What Lightworker Type are You?

What Lightworker Type are You?

A lightworker is someone who has devoted their life to bringing light into the world. This person understands that both big and small actions have the potential to raise the planet’s vibration. A lightworker’s soul is very awake and conscious that their presence is important for something larger than themselves. These are not just healers and hippies. They can be chefs, singers, writers, teachers, mothers, mediums, and more. They can be found everywhere.

A lightworker is making a conscious decision to answer the call of light over fear. On this planet, there are two energy types. Light energy comes from the Source and is unlimited. It is highly vibrational and full of expansive love. On the other hand, dark energy is dense and heavy. It is the base for fear and manipulation. Dark energy separates, while light energy connects.

Lightworkers can turn on their light by following what they enjoy and sharing it with the world around them. They are attuned to their soul’s calling and act on that calling. Lightworkers need to be a light. These lightworkers tend to fall into two categories: Newly Awakened and Retro.

The newly awakened lightworkers have a significant experience to awaken them, but once awakened, it is nearly impossible to return to the previous state. Consciousness shifts, and they may choose to answer the calling of service. Newly awakened lightworkers seem to jump right in and make huge life changes.

Retro lightworkers come into life knowing because they have done this work for many lifetimes. Because of this, they may be fearful about stepping forward. They may know they are here for a reason, and work must be done before time runs out. Retro lightworkers can block themselves off because revealing themselves is scary.

Some lightworkers are incarnated with a conscious mission of service because they have done it for lifetimes. Many have been called to this service. Anyone who chooses to devote their life to light is a lightworker. There are no tests or requirements other than a connectedness to your authentic light and a longing to serve.

Just by reading articles such as this, your light is being worked. Follow what you love to work your light. Choose higher thoughts when in a bad mood and encourage rather than criticize others. Share your gifts and connect with the love in the universe. Be true to yourself while remaining kind and compassionate. These are all forms of working your light.

A lightworker can be defined as someone who wholeheartedly decides to make the world brighter. The more consciousness we maintain, the higher vibration we produce and the more aligned we are with the Source. We can see how we fit in the world. Lightworkers often find that they become energetically sensitive as they raise their consciousness. This can be affected by people, movies, the news, and much more. We need this awakening, and lightworkers need to lead the way.