Dealing with Pinnacles and Challenges in Life

Dealing with Pinnacles and Challenges in Life

Everyone goes through cycles in their life and they have opportunities that challenge them and give them options to learn lessons in their life. They also help people to grow and to learn more things.

The Attainments of Pinnacles are used to reach high points in your life and let new things come to you. These things can tell you the experiences that you will have throughout your life and how your psychic gifts will help you. This can help you to find happiness and peace.

Challenges in your life are there so that you can learn lessons and so that you can learn to fight against problems and difficulties. Challenges are there to reward you and the lessons are there so that you can move forward in life and be rewarded later.

Knowing what our challenges and problems are can help you to overcome them.

Date of Birth

The First Pinnacle and Day Digit is your month.

The Second Pinnacle and Year Digit is your day.

The Third Pinnacle and Second Pinnacle is you adding the first.

The Fourth Pinnacle and Year Digit means add month.

Challenges should use subtraction.

If you have a master number such as the 11 you do not reduce this at all and you add all of your stuff together and use the Master Number without reducing it.

The first time period is known by taking your birth past from 36.

Then it is 9 years in periods. The zero challenge means that you have a choice and if you have good vibrations then you can combine the challenges in the varying degree.

  • Number 1 Pinnacle

If you need to take charge of what is going on in your life, then you need to stand up for who you are. Start a new business or take time to develop who you are.

  • Number 1 Challenge

When your ego is a problem it can be a challenge. You have to learn to hear different things and accept their other people have different views. Stop being stubborn and learn to be patient.

  • Number 2 Pinnacle

This is the time that you will learn to love your people and focus on working on your relationships. You need to be harmonious with others and you need to have personal and business relationships. Find patience in what you do and learn to work with other people.

  • Number 2 Challenge

The challenge here is to learn to work with others and not being shy. Learn to work together and be patient with other people.

  • Number 3 Pinnacle

This is a time in your life where you need to be more creative and learn to express yourself. You can teach and speak in public settings and make new friends.

  • Number 3 Challenge

This challenge is to bring you confidence and help you to grow. You have to be brave and you need to speak out and not hurt others.

  • Number 4 Pinnacle

This is a time where you can become stable in your mind, body, and emotions. Learn to set a foundation and to work hard for the future.

  • Number 4 Challenge

If you want to beat this challenge you have to be disciplined. Learn to be wise and learn to pay attention to what is going on in your life. Plan ahead and get rid of bad habits. Do not by lazy.

  • Number 5 Pinnacle

People will have new changes and experiences in life, and this is a time where you can learn to adapt to what is going on with you. Be willing to accept new things and to find new interests.

  • Number 5 Challenge

The challenge is to accept change and to be able to let go of your fears. You have to make sure to take care of what you are responsible for and to find a new way of life.

  • Number 6 Pinnacle

This is a time where you need to be responsible and you need to take care of your family and home. Be successful in your finances and take care of the people you love.

  • Number 6 Challenge

This challenge means you need to be responsible to service others in your family, marriage, and friendships. Love others and respect them and get advice.

  • Number 7 Pinnacle

This is a time to look inside and to gain wisdom. Learn to be honest about things and embrace being alone. Meditate and work hard and find things you are good at.

  • Number 7 Challenge

You have to be comfortable in your time alone and learn not to isolate when others need you. You might be depressed, and you may be sad but share what you are feeling with others.

  • Number 8 Pinnacle

This is a time where you will work hard and achieve good things. You might want to open a business and learn to deal with financial problems. Your life can work out well if you manage your time and use good judgement.

  • Number 8 Challenge

Make sure that you are responsible, and you don’t fall into a trap. Focus on what you have to do and use good judgement. Be mindful of what is going on around you so you can be successful.

  • Number 9 Pinnacle

This is a time when you need to be kind and caring to others. Find people to serve and help those that need help. This can be volunteer work or different lines of work where you use your talents to help others.

Practice using the Pinnacles in your own life when challenges arise.