Impacts Past Lives Have on Personality

Impacts Past Lives Have on Personality

Your past lives can make you more predisposed to getter sadder more easily than other people who let difficulties roll off them easily.  Past lives influence our subconscious and personality in three key ways: our functional mind, our destiny, and our inner motivation (our nature).

All humans have a unique bond between how their mind and body work in harmony.  The physical body is the biological vessel we were born into.  Our mind however, is composed of two distinct parts, the conscious mind (which we have full awareness) and the subconscious mind the 90% of our brain that drives our innermost world.  One’s subconscious is heavily imprinted with some marks stemming back to previous lifetimes.  Consider how you might have a visceral reaction towards meeting a stranger.  This could be due to having unresolved issues with them in a previous life!

We all have lived multiple previous incarnations.  These memories live on, housed in our unconscious.  But just because we aren’t consciously aware of them doesn’t means these memories don’t impact our daily life.  Surprisingly, only 2% of our memories are from this lifetime.  Typically, we carry over roughly 49% of memories from each previous lifetime with out brain being able to house upwards of 1000 incarnations!

Recall if your parents mentioned what personality traits you had as a baby or toddler.  These attributes were carryovers from your previous life.  For instance, a happy baby often had a careful life in its previous vessel.  Even in adulthood, 49% of our core personality is due to over previous lives.  Inherited personality is built upon for upwards of 1000 lives and often goes unchecked over time.  But most frequently we exhibit the traits of our previous seven lives.  No wonder why it’s so hard to break your bad habits!

Difficulties you encounter in life can trigger a dormant personality component from a previous life.  For example, phobias in this life stem from experiences you had in previous lives, often involving your previous demises.  New traits we pick up in our current life comprise roughly 2% of our modern persona.  Because we carry over so much from previous lives, we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle.  Frequently, it is negative emotions that easily glum onto us from a previous life.  These emotions will then in turn potential hinder our current life.  Therefore, you must pay special attention to your negative attributes and work to mindfully health them.

Heal these hurts by creating space, balance and peace in your life.  Work to center yourself and act with benevolence.  The more you take care to do good in this life, the more likely it will ripple into the next one.  Likewise, doing good a balm to a wounded soul.  It is said that much of the pain we experience in a life is from our negative personality traits and trials from previous lives.  Acting in goodness and love is at the ultimate medication for the soul.

Be aware of your intentions.  Although it can feel good to act out, negative actions can have deep repercussions.  When you act negatively it can negate all the good work you are doing and create negative karma.  This karma will then be carried over unnecessarily into your next life.  Likewise, negative energies create a weakness in our spirit that can leave us vulnerable to maladies and manipulation in our life, as well promote more negativity around us.  Work to remedy this today, by acting mindfully and loving to yourself and others.  This will not only affect your current life and personality, but lessen the toxic effects of wounds from previous lives.  Acting in a peaceful, loving and balanced mindset can help you cultivate good karma and refreshen your soul.

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