things out with a trusted friend first if the grudge you have is based on a snap judgment. Get to understand why you feel the way you do. You’ll feel more at peace if you get your emotions out.

  1. Know the consequences of a grudge

Know the impact of the grudge you’re holding. Those resentments will only hurt you in the long run. You are just the one who is swimming in negativity and whose mind is consumed. Holding grudges only misuse your emotional energy and valuable time. Letting it go however will free up mental and emotional space for more positive thoughts.

  1. Practice letting go

Your feelings of resentment won’t disappear immediately even if it is based on the fact that you’re going to let go of a grudge. You need to replace your negative thoughts with more self-serving ones by releasing your emotions and channeling positivity. When you start going down the rabbit hole of resentment you need to recite a mantra which you should have created by then. Start focusing on new things in life and before you know it grudges will have gone although it will take quite a while.

Starting Over After a Loss

From Grief and Sadness to New Beginnings: Starting Over After a Loss

Starting Over After a LossThere will come a time in life when we have to deal with loss of someone we love. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the breakup of a long-term friendship, dealing with different types of loss can be difficult. But no matter the amount of grief and loss you’re trying to juggle with the rest of the hectic happenings in your life, there is room for new beginnings. There is room for healing and moving on while working through your sense of loss, giving you the power to heal and move on.

The beauty of getting through grief is that we have the decisions to make choices over everything we do in life. But sometimes those choices don’t seem like our own. We tend to put life on autopilot, letting it dictate what choices we make. This can lead to us feeling out of control and checking out on everyday decisions because we feel as though the choices have already been made. For example, perhaps you’ve lost your spouse and he or she was the one in charge of making the bill payments. Add to that that you never really discussed things in life but relied on your spouse for choices being made. Now that your spouse is gone, you’re going to be likely to feel lost and like you have no choice but to feel that way. In reality though, you’re going to have to take in a deep breath, calm yourself, and learn how to manage the house and pay those bills on your own. This means starting over and embracing a new beginning at your choice.

Whenever you’ve experienced a loss, although it may not feel like it right away, you’ll be able to discover your own independence once again. Once you’ve grieved over your loss and have made peace with it, part of starting over means embracing your newfound independence. There’s going to be so much to see, do, and experience once you’ve started over. And your independence is going to play a big role in that Embracing your independence will help the starting over process transition into a new way of life for you, resulting in you being able to go wherever you want, buy whatever you want, and hang out with whomever you want. And that’s going to be a very positive, very freeing experience for you.

Of course, there’s that old saying that time heals all wounds. And that can prove to be partially true, but it’s important to remember that you can’t always rely on taking too much time to allow yourself to grief. Yes, people are going to grieve in different amounts of time, and that’s okay. The key here is not to let yourself get caught up in moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s okay to grieve the loss of a family member, the breakup of a marriage, or the loss of a longtime friendship. However, you don’t want to be continually dwelling in your grief. Instead, it’s important to work on way of allowing yourself to grieve in your own time while gradually getting out from under that grief and taking charge of your new beginning!