Déjà vu means what? Power of positivity

Déjà vu means what? Power of positivity

I know you have gone through déjà vu at least a few times in your life and wondered, what has just happened to me? Déjà vu is a French word that means “already seen” and happens when we feel like an individual, place or thing looks familiar to us without experiencing it before.

70 % of the population experience this strange phenomenon however, most people between age 15 to 25 years olds encounter it than any other age group.

Now, what does déjà vu mean? We’ll get to understand this better such that when it happens to you next time you’ll have a deeper understanding of it.

Here’s the meaning of déjà vu if you’ve ever experienced it

Different people define déjà vu differently but its meaning remains universal.  Scientists have started researching déjà vu since many people go through it, therefore they desire to know more about what causes it.


Study says that people who encounter déjà vu are likely to forget points of important events and that déjà vu is a part of a healthy memory checking system.

This gives insight into why many young people experience déjà vu because memory reduces as we grow. On the other hand, individuals who encounter déjà vu may have a better memory in the first place. Déjà vu can’t be triggered if they aren’t forgetting things.

Researchers aren’t sure whether déjà vu impacts the brain in any way. Déjà vu might be making people cautious because they might find it hard trusting their memory. No one can confirm the fact that déjà vu’s meaning relates to past life experiences although some individuals believe so. Nevertheless, this is an interesting idea which when proven to be true could make it easier for us to learn about ourselves on a much deeper level.

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