Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Cards

Know the Difference Between Angel, Oracle, and Tarot Cards

Go to any New Age stores and you will see so many Divination card options it can become overwhelming. Each type of card (Angel, Oracle, and Tarot being the most popular) have special purposes in ways they help guide and uplift you during moments of insecurity. We have helped simplify the selection process for you in a handy comparison guide listed below.

Angel Cards: These divination cards help us directly communicate with angels and archangels. Each reading sends a specific message to you filled with inspiration, compassion, and positive affirmations from your spirit guides and guardian angels. Keep in mind, you are not receiving predictions. Instead, your angels and guides are sending you love through messages of protection, aid and reflection on past actions. Angel Card readers often have calming demeanor that convey messages in a soothing, and nurturing way.

Tarot Cards: This common practice traces its root to the 15th century. Decks are comprised of 78 cards split between the Major Arcana (profound direction) and Minor Arcana (more detailed insights). They are further broken down into four suits – Swords (Air), Cups (Water), Wands (Fire), and Pentacles/Stones (Earth). Reading Tarot can involve a lot of training and keen intuition, but readings convey precise and impactful messages.

Oracle Cards: The divination practice is one of the most fluid in interpreting messages. Decks commonly include 36-65 cards and come with helpful booklets that provide guidelines. Readings center around trusting intuition, so select a deck that seems to pull you to it. If you don’t connect with your deck then your readings will not include clear messages.

Selecting your ideal divination deck will be rooted personal preference. Tarot offers more detailed and pressing storytelling messages. People looking for more inspiration and hope may be best served by an Angel Card reading. But if you are an introspective and highly intuitive person that like a more “choose your own adventure” style of message than Oracle Card may be your best option.

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