Ways to Recognize if You are a Starseed

Ways to Recognize if You are a Starseed

All souls sent to Earth chose, prior to birth, to live an earthly existence.  We foretold a need to gain knowledge and human experience on this wonderous blue marble that orbits the Sun.  Sometimes people who come to Earth in this lifetime are coming in as new souls, as previous humans, or even had previously been incarnated as an extraterrestrial beings.

If you have ever felt like you don’t understand human existence, or feel ostracized from society then you might actually be a Starseed, a soul that has roots in other planets or planes of existence other than the planet and society we refer to as Earth.  After you can accept the concept of Starseeds, the focus then shifts to how it may apply to your core self.  Tap into your Inner Wisdom to see how possibly having roots in a place other than Earth resonates with your being.  It is ok either way if seeing and experiencing the term “Starseed” does or does not resonate with you.  As you continue reading this article you will discover many helpful methods to recognize either being or knowing a Starseed.

Starseed is an umbrella term that simply refers to a being that originates from a different star, planet, galaxy, or time.  These beings were sent to Earth to be a “seed” of change for humanity’s collective wisdom and belief system.  Their purpose is to help humans grow both as individuals and as a collective to improve the well-being of Earth and the entire Universe.  A peak time for Starseeds to enter the Earth was in the 1980s and 1990s, especially the early 90s.  Below we have compiled a list of common Starseed traits.

  • Feeling like outliers from society, social groups, and even one’s natal family.  The reason many Starseeds may feel disconnected from their family is because of their newness to Earth and still need more time to adjust to Earth’s energies, whereas other family members may have incarnated into Earth during previous lifetimes.
  • Difficulty understanding social constructs or societal expectations.  This is frequently seen with difficulty conducting “small talk” and an aversion to social gatherings or feeling left out during the times one is in a group setting.
  • Issues processing the economic system or traditional forms of education or religion.
  • Tendency to question authority and a disdain for social hierarchy
  • Dislike for linear subjects like mathematics and linguistics.
  • Preference for more creative or esoteric practices.  Starseeds often prefer exploring communication via self-expression rather than the written word.
  • Recurring dreams or visions of life or landscapes not on Earth.
  • Heightened state of empathy.  Starseeds easily sense the feelings of other people, animals, or even plants.  Thus, they are incredibly susceptible to these external energies. This commonly causes them difficulty in life as constantly absorbing others’ energies makes Starseeds more vulnerable to manifesting their negative feelings and stress.

Exploring the possibility of either being or knowing a Starseed compels us to explore the crux of our spirit and understand what a spirit might be outside the concept of the human form.  It allows one to expand perspective to explore the very meaning of humanity and human existence.  Starseeds were sent to Earth to encourage humanity to heal and evolve a heightened level of consciousness.

It can be tough to reconcile this mission when we see the various levels of strife and turmoil across the globe, but every great awakening arises because of a revolution.  The tense issues of modern-day society have surfaced as a way for humanity to face the reality of disharmony head-on so that as a collective, humans can learn from the weaknesses and emerge from the storms even stronger.  The presence of Starseeds has allowed people to build awareness of various plights and become passionate advocates for many vital topics.  This is resulting in profound shifts of consciousness despite the initial phases of feeling disheartened or even hopeless.  By taking concrete action sentient beings are facilitating positive societal and environmental changes that have been neglected for far too long.  Regardless if you sense that you are someone you love might be a Starseed, we can all be a part of creating this change and inspiring others around us.  Consider that you may be feeling alienated by modern society because you were meant to be a leader in helping to create a newer and higher-vibration community.