Eight Tips to Help You Manifest Your Desires

Eight Tips to Help You Manifest Your Desires

The Law of Attraction is always at work. But if you don’t do your part, you can block its effectiveness in your life. Manifesting isn’t effortless. You must be serious and make significant changes to your mindset.

When manifesting isn’t working, the first step is to look at yourself. That’s not as appealing as simply trying to raise your energy vibration, but if you really want to attract your intention, you must get serious and get to work!

Here are eight tips to make sure you’re working on the right things:

  1. Be clear.

It’s crucial to be as clear as you possibly can about your desires. In other words, stop wishing that you were rich, or that you’d find love. Those are worthy desires, but by most definitions, they’re also quite vague.

So what, specifically, do you want? If you can’t specify it, it will be difficult for you to attract it! If you desire a significant, be clear and specific about the qualities you’re seeking. If you want to manifest money, set a specific dollar amount. (That specific number isn’t a limit—it’s okay to ask again! You don’t get just one shot. Allow the Universe some leeway to surprise you!)

  1. Remember that you are worthy.

Many manifesting goals and intentions appear very different at first glance. But when you probe a bit deeper, you discover how similar they truly are. Whether you desire money, love, or success, the main obstacle is usually a feeling of unworthiness.

It doesn’t matter how much force you use to say that you want something. If deep down inside you feel like you still don’t deserve what you want, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Expectations create our reality. So, if we secretly expect our date to stand us up or our employer to overlook us, that’s likely what will actually happen.

  1. Make sure your goals are current.

Are you chasing old goals? We often say we want things for ourselves long after we’ve outgrown the desire. We change and mature, and your goal may not really be what you want anymore.

People struggle with giving up goals because it can make them feel as though they’ve failed. But continuing to reach for a goal that wouldn’t satisfy you anymore would truly be a failure! Your time here on earth is limited. And your natural human growth and maturing process means that you must at times shed things that aren’t serving you.

Manifesting isn’t solely about the goal. It also involves the learning and personal growth you experience as you progress. Because even unmet goals serve a purpose. They give you a path, and they fuel you with determination to make progress. So, sometimes it’s okay to accept the situation for what it is and exchange outdated goals for fresh ones.

  1. Don’t ignore your shadow.

Every goal includes a dark side. Failing to explore what yours may be may end up sabotaging your manifestation journey.

If you can’t contemplate the darker aspects of yourself and your intentions, you’re risking giving up control to them.

You must purposely think through any possible negative results of your intention. Maybe you fear the jealousy of others, or of the increased commitments that go hand-in-hand with increased abundance. But remember, no situation is perfect.

  1. Take positive action.

Everybody self-sabotages at some point. Self-sabotage includes saying we’re looking for a healthy relationship, but then we choose the abusive, semi-employed alcoholic over the caring, successful professional who actually values us. Or, we claim we’d like to lose weight, but regularly help ourselves to extra snacks or a second dessert.

Self-sabotage is a certain signal that you’re out of alignment. Your actions, words, feelings, and thoughts are all doing their own thing, so you’re sending out mixed signals. Therefore, you can’t fault the Universe for its confusion!

If you truly want your intention, it’s time to take positive action. Have faith and step toward your dream. Your world will start changing for the better.

  1. Stop avoiding things.

Avoidance is another common issue with manifesting. Life is full of lessons for us to learn, and it’s important to understand why these lessons are being taught to us.

It’s common to attempt to bargain our way out of difficult issues as a way to avoid them. But that’s just avoiding the things you need to work to conquer. Trying to manifest your way out of things you fear and resist will simply not work. All of the positive energy in the world won’t hide the fact that you deeply fear something.

Things you resist are guaranteed to persist. So, to truly move forward in life, you must be brave enough to face the things you’d rather ignore.

  1. Don’t ask for too much.

Some things in life are a lot like gravity—it would be pointless to use manifestation to try to counter them. There’s only so much the Universe can do. Don’t expect the impossible.

  1. But don’t over-restrict yourself, either.

We’re good at convincing ourselves that there’s that elusive “One Thing” that will make our life perfect. But there isn’t only one answer. There are billions of beautiful souls in the world. Don’t put all of your energy into attracting what you consider to be that one “perfect” desire. You’ll certainly miss noticing many others.

Bonus Tip: Understanding Perfect Timing

The most significant dilemma involved in manifestation is learning to not excessively thirst for what you desire while staying relaxed and keeping your energy vibration at a high level. So, don’t focus on forcing something you may not be ready for.

The Universe is full of wisdom, and it has a perfect plan. We must learn to respect this. Sometimes we’ll have to be patient. Other time’s we’ll have to wait for a series of specific events to play out before we get what we want.

As intelligent as people are, we aren’t omniscient. You must surrender to the Universe and have trust that everything happens in its due time. Everything is possible. If you have clarity regarding what you desire and you’re willing to work for it, you can achieve the life you dream of.