Intuitive Reading

How Can You Have an Intuitive Reading that Will Help Your Life?

If you are a psychic, your goal should be to have a successful reading with your clients and to give them information to help them to be stronger and to be in control of their life.

As a reader, you have to learn to tell a story and give the information that you receive to the person that is in your care.

After you sit for a reading, your intuition will start to build. You are making a decision to talk to your client and to do the reading to try to figure out what is going on in their world. This means that you have to participate, and you have to have the client to participate in the reading.

They should never have to tell you a whole story, but you should be able to have someone in your care that is open to listen to you and to hear what you are going to say and to be ready to experience your healing powers.

Should the Reader Be Tested?

If you are a client going to a reading, you should never test them. You need to make sure that you are open minded, and you have an open heart. The reader is there to listen to what your energy is telling you and if you are open to them, you are able to have a good reading.

Sometimes a reading can have a specific question, or you might have something going on in your life that you need to get information on. This reading can help to enlighten you and help you to have the answers you are seeking. Something will come for you.

Readings for Fun

Even if you choose to go to a reading just for fun, make sure you are respectful of your reader. They are there and taking time out of their day for you.


Always know why you are going to the reading and what you want to get out of it. You can write down some questions you want to ask, and you can talk about what you expect during your reading.

All of the readings are different for everyone so something different will be told to you than it was to someone else. Sometimes the reading will talk about your inner being and will require you to think on things later, while some is full of experience and things about your life.

Sometimes a reader will be able to look at the future and know what is going to happen in your life. If you want someone that is going to focus just on predictions, this can cause the reading to not happen the way that it is supposed to.

The readings use energy that will help to reach you in your past, present and future and this can come to you but sometimes it doesn’t.

Be Open

Always go to the reading with an open mind. If there are predictions made, you want to know what is going to happen and not to feel angry or upset. This can be a talk about a career change or a helpless relationship.

Sometimes the energy will tell a story, and this will help the client to experience a real reading. It can show the client what they believe and give them a clear picture of what their energy is saying. Sometimes this will reveal things to you that you didn’t know.


The energy comes from vibrations around you, and this can change depending on how you feel. The reader has to get to the deep roots of what is going on for you.

A reading is a soul work, and the reader is trying to look into the heart and to understand you and what you are going through.

If you are open to the reader, you can have a better vibration and they can get more information from your energy.

Open Up Your Energy

No matter if you do a short or long reading, information will come to you. This can confirm things that you have been wondering or it can answer questions for you.

You may leave the reading feeling better about your life and you might get the answers that you need.

When someone is getting a reading, it can sometimes be hard things that come through or sometimes the reading doesn’t even make sense. Take this with you and know that it might make sense down the road and become clearer to you.

What You Get

It is important to accept whatever the reader tells you. Even when things don’t make sense at the time, it can come to you later and be revealed.

The reading will help you to have power that you didn’t have and when you trust your reader, you can get the answers and guidance that you want.

Sometimes the reader is a healer and sometimes you can heal yourself. The soul reading will help you in your spirit and you need to trust yourself with what you feel after the reading.

The reading is a place where you can learn more about yourself and find out what you want and what you desire in your life. Be clear about your intentions. Be empowered by what you receive and see whatever the future holds for you.

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