Healing Your Aura

Healing Your Aura

Your aura is part of your spirituality and it is the energy field that helps to protect you from negative energy and surrounds you from things in the physical world.  When you understand how your aura works, you will see that it is always needed and that you can improve your aura.

The aura is your invisible shield and it protects animals, plants and people from the energies of the universe.  Even your dog and cat have an aura.

Some people can see auras, their own and auras of other people.  But some people cannot see them.  Do not be upset if you are unable to see your aura and if you practice, you will see that you might have this gift stronger than you know.

Your aura is an imprint of your energies and the aura can hold on to a variety of different energies, both positive and negative and can help you to see and feel these energies.

The aura is made of different levels and the colors are constantly changing, depending on how you are feeling and what kind of emotions you have.

See Your Own Aura

If you want to see your aura, there are some ways that you can practice doing this.  This can be a spiritual awakening for you and can show you that your gift is really there.

Spend about 10 minutes relaxing before you try these tips so that you can concentrate and not be distracted:

  • Turn the lights low and make the room dark enough to see colors. You don’t want the lights all off.  Turn lights on around a mirror.
  • Stand in front of something that is a solid color.
  • Take deep breaths and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing and being peaceful.
  • If you have a partner with you, squint your eyes and allow your eyesight to be blurry.
  • If you are looking on your own, stand in front of a mirror and have your eyes out of focus. Stare at the area above your shoulders and you should see some type of glow.
  • Practice, practice and practice.

Aura Colors

When you want to work with your aura and you really want to see it, the stronger your colors will become to you.  There can be different colors that are associated with your aura from blue to red to yellow.  These colors can represent different things.  White and gold are the two purest colors that you can see.  You can reach these colors when you have the purest form and you have strong strength in your spirituality.

  • When you see gold, this means that you have confidence and you have strong energy.
  • A silver color is a sign of intelligence and the power of perception.
  • When you see blue, this means that you are good at being creative and you have high vibrations.
  • Turquoise means that you will have a lot of goods in your life and plenty of wealth.
  • Pink is a love color and expresses true love without any hate or jealousy.
  • Green represents a person that is in harmony with their body and soul.  This can also represent hope and service.
  • Yellow represents concentrating and health.  This can be health for your mind, body and emotions.
  • Orange in color can mean strong skills and motivation.
  • Red can mean energy.
  • Violet means being calm and having strength in life.

Changing Your Aura

If you need to change your aura, only do it if you are happy and never when you are upset.  Relax and concentrate on your energies.

  • Surround yourself with protective, white light.
  • Cleanse your chakras.
  • Connect with yourself by imagining your soul over you.
  • Pick a healing color that you need and send it to your body.
  • Sit and get your strength back and thank the higher powers for taking care of you.


There are different ways that you can change your aura and you can do whichever one works best for you.  Concentrate on what you need and have faith that you will be able to better yourself.  Ask the spiritual guide to help you with your session and most of all, believe in your heart for the change.

You might be surprised at how fast change comes.  Do not get upset if you feel nothing or if you don’t feel that the energy changed.  Remember, the spirit world is soft and will be very subtle.  Just remain positive.