From Grief and Sadness to New Beginnings: Starting Over After a Loss

Starting Over After a Loss

There will come a time in life when we have to deal with losing someone we love. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the breakup of a long-term friendship, dealing with different types of loss can be difficult. But no matter the amount of grief and loss you’re trying to juggle with the rest of the hectic happenings in your life, there is room for new beginnings. There is room for healing and moving on while working through your sense of loss, giving you the power to heal and move on.

The beauty of getting through grief is that we have the decision to make choices over everything we do in life. But sometimes, those choices don’t seem like our own. We tend to put life on autopilot, letting it dictate what choices we make. This can lead to us feeling out of control and checking out on everyday decisions because we feel as though the choices have already been made. For example, perhaps you’ve lost your spouse, and he or she was the one in charge of making the bill payments. Add to that that you never really discussed things in life but relied on your spouse for choices being made. Now that your spouse is gone, you’re going to be likely to feel lost and like you have no choice but to feel that way. In reality, you’re going to have to take a deep breath, calm yourself, and learn how to manage the house and pay those bills on your own. This means starting over and embracing a new beginning at your choice.

Whenever you’ve experienced a loss, although it may not feel like it right away, you’ll be able to discover your own independence once again. Once you’ve grieved over your loss and have made peace with it, part of starting over means embracing your newfound independence. There’s going to be so much to see, do, and experience once you’ve started over. And your independence is going to play a big role in that Embracing your independence will help the starting over process transition into a new way of life for you, resulting in you being able to go wherever you want, buy whatever you want, and hang out with whomever you want. And that will be a very positive, freeing experience for you.

Of course, there’s that old saying that time heals all wounds. And that can prove to be partially true, but it’s important to remember that you can’t always rely on taking too much time to allow yourself to grieve. Yes, people are going to grieve for different amounts of time, and that’s okay. The key here is not to let yourself get caught up in moping around and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s okay to grieve the loss of a family member, the breakup of a marriage, or the loss of a longtime friendship. However, you don’t want to be continually dwelling on your grief. Instead, it’s important to work on ways of allowing yourself to grieve in your own time while gradually getting out from under that grief and taking charge of your new beginning!