Find Out Your Aura Color

Find Out Your Aura Color

Aura’s are important but they are not the most important things in the universe, but they can say a lot about your mind and about your feelings.  Each color of our aura originates from one of the seven different chakras in your spirit and your mood and your thoughts change in time and so does the color of your aura.

The colors that show themselves through your aura show what kind of energy that you have and show how your energy in the world is shining.

Deciding the meaning behind the color of your aura can help you to understand how you are living and what your aura says about who you have been lately.  You then can make changes in your mind and in your life and learn to leave a positive aspect in the world.  There are different ways you can find out what color your aura is.


The best way and the fastest way to figure out what color your aura is, is to look at a picture.  Have the photographer take pictures of you and your aura can show up in these pictures.  Place your hands on a biosensor and it can measure the temperature and electrical pulses that are in your body.  These will then take a certain shape and that will be your aura that the camera has seen.

These pictures are beautiful, even if you aren’t curious about your aura.


Another way that you can figure out your aura is by taking a quiz.  This quiz can make you aware of the way that your aura shines and it can help you to understand how you are living.  Aura’s do not always have a specific way of showing themselves so if the quiz doesn’t help you to understand it, do not be upset.


You can always hire someone else to see your aura.  If you get a psychic that is skilled in the spiritual aspects, they can use their clairvoyant skills to read your aura.  You can find one that is trustworthy and have them read your aura.  Each reader will have their own way of doing it, but make sure that you don’t just pick any old joe to do it.

Read Your Own

You can always get online and learn how to read your own aura.  You can learn the right way to do it and you can gain skills as you practice.  Some people will lose their aura skills as they get older, but you can increase your skills now and learn to decipher other people’s and your own aura.

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