Developing Your Psychic Powers

Developing Your Psychic Powers

If you want to develop your intuition and find your true self, you can do this and be more spiritually connected than you ever imagined. You can get rid of old feelings and destructive patterns and manifest good things in your life.

Just like you have five senses, you also might be psychically gifted, which means you can get messages without real information. These messages can help you have a better life and happiness.

Everyone has some type of intuition, but not everyone reacts to it or trusts it. So you have to ask yourself if you are listening and trusting your gifts and allowing them to help you.


Clairvoyance is a sense of seeing without really seeing things with your eyes. This is when you see things such as visions or mental images. You use your third eye to see things, and you can get visions or images that can give you information on your past, present, or future, or it can help others.

You have to make sure that your third eye is open, which will allow you to be better at being clairvoyant. Here are some ways:

  • Be grounded, and let the wisdom come to you.
  • Always be open-minded.
  • Allow yourself to experience the third eye-opening.


Clairsentience or clear feelings means that you feel things such as having a gut feeling. This can mess with your emotions and give you a clear feeling that can be true.

Here is how you can tell if this happens:

  • You use your energy so that you can get images and feelings.
  • You learn to interpret your feelings and emotions.

One thing you might feel is empathy. This means that you are able to feel the energy and feelings of people around you or in your environment.

If you have developed this power, you will see that you need to set boundaries so that you do not become overwhelmed or sick.


Claircognizance means that you have insight into things you have not heard, but you just know them to be true.

These things will come to your mind out of nowhere.

You will be able to use this gift to find information from the universe through the universe’s energy and your own energy.


Clairaudience is the sense of hearing, and this means that you will hear sounds in the spirit world. These can be noises, words, songs, or sounds that come into your mind.

Chances are that these sounds can be sudden, and you will not be able to explain where they come from.

Some people experience the sounds, and they are able to tune into them to find out what the universe is trying to tell them.

Clairsalience and Clairgustance

Clairsalience is also called clairscent, and this means that you smell things in the spirit world. You will get information from these smells; they come from spirits around you trying to communicate with you.

These can be past smells or present smells, and they help you to connect with the spirits around you and gain information and healing.

Clairgustance is when you can taste things in the spirit world. This allows you to get information from something without having it in your mouth. For example, you might taste someone’s favorite food or drink, which can be someone who has already died.


Clairtangency is the sense of touching things. This means that you can come in contact with a spirit that you can touch and feel their energy. This is information that you can uncover.

This kind of energy is important for healers, and if you have blocks in your life, you have to clear these blocks to use this gift. Know that you can trust your space and that you can feel things in the spirit world.


Understanding your psychic giftings is important. You will get information from the gifts that can help you or others. Learn to practice your gifts and allow the spirit world to teach you things and send you messages.

You will become a master at your gift and learn to move forward in your psychic abilities.