How Psychics Connect Long Distance

How Psychics Connect Long Distance

Have you ever thought about how a psychic can connect to someone long distance? This may come up with psychics doing online or remote readings for clients in different states or even different countries. The first thing to realize is that psychics are not connecting to us on this plane or realm. The cable connection, phone line, or internet is not what connects the psychic, so it does not really matter how or where you are connecting because it is on the spiritual realm outside the reality of space and time.

Those psychics who are highly gifted and mediums who are clairvoyant have something called ESP or extra sensory perception, which allows them to access the spiritual plane on which we are all connected. It is on this plane that we read vibrations from one another and receive messages from divine entities, angels, and spirit guides. Some call this area the fifth dimension, though there are many dimensions and planes we cannot experience through the five basic senses. It is widely believed that apart from the Astral plane, there is a soul plane, ethereal plane, and more. In Quantum Physics, string theory is what predicts the possibility of the existence of other planes, as many as eleven, as opposed to the three on earth that are special and the dimension of time, considered the fourth.

The simplest way to understand this higher spiritual plane is to imagine a type of spiritual web or something like a cosmic internet that connects each of us. Every person and everything thing is connected to this web of energy because all things are pure energy, just in different forms. During a long distance reading,  a psychic will connect with you as a client that is on the other side meaning they work their energy to link it with yours, as if connecting online in a chat room simultaneously.

Just as entering some type of private chat room, the psychic will often ask for a birthdate, name, and recent picture or object that belonged to the person, as a way to connect to the one who crossed over. For remote viewers, a similar technique of assigning random numbers as a reference is applied. This creates a ‘spiritual address’ that a psychic can plug into in order to make a connection. It is like typing in certain coordinates in a GPS or an IP for the internet, but for psychic connection.

Once the connection is created and made, there is a flow of energy or spiritual data that is free for the psychic to tap into and interpret. Mediums and psychics can receive and even process this information in different ways to share with you. They will utilize their strongest sixth sense, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and others to offer you the best reading possible.