Living a Life of Uncertainty

Living a Life of Uncertainty

Do you wonder if you are going to get a job, what your health is going to hold or what tomorrow will bring? Living a life of uncertainty can be something that causes you to be anxious and to be stressed but the great news is that you can live a healthy life while not knowing what the future brings.

Life is something that you cannot always control, and you cannot always control change. Change happens but what you can control is how you handle it. Here are ways that you can deal with living an uncertain life:

Let it Go

One of the things that you have to learn to do is to accept that things are not in your control. There are going to be things that happen in the world that you cannot be in charge of. Even if you don’t like to be uncertain about things, this happens. You have to learn to accept it and let life move on.

Know that you can only do so much and then let the rest go. Whatever happens will happen and you need to just be happy in the moment.

Think the Best

People often get disappointed and so they become negative about everything. Learn to change your thoughts and your behavior and allow yourself to think the best about things. Don’t let stress and anxiety get you down but imagine the best possible outcome. This will leave you feeling confident and happy.

Reflect on Things

When things become uncertain in your life, you need to accept that things happen and learn to reflect on them. Don’t think that all the things that you have went through in your life were certain and think about times that you were not sure what was next.

Think about how you have worked through those things and how life has helped you. You can even journal these if you need to read them later.

Keep Moving Forward

No matter what happens, move forward. Having some uncertainty can be healthy for you and it can make your system work better. We all have a fight and flight response in our body, and this allows us to be ready to take action when we need to.

This kind of response can cause us stress but if you know what you are dealing with and you can move forward, you will be able to live without being afraid.

Know the Possibilities

Think of all of the things that could happen that are good. Even when things seem scary or hard, you are in a place of possibilities. Remember why you make the decisions you did and allow the chance to come.

Embrace whatever the future holds for you and know that no matter how it turns out, you are going to be okay.

What is a Pet Psychic?

What is a Pet Psychic?

Every relationship that we have, including the relationship that we have with our pets can be hard sometimes. If you have a pet that has a situation that you cannot handle, you might want to go to a pet psychic.

A pet psychic is someone that is able to communicate with your pet. In order to do this, they will use telepathy, mediumship, or the reading of auras to find out what is going on with your pet.

This kind of communication never uses words, but the psychic is able to see the energy of the animal and to read it. The vibrational frequency that the animal has will be able to go to the psychic and they will know what the problem is and what can be done about it.

It is important that if you are trying to train your animal that you let your animal trainer bet here when you go to a pet psychic so that they can watch and see the change in the pest behavior and then know what to do to make things better.

What Happens During a Pet Reading?

If you choose to have a reading with a pet psychic, you need to know that this kind of psychic will be able to connect with your pet. They have different skills and other things that allow their minds to focus and to be able to communicate with your pet.

Telepathy allows information to go from one person to the other without using words. This is one of the ways that the psychic can get information about the animal and can know what is going on with your pet.

If you have a dog or other animal that is acting odd and you feel that you are not a good pet owner, you can talk to a pet psychic and find out what ha happened. Sometimes your dog will be anxious or nervous because another pet has passed away in the home or because your dog is feeling lonely lately.

Maybe you are someone that has a pet that is acting difficult, and you have lost another animal and you were mourning so you didn’t realize that your pet was mourning. Your pet psychic can tell you what to do to make things better and to help the pet go back to normal.

A pet owner will often wonder what is going on with their pet and why the pet is no longer playful or fun acting. The pet psychic can come along and help you to know what is going on in your pets life and why it is not acting its regular self.

Missing Pet

A pet psychic is also good at finding pets that end up missing. You can ask questions and find out why your pet is not at home and where it might be. If your pet has gone missing and you have tried to find it, you might want to turn to a pet psychic to help you.

Pet Aura

Some pet psychics are able to see the aura of your pet. This is the same kind of aura that a person has. Just like telepathy, your pet psychic will be able to look at your pet and see the colors that are around it and know what kind of energy your pet is letting out.

This energy is what will give you answers to your pets emotions and will help you to know what your pet needs to be happy. Maybe your pet is extremely smart and is bored or maybe it has an emotional need that you are not meeting.

Your pet might be acting strangely, and your pet psychic can find out if your pet has a pain or something that is causing it to not be its normal self.

Pets who Die

Nothing is harder for a pet owner than an animal that dies. This is even worse when you have to put your animal to sleep because it is having too much pain or a serious illness.

You will experience grief like noting else and it can leave you feeling hurt and heartbroken. A pet psychic can bridge the communication between you and your pet and allow you to give it messages and to get messages so that you can find closure. Most of the time, our pets know that we take the best care of them that we can, and they are blessed to have known us and want you to know that.

Connecting with your dead pet can help to make you feel better and let you know that your pet loved you and didn’t blame you for anything. It can give you peace and make you feel comforted.

Wild Animal Pet Psychics

Wild animals have some of the strongest energy in the world. They are creative and they live in an environment that is strong because nature is strong. Sometimes these animals will try to connect with humans, and they have a hard time doing this because people are often afraid of wild animals.

Animal psychics can talk to animals that live in the wild or ones that live in the forest or the farm. They can find out if the animals are comfortable or why they moved close to your house.

Maybe you have a farm animal that is acting wild, and you need to find out what is going on. The animal might be wanting to give you a message or to give you information so that you can better its life on the farm.

Pet Connection

Pet psychics are able to talk to animals through telepathy and through energies. They are able to make deep connections with these animals.

These are important connections because if your pet is missing, has died or has behavior problems, your pet psychic can make a connection and help you to find out what is going on with your pet or the animals in your neighborhood.


What Does it Mean to Be an Intuitive?

When you think of self-care, you might not think of things like horoscopes and other fortune telling things. Maybe you do enjoy doing those things, but you might not really believe in them, or you might think that they are silly.

Rather you believe in psychic powers, fortune telling, tarot cards, horoscopes or more, this activity is not just about being able to tell the future, it is more about what your intuition can do.

Even though you might not know much about intuition, everyone has it and it is part of everything you do on a daily basis.

Some people look at their lives and they believe that they are able to tell the future or just know things. They don’t know how they really get this information, but they just know that they have it.

The information that they have might leave them feeling excited or thinking that they are able to tell the future and to know things. This can cause them to feel that they are strong in who they are.

When you can make things happen for yourself, you might see that you are more willing to be open to what the universe has to offer you. You might feel that you are able to become a psychic and do psychic things that other people can do.

Maybe you want to tell the future for your friend or do a tarot reading for them. This might make you feel excited to talk about what kind of giftings that you think that you might have. Doing these things can make you feel creative in your life.

If you have ever went to a psychic and you felt that the reading was not what you expected, the truth is that you should not take a bad reading and then think that everything is fake or that it is only there for entertainment or to take your money.

People that are psychics are meant to tell the truth and to give you accurate information. Maybe you are worried that a psychic will tell you that something bad is going to happen and you want to be in control of what happens in your life.

The truth is that you are in control of your own destiny because of free will. Free will can change any reading that you get and can change what happens in your future.

Even though there is no real scientific evidence that says that psychics are real, people that care about themselves and are able to listen to themselves are able to hear their intuition.

Intuition is something that everyone has. Intuition can help you to be guided to make good decision and to know what you should and shouldn’t do. Sometimes your intuition can even tell you if you need to go to the doctor or not.

If you are facing some kind of sickness or mental health issue, you might feel inside of you that you should visit a doctor and find out what is going on. This is part of your intuition.

Here are some other things intuition can do for you:

  • Help you to find good people to date.
  • Help you to know when someone is lying to you.
  • Show you where to go to avoid traffic.
  • Show you not to go down a place that might cause you to get hurt.
  • Help you make small decisions in life.
  • Help you to make big decisions in life.


Even though you might not believe in psychic giftings, the truth is, everyone has the power of intuition at their fingertips. Learn to take this power and use it to be able to guide you in all things that you do in your life. Develop your intuition and get the answers you are seeking.

Using Magic to Stop Your Emotions

Stop Using Magic to Stop Your Emotions

Are you someone that uses spells to stop being anxious or someone that seeks out spells so that you will no longer be depressed? Did you notice that spells like this promise you things such as getting rid of your sadness or your anger? If you have ever done any kind of witchcraft, then chances are that you have come across spells that have to do with changing your emotions. Spells like this can be something that you might look for so that you can feel better.

When you deal with your emotions, it can be something that holds you back and causes you to feel pain or to feel uncomfortable with who you are, and no one wants to feel that way.

The spells seem like they are innocent and that they are there to help you but the problem with these spells is that they are very dangerous for your life. These spells can make you feel that you are getting rid of your negativity in your life but instead of facing it and solving it, you are just burying it and causing yourself more problems than you imagined. This can be very hurtful and can cause you problems that you have to face in the future.

The spells are actually very dangerous and can cause you much hurt and disaster in your future. There are better ways to deal with your emotions than using these kinds of spells.

Feeling Blocker Spells

Feeling blockers spells are spells that are there to cause you to forget emotions that you feel are hurting you or holding you back. They are made so that they can get rid of different emotions that you don’t want to face. This can be something such as getting rid of anger or sadness or even depression. This kind of spell gets rid of your memories that cause you to feelings. The spells promise you that they will make your emotions disappear and even though many people look for these spells, the emotions are there for a reason and you don’t want to use these spells to control them.

No one wants to be sad or depressed but the problem with these spells is that they don’t get rid of the emotions, they only hide them deeper. The spell, no matter what kind, cannot get rid of what you are feeling because that is something that is impossible. The spell is just hiding or blocking your emotion and making you feel that the emotion is gone even though it is just hidden. This can be very dangerous.

Why Are These Spells Dangerous?

Many people look for feeling blocker spells because they don’t want to face their emotions. It is okay to ignore your emotions if you want to and pretend that there are no problems that you have to face. You may not want to put your emotions or your problems on others and this can help you to look and act brave, but the truth is that you are just putting your emotion to the side. To some, it is best to try to hide the emotion so that you don’t experience it and to try to block it or remove it, but you are actually just putting a band-aid over the problem.

Your emotions are something that are hard to understand sometimes They are part of your subconscious mind, and they are there to help to guide you when things are hard.  Your emotions function so that you can understand what you need to do and what not to do.

When you are happy, your emotions are telling you that you want to feel that more and that you want to know more about what you are doing. When you are in love, it tells you how to feel about someone. Being angry shows you that you have to have boundaries and that you don’t want people to cross them.

When you are sad, it tells you that you don’t want to give up on something or someone or lose them. Being lonely tells you that you are in a situation where you don’t want to be alone and being anxious tells you that you are about to face something hard.

Each of the emotions that you have are there to help you to know when you want or don’t want something, and they are very important. They tell you when something is not good for you, or something is wrong.

When you look at your emotions rather, they are good or bad, they are part of your life for a reason. When you block even a simple emotion, you are hiding the reality of what is going on in your life.

For example, say your mom throws away an item that you wanted, and she went and crossed your boundaries without you telling her to. You will be angry at your mom. If you do a spell to get rid of that anger though, you will never be able to know if someone is crossing boundaries in your life. You are binding your own emotions and causing them to be hidden which causes you not to be able to make sound decisions.

Working Things Out

When a spell looks like it is going to be good for you or it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Instead of blocking your emotions when your mom threw out your stuff, you should have talked to her about how you felt and about the boundaries that you felt that she crossed. This would be the healthy way to resolve the issue and if you had done a spell to get rid of the feeling, you would never know how to stop it from happening again.

Using your emotions can help you to learn to do things such as set boundaries. This is one way to get rid of your anger emotions. Once you learn to set boundaries then you will no longer be angry about something, but you will solve the problem by facing the emotion.

If you have went through a heartbreak recently then you might want to figure out what caused you to feel that way. Your heart will maybe want to heal and get back with the person that hurt you but if you do a blocker spell then you will not be able to know what your heart wants.

The real danger of these kinds of spells is that you are stuck in that emotion when you block it. Instead of being able to solve the problem, you are only able to turn off your emotions and not feel the feeling. This can keep you trapped and not let you ever solve the situation that has to do with that emotion. This means that you will often be in painful and hard situations that are not good for you.

When you hide these emotions, it can be a very bad situation and a place where you cannot escape. This means you are not able to resolve your emotions and move forward but you are being ineffective in moving forward and being a better you.

These kinds of spells normally only have two different kinds of results with the first being that the spell will block the emotions for a temporary time but then when they come back, they will be stronger and will be harder to handle. A spell cannot block things forever and when the emotion comes back, it will be stronger than it ever was.

The second things that can happen with these spells is that they are able to block your emotion but later in life it causes you to bottle the emotion to the point where you cannot reach the emotion when you need to, and it affects your mind and body later. This can cause you to have mental illnesses later down the road.

This can mean that your mental health will get worse as new things happen and you might even get physically sick based on hiding the emotion. People that repress their emotions often have other problems. Long term stress can cause your body to break down.

Even being stressed and not solving it can cause your body to make cortisol which is a stress hormone and as you make this over and over it can cause your sex hormones to malfunction and can leave you being imbalanced and can even lead to things such as ovarian cancer. This is just one of the physical things that you can have to deal with when you use these kinds of spells to hide your emotions. Learn to handle your emotions and not to use spells to block them.


Witches have to have the power to be strong in who they are and in their life. You never want to give the power of your life away to something else because you want to feel better. Learn to create a better life for yourself and use the inner power that you have to create something that makes you deeper connected to the universe instead of to your emotions.

The power that you have is yours to become a reality and when you want to change things in your life, use your power to change it. You cannot change everything and sometimes you just have to learn to face things head on. Make the changes that you need but do not block your emotions. Instead, make changes to help you face your emotions and to change the outcome of them by changing what is going on around you. The way that you handle your emotions can give you the power that you need to make your magic stronger.

Learn to be in your own reality and od not use the blocking spells to hide your emotions. Face the ones that are good and bad and do what you can to live your life to the best. Change your situations around you and use your energy to change things for the good.

Do not think that everything is going to be perfect all the time and when you have something negative happen, learn to find out how to make the situation better and to use your own magic inside to make you stronger. It is okay to have to deal with pain and heartbreak, but you have to learn to actually deal with it.

If you are in a situation where you have used blocking spells, do not be afraid. There are ways that you can learn to resolve the emotions that you have and get rid of these kinds of spells in your life. You will not be stuck in this situation forever once you learn to face it. Use your crafting for healthy and good resolutions. Find ways to solve your emotions in ways that does not shut you down or make you go into a darker place. You can find a healthy way to deal with your emotions without using magic.

When the Universe is Giving You Signs

When the Universe is Giving You Signs

The universe is on your side and is always there giving you signs and leading you down the right path. But some people do not realize that the universe is always giving them signs.

Do you ever feel that you are trying to get a sign, but you don’t know what the message really means? Do you want to find answers and know things about your life?

You might feel this way because you don’t understand what the universe is trying to tell you. It isn’t always easy to understand what the universe is saying, and you will have to learn to grow and experience your life so that you can learn to communicate with the universe.

The universe is always communicating with you and giving you messages, but some people do not recognize them. The universe will talk to you through different things that happen in your life and through traditions and conscious things that happen.

Here are some ways that you can see if the universe is giving you a message and what it is:

Desire to Receive

One of the first things that you have to do is to want to hear from the universe. The universe will give you answers if you are open to it.

The universe is always loving you and guiding you but if you don’t want to receive this, it will not push you. Do you want to change?

Have a real desire to hear what the universe wants to tell you and you will see that you can get messages and answers. This can come from people you don’t know or from signs righting front of you.

Pay Attention

Learn to pay attention to things around you. The universe doesn’t speak with its mouth, so you have to see the signs in front of you. Maybe you will see a number pattern always showing up or a certain group of people always in your path. Maybe there is a subject that keeps coming up around you.

The universe is boundless, and it will connect with you in different ways that you might not even notice.

Pay attention to what is going on around you and ask questions. Watch what is happening around you and see if you notice things.

Make a Note

When you start to pay more attention, start writing down things that you see. Maybe you see repeating numbers, or you see strangers that are telling you strange things. Pay attention to license plates and billboards.

Even though this can be strange, the universe sometimes is subtle. The messages are not always loud and clear, but you can understand them once you realize what you are looking for. Things that keep happening are a big sign.

Be Sensitive

To be more aware of what is going on around you, you have to be sensitive to what the universe is showing you. Pay attention to people, symbols, and other things. We have our own awareness but learn to meditate and become more aware. Listen to your inner voice.

Once you recognize things and learn to engage in them you will see things more clearly.

Give In

Once you see the signs and you engage with them, you have to give in to them. Let the universe speak to you.

Surrender yourself to the questions you ask and wait for the answer. Allow it to come to you. Do not try to make the universe give you the answer that you want but accept what it tells you.

Don’t Make it Complicated

The signs the universe will give you will not be hard. Learn to receive even small signs. The universe is simple and will do things so that you can get them and understand them.

We want things our way and we think that if the universe is giving us a sign that it should be big but that isn’t true. The universe will speak to you how it wants and will reach you the best way that it can.

Receive It

Once you get a message, receive it. The sign will come, and you need to continue to receive even if you think you know it all.

You will know what you need to know and if you need to seek out answers, do it. Don’t get part of the message and then quit. Trust the universe and yourself. Signs are not meant to be right in the open so seek and find them.

Learn to receive the information that you are getting through the signs and let the universe be there to help you. Pay attention to what the universe is showing you.

Steps to Manifesting Love

Steps to Manifesting Love

There is a great deal of hype surrounding manifestation and that is unlikely to be a coincidence. This has gained even more popularity with quarantine allowing for little to be done except for dreaming. While visualizing your ideal life and willing it into reality may sound too good to be true, there are many who claim it has worked for them. If your dream is to find love and you are open minded enough to manifest it, then why not test the theory.

Manifestation is basically intentionally creating your personal reality through beliefs and actions. We continuously manifest in life whether we mean to or not, so it is best to take control of the power to make positive changes. Manifestation is about attracting what you are thinking and feeling which can lead or guide the actions you take. Emotions are our guidance system and when you think of something specific it is something you want to attract. We always have the option to choose better thoughts, ones that are positives in our lives, but we must choose to do so.

Apart from riches, true love is what most people want to manifest. Whether or not manifestation can accomplish this is open to debate, but many fully believe in the power of manifestation. Not only can manifestation attract new love, but it can strengthen existing love. Remember, the longer you focus upon something or someone, the stronger the attraction. This is not for a specific person necessarily, but love in general, whoever it may come from as the attraction grows. This basically means that you can manifest for yourself, but not others. You cannot force someone to love you.

How to Manifest Love

If you wish to try manifesting love for yourself, there are a few simple steps you can follow. Below will tell you all you need to know.

  • Decide What You Want – The first step is to determine what your ideal relationship looks like by considering what you are looking for in a partner. This is planting a seed so you can stay in a vibrational match with what you wish to manifest. It is not up to you to decide how this will occur, that is left up to the universe, but you need to know what you want.
  • Visualize It – Next, dream about it and allow yourself to get excited. This is how you match your vibrational level to what you want to attract. Make sure you are specific in what you want, how they look, and the qualities they will have.
  • Embody It – Start behaving as if your dream person has already manifested and embody the version of this relationship. Do not obsess over the outcome, but instead focus on self-care and doing things that make you feel good.
  • Align Your Actions – When you have made the steps listed above, you may find your ideal person has presented themselves and this is not something to ignore. Do something about this and start saying yes to this or these potential partners that have the qualities you were trying to manifest. Put aside those who do not match what you were trying to manifest or you will just attract more of them. Remember, what you focus on is what you manifest.
  • Surrender – The final step may sound easy, but it is often the most difficult. The love you attract may not match what you imagined and there may be some surprises along the way. Surrender by allowing love into your life without attachment to a specific outcome or person. Be open to creative possibilities for love and the universe may surprise you with someone you had never considered.
How Emotions Affect Psychic Readings

How Emotions Affect Psychic Readings

A psychic, also known as someone who has professional intuitivism, is a spiritual scientist, and like all forms of science, there are patterns and formulas that can exact an outcome. The majority of professional psychics read what the highest will for your life is. It depends on who or what they subscribe to as a belief system. A reader most often views Akashic records, which are records of the soul in its entirety, including everything you have ever thought or done and all that has yet to come. However, there are also parallel universes with variations of that outcome for whatever circumstances arise. You determine your path and can fluctuate at any time you choose. Some people operate between several realities to gain from multiple experiences. Most people do not realize that the outcome is up to you as a co-creator of your reality and what you experience, repay in karmic debt, or what you are available to learn.

There is no right or wrong path to choose because all contain benefits and blessings as well as detriments and disadvantages. The path you either intentionally step into or unintentionally fall into depends on your life variables. If you have issues with addiction or abuse, you will likely attract the same. Conversely, if you are self-loving, good, and fair to yourself always, you will attract more of the same. The cosmic mirror is, after all, a reflection of the self. Your emotions and mood at the time you receive a psychic reading will influence the information you receive. If you are set on a specific outcome ahead of time, that is what the empath will pick up on. If you feel lost, again, the reader will pick up on that strongest. You get what you are focused on at that moment.

All psychics differ in the way they get or receive their information and even in what comes through during your reading. The majority are only as accurate as you allow them, and if a reader starts to tell you something that you do not want to hear and has a negative reaction, you have sealed your entire reading. If you are willing to expand your consciousness, let go of the victim mentality and then embrace the bigger picture. This is not just for one instance but for every life event and action. You may not see it at the moment, but you will eventually understand the reasons for any trial you face. Always stay open to receiving what the reader is telling you, even if the outcome is not what you want. You may not want to hear it at the moment, but in six months or a year, be rejoicing at the message.

Before you try to phone a psychic, take some personal responsibility for getting calm, clear, and in a serious mindset. Write your questions out clearly to save time and be willing to share how you are feeling in the moment so the reader can go beyond that to access the necessary information without a cloud of emoting darkening the reading. Stay open to all you hear without blocking it with fears or cynicism. If you are struggling to make ends meet, hold off because rushing a reader can cloud the reading. Most readers are not in it to take advantage of the caller, so be patient and use all your manners. Your willingness, receptivity, demeanor, and candor will all have an influence on your reading.

Psychic Readings

The Ways in Which a Psychic Readings Would Not be Beneficial

People often wonder about the ways in which a psychic reading can benefit them and this is a surprising question. Not because it does not make sense, but because it is much easier and shorter to discuss the ways in which a psychic reading would not be beneficial. There are numerous reasons a psychic reading can be beneficial, but only a few reasons why it may not be beneficial. So, we have compiled a short list with explanations of why a psychic reading may be avoided.

A person would not benefit from a psychic reading if the information they received was to be used to harm someone else. Information obtained during a reading will often deep dive into deep psychological thinking of the person you want to know and understand better. If you use this information against the person following a reading, it would be unfair and somewhat cruel. The information you obtain should only be used for good, not bad or evil. For example, knowing the best way to garner attention from someone you like can be useful, but using that emotion just to toy with the emotions of another person without ever really caring for the person, then it is an evil intent that should not be used.

You would also not benefit from a psychic reading if you are seeking a reading to also ask for or cast a magic spell. Psychics are not witches, just psychics, so do not expect them to perform black magic for you. Some people will make odd requests like for the psychic to provide animal blood or something, but this is not what a psychic does and it can be offensive to ask.

Psychic readings will not benefit those with unrealistic expectations. Some people want a magic cure and feel contacting the angels will magically fix some habit or issue they are having, like losing 100 pounds in their sleep without diet and exercise. This is unrealistic and not part of a psychic reading. Knowing these are reasons not to seek a psychic reading, we can now explore a few reasons to seek out a reading.

A psychic reading can be positive for those who approach it correctly. It can offer important information about nearly anything you wish to know. You can discover how, when, and where your soulmate will arrive as well as gaining hidden knowledge about people that you can use for the good of all. Using the example from above, if you like someone, but do not know how to let them know, a psychic reading can help. It can even tell you if you are doing something to block the other person from liking you in return. A reading can get you inside their mind so you can better understand how they think. Having this knowledge will allow you to know exactly how to capture the interest of the person you like.

A psychic reading can also release karmic blocks that still exist from past lives, but are holding you back. The struggles in this life may not make sense in relation to what is currently happening, but are related to past karma. Blocks can revolve around career, financial, love, health, and much more. Once you are able to understand what happened in past lives, you can eliminate them forever. Some psychics may also do vibrational energy matches to create a powerful, personal mantra that can draw what you want to your life.

A psychic reading can help you avoid falling into pitfalls in life because you see them ahead of time. You can know they are coming and walk around the unforeseen quicksand that most people get trapped in during their life. Imagine how helpful it can be to know something needs avoided in the future. Book a reading with a psychic you trust, as often as you choose. There is no limit to what you can learn.

Divination Tools

Divination Tools: How to Use

Divination is a word derived from a root word meaning “inspired by a god” and a practice for many that dates back centuries. Today, it is just as popular as it was those many years ago. Divination is about using tools to harness intuition. Intuition is the ability to see beyond the five common senses as a form of insight. This can be used to understand hidden knowledge or predict the future. Some have used divination to find items that were lost or figure out what was going on even though you had no other way to do so. Others use divination to seek advice or confirmation of the truth. There are many possibilities as far as tools that readers can use for divination and each gains the same results, the truth. The tool chosen should be what works best for the reader. Some of these tools are explained below.


We all have natural intuition and divinization requires tapping into this. Intuition is instinctive knowing even though you have no proof. You cannot explain how you know, but you do without a doubt. Some use intuition for divination without actual tools, but other prefer tools they can hold. Some use tools to help them focus and others as visuals for the clients as a way to share what intuition is showing the reader. The options truly are limitless with some tools being a shock for some.

  • Cards – One of the most common divination tools today is cards. These cards fall into two categories including Tarot and Oracle cards. Tarot cards originated from playing cards used in the 18th century for divination. The decks consist of 78 cards divided into major and minor Arcana. They have traditional meanings and are often used in set spreads to receive measured answers. People that use Tarot tend to study the meanings of each card and stay within the system for use. Oracle cards are more informal and the number of cards will vary by maker. No two decks will be identical and while spreads can still be used, some decks are often designed with a specific spread in mind.
  • Scrying – Scrying is done with mirrors, a reflective surface, a crystal ball, or even bowls of water under a full moon. Readers view the shapes and images that appear on the surface to divine messages.
  • Automatic Writing – Sometimes called psychography, automatic writers write without consciously thinking about what to write. The words come on their own as the writer relaxes and clears the mind. This dates back to the Song Dynasty and was used by occultist John Dee to divine what the angels were saying to him. Some readers only use automatic writing for practice in either a trance-like state or totally aware and conscious.
  • Ogham and Runes – These are two systems that share a similar concept, but are different from one another. Both include individual pieces with a symbol and set meaning inscribed on them. Readers pull one piece at a time for answers. The Ogham, called the Celtic Tree Oracle, has inscriptions called staves which are letters from an old Celtic alphabet. There are 400 surviving letters and the Ogham set uses 25 to 26 of these. Each stave corresponds to a tree with a set meaning. Runes are similar with Norse letters and symbols that correspond to trees, animals, weather, and concepts. Readers pull Runes and form a reading based on the question. Some believe Runes to be the voice of a god named Odin and say you cannot read Runes without a relationship to him.
  • Nature – Taking a walk in nature can yield answers without tools. Open your intuition, ask a question, and go outside to look. For example, if you have two job offers, one to the east and one to the west, go outside and look both directions. If storm clouds are to the west and a sunny sky to the west, choose the east job. Nature can provide the answers.
  • Food – Food on a plate can provide answers as well. Just like reading tea leaves or coffee grounds, divination from food you or others have eaten is a good tool. With little left on the plate, look at what was left as far as shapes. The images may take the form of despair or something symbolic like a full water glass signifying a good nest egg. Getting an extra cookie in a bag can symbolize you have been gifted and should share the abundance.
  • Spills – The shape things take when accidently dropped can also offer a message. Pay attention when you or someone drops something and you have been focused on a question. Emulate this by thinking of a question and then tossing a deck of cards in the air or a handful of paper pieces.
  • Create Your Own – Intuitives are often creative by nature. Make your own tools with whatever you choose.

Each intuitive who practices divination is unique and will find the tools that best suit them by trying many. Try all the divination tools you can and if it does not work, pass it to someone else. The truth will come from the one that works best for you.


What Are Chakras and How Do They Help You?

Have you ever taken meditation or gone to a yoga class and you hear about healing and other practices? If you have, chances are that you have heard about the chakras and how the energy of your chakras flows throughout your body.

You may have heard about how important it is that you keep your chakras healthy and unblocked, but even if you heard it, you may have wondered what the chakras actually mean and how they really affect your mind, body, and soul.

What Are the Chakras?

Chakras are the energy parts of your body. In Sanskrit it means “wheel”, and this means that the energy is always spinning throughout the body. The chakras are part of your organ system and they function in a way to keep your body healthy and your mind and emotions strong.

There are seven main chakras that are found in the body and they go from the top of your head and down to your feet. There are other chakras outside of the body but most of the time when you hear about the chakra system, it is talking about the seven main ones.

Main Chakras

The chakras are your energy centers, and they are located all throughout the body.

Root Chakra

The first chakra is the Root or the Muladhara. This is found at your spine and it will be where you have life and security. This is the chakra that helps you to feel stable and strong.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is the sacral chakra or the Svadhisthana and is found under your navel. This is where your sexual energy comes from and where you will find your creativity.

Solar Plexus

The Solar plexus is also called the Manipura and is found in the stomach. This helps you to be confident and to have worth.

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is found in the center of your chest. This is where you can find unconditional love and compassion for others.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is also called the Vishuddha and is found in your throat. This helps you to have open communication and to be honest.

Third Eye Chakra

This is located between the eyebrows and is called the Anja. This is where you have your psychic giftings and where you can open up your intuition.

Crown Chakra

The crown or the Sahasrara is found at the top of your head. This is where you can find your life purpose and your awakening.

Unbalanced or Blocked Chakras

When you have a chakra that is unbalanced or blocked, it means that you are not getting the energy that you need. This can cause your body to have different things happen to it and it can cause you to miss out on happiness.

A chakra that has low energy means that you will not be able to be as productive as you need to be but if it is overactive, it can cause you to have too much of that chakra and it can affect your emotions and your body.

Health and the Chakras

The chakra is located in different parts of your body and when the chakra is out of balance, it can cause that part of the body to be out of whack.

If your chakra is located close to the bones, it can cause you to have aches and to have pains. It can also cause emotional situations such as anger or hurt.

Pay attention to what you are feeling in your mind and your body and find out what you are experiencing and where the feelings are coming from.

When you have bad habits, such as eating or addiction, this can cause your chakras to be unbalanced. Having chakras that are not balanced for a long time can cause you to have sicknesses or diseases.

Unblocking Your Chakras

There are different ways that you can unblock your chakras such as:

  • Doing yoga.

Yoga has different poses for each of the chakras and can help you to unblock them and keep them strong.

  • Root chakra: Tree Pose, Mountain or Warrior.
  • Sacral chakra: Pigeon Pose, Bridge Pose.
  • Solar Plexus: Triangle or Boat
  • Heart chakra: Cow Face Pose, Wheel, or Camel Pose
  • Throat Chakra: Fish or Plow pose.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Forward fold, Eagle Pose, Folded Eagle.
  • Crown Chakra: Corpse Pose, Savasana Pose.


The chakras are part of your energy center and if you want to have a healthy mind, body, and soul, you need to make sure that your energy centers are working the way that they should work.

There are seven main chakras in your body, and they go from your spine all the way to your head and if they are blocked, you will experience physical and emotional problems.

If you want to unblock your chakras, try different yoga poses, meditating and breathing exercises. Doing these can help you to be healthy and strong.

When you don’t know where to start, talk to a psychic or a professional energy healer to help you know what you can do next.