Divination Tools

Divination Tools: How to Use

Divination is a word derived from a root word meaning “inspired by a god” and a practice for many that dates back centuries. Today, it is just as popular as it was those many years ago. Divination is about using tools to harness intuition. Intuition is the ability to see beyond the five common senses as a form of insight. This can be used to understand hidden knowledge or predict the future. Some have used divination to find items that were lost or figure out what was going on even though you had no other way to do so. Others use divination to seek advice or confirmation of the truth. There are many possibilities as far as tools that readers can use for divination and each gains the same results, the truth. The tool chosen should be what works best for the reader. Some of these tools are explained below.


We all have natural intuition and divinization requires tapping into this. Intuition is instinctive knowing even though you have no proof. You cannot explain how you know, but you do without a doubt. Some use intuition for divination without actual tools, but other prefer tools they can hold. Some use tools to help them focus and others as visuals for the clients as a way to share what intuition is showing the reader. The options truly are limitless with some tools being a shock for some.

  • Cards – One of the most common divination tools today is cards. These cards fall into two categories including Tarot and Oracle cards. Tarot cards originated from playing cards used in the 18th century for divination. The decks consist of 78 cards divided into major and minor Arcana. They have traditional meanings and are often used in set spreads to receive measured answers. People that use Tarot tend to study the meanings of each card and stay within the system for use. Oracle cards are more informal and the number of cards will vary by maker. No two decks will be identical and while spreads can still be used, some decks are often designed with a specific spread in mind.
  • Scrying – Scrying is done with mirrors, a reflective surface, a crystal ball, or even bowls of water under a full moon. Readers view the shapes and images that appear on the surface to divine messages.
  • Automatic Writing – Sometimes called psychography, automatic writers write without consciously thinking about what to write. The words come on their own as the writer relaxes and clears the mind. This dates back to the Song Dynasty and was used by occultist John Dee to divine what the angels were saying to him. Some readers only use automatic writing for practice in either a trance-like state or totally aware and conscious.
  • Ogham and Runes – These are two systems that share a similar concept, but are different from one another. Both include individual pieces with a symbol and set meaning inscribed on them. Readers pull one piece at a time for answers. The Ogham, called the Celtic Tree Oracle, has inscriptions called staves which are letters from an old Celtic alphabet. There are 400 surviving letters and the Ogham set uses 25 to 26 of these. Each stave corresponds to a tree with a set meaning. Runes are similar with Norse letters and symbols that correspond to trees, animals, weather, and concepts. Readers pull Runes and form a reading based on the question. Some believe Runes to be the voice of a god named Odin and say you cannot read Runes without a relationship to him.
  • Nature – Taking a walk in nature can yield answers without tools. Open your intuition, ask a question, and go outside to look. For example, if you have two job offers, one to the east and one to the west, go outside and look both directions. If storm clouds are to the west and a sunny sky to the west, choose the east job. Nature can provide the answers.
  • Food – Food on a plate can provide answers as well. Just like reading tea leaves or coffee grounds, divination from food you or others have eaten is a good tool. With little left on the plate, look at what was left as far as shapes. The images may take the form of despair or something symbolic like a full water glass signifying a good nest egg. Getting an extra cookie in a bag can symbolize you have been gifted and should share the abundance.
  • Spills – The shape things take when accidently dropped can also offer a message. Pay attention when you or someone drops something and you have been focused on a question. Emulate this by thinking of a question and then tossing a deck of cards in the air or a handful of paper pieces.
  • Create Your Own – Intuitives are often creative by nature. Make your own tools with whatever you choose.

Each intuitive who practices divination is unique and will find the tools that best suit them by trying many. Try all the divination tools you can and if it does not work, pass it to someone else. The truth will come from the one that works best for you.


What Are Chakras and How Do They Help You?

Have you ever taken meditation or gone to a yoga class and you hear about healing and other practices? If you have, chances are that you have heard about the chakras and how the energy of your chakras flows throughout your body.

You may have heard about how important it is that you keep your chakras healthy and unblocked, but even if you heard it, you may have wondered what the chakras actually mean and how they really affect your mind, body, and soul.

What Are the Chakras?

Chakras are the energy parts of your body. In Sanskrit it means “wheel”, and this means that the energy is always spinning throughout the body. The chakras are part of your organ system and they function in a way to keep your body healthy and your mind and emotions strong.

There are seven main chakras that are found in the body and they go from the top of your head and down to your feet. There are other chakras outside of the body but most of the time when you hear about the chakra system, it is talking about the seven main ones.

Main Chakras

The chakras are your energy centers, and they are located all throughout the body.

Root Chakra

The first chakra is the Root or the Muladhara. This is found at your spine and it will be where you have life and security. This is the chakra that helps you to feel stable and strong.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is the sacral chakra or the Svadhisthana and is found under your navel. This is where your sexual energy comes from and where you will find your creativity.

Solar Plexus

The Solar plexus is also called the Manipura and is found in the stomach. This helps you to be confident and to have worth.

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is found in the center of your chest. This is where you can find unconditional love and compassion for others.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is also called the Vishuddha and is found in your throat. This helps you to have open communication and to be honest.

Third Eye Chakra

This is located between the eyebrows and is called the Anja. This is where you have your psychic giftings and where you can open up your intuition.

Crown Chakra

The crown or the Sahasrara is found at the top of your head. This is where you can find your life purpose and your awakening.

Unbalanced or Blocked Chakras

When you have a chakra that is unbalanced or blocked, it means that you are not getting the energy that you need. This can cause your body to have different things happen to it and it can cause you to miss out on happiness.

A chakra that has low energy means that you will not be able to be as productive as you need to be but if it is overactive, it can cause you to have too much of that chakra and it can affect your emotions and your body.

Health and the Chakras

The chakra is located in different parts of your body and when the chakra is out of balance, it can cause that part of the body to be out of whack.

If your chakra is located close to the bones, it can cause you to have aches and to have pains. It can also cause emotional situations such as anger or hurt.

Pay attention to what you are feeling in your mind and your body and find out what you are experiencing and where the feelings are coming from.

When you have bad habits, such as eating or addiction, this can cause your chakras to be unbalanced. Having chakras that are not balanced for a long time can cause you to have sicknesses or diseases.

Unblocking Your Chakras

There are different ways that you can unblock your chakras such as:

  • Doing yoga.

Yoga has different poses for each of the chakras and can help you to unblock them and keep them strong.

  • Root chakra: Tree Pose, Mountain or Warrior.
  • Sacral chakra: Pigeon Pose, Bridge Pose.
  • Solar Plexus: Triangle or Boat
  • Heart chakra: Cow Face Pose, Wheel, or Camel Pose
  • Throat Chakra: Fish or Plow pose.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Forward fold, Eagle Pose, Folded Eagle.
  • Crown Chakra: Corpse Pose, Savasana Pose.


The chakras are part of your energy center and if you want to have a healthy mind, body, and soul, you need to make sure that your energy centers are working the way that they should work.

There are seven main chakras in your body, and they go from your spine all the way to your head and if they are blocked, you will experience physical and emotional problems.

If you want to unblock your chakras, try different yoga poses, meditating and breathing exercises. Doing these can help you to be healthy and strong.

When you don’t know where to start, talk to a psychic or a professional energy healer to help you know what you can do next.

Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Signs Your Soulmate is Close

Is there someone that you have been dating for a while and you wonder if you are just infatuated with him or if there is going to be something serious? You may be one that has searched for the perfect person and now you want to know if this is the man that is meant for you or not.

Maybe you have been divorced and you are a single mom or maybe you have just been with a few people that have really hurt you and now you want to find the perfect person that is meant to be with you.

Someone comes to you and then all of a sudden everything seems perfect. You have waited and now you see that it was probably worth the wait.

What is a Soulmate?

Many people have different ideas on what a soulmate is. Some believe that a soulmate is someone that comes along that completes you, while others feel that a soulmate is someone that only lasts for a while.

A soulmate might be your best friend. It can be someone that is the same sex as you or even a family member. It is someone that you cannot imagine living without. If you meet a guy that is your soulmate, you will be attracted to him and you will love him deeper than anything ever.

Are Soulmates Real?

Maybe you are one of those people that don’t believe in fate or in soulmates. You might be surprised that many people believe in soulmates because of science and because it is something that is tangible.

Many believe that there is more than one soulmate, and some believe that if you meet the right person, they will touch your soul and be there rather they are a soulmate or not.

Difference Between a Soulmate and Other People

No matter what you think a soulmate is, you know that your soulmate will have to be different than everyone else. When you look at your past relationships, you will realize that this one is different than those.

Maybe the other relationships were full of lust and you were just wanting to have sex with that person. With this new person, you realize there is a physical and an emotional connection and you want more than just hooking up.

It can be hard to know if someone is your soulmate or not because you might think that you love this person and only realize later that it didn’t work out because something wasn’t right. Maybe that wasn’t your soulmate at all.

Finding Out if it is a Soulmate Relationship

Here are some ways that you can tell if you have a soulmate relationship or not.

Love Doesn’t Change

After you have been with the person for a while, you still love them. At first you might have this strong passion and you go through struggles and challenges only to find that you still love this person.

Knowing Them Forever

You might have met this person and you feel that you have known them your whole life. You can share anything with them, and you feel that they will love you no matter what.


Part of you worries about what will come but most of you trusts him. You believe that he is the one and you are vulnerable with him.

You might feel at first that you shouldn’t trust him, but you realize you love and trust him, and it feels good.

Finish Their Sentences

This is someone that you know so well that you finish what they are going to say before they say it. When you really know someone, you can know exactly what they are thinking.

You also probably have a lot of inside jokes with this person.

You Get Him

He will be someone that you get. Everything he does makes sense to you and you understand him inside and out. You know what he likes and what he hates.

Other people won’t know him like you do but you don’t have to explain things to them because you understand.

Reading Him

You can communicate and know what he is thinking or feeling without asking him. You don’t need any words to communicate, and you will be able to read his face and know what he is feeling and thinking.

You know if he hides something from you and you know what kind of mood he is in right when he walks in.

Strong Feelings

You have strong feelings for him that don’t fade over time. You have a good relationship even though sometimes things aren’t so good.


You have had chemistry in your relationships before, but this time is different. You have a different chemistry that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.

You feel attracted to him and you love that he is smart and that you are able to have conversations with him. He is your soulmate, and you have an easy time talking to him.

Spiritual chemistry is hard to find but you have the same beliefs and the same feelings about angels and loyalty and other things that are important.

Love Him No Matter What

Even when you disagree with him and even through his flaws, you still love him. You have unconditional love for him, and you are there for him no matter what happens.

You Feel Safe

He never makes you feel like he is going to leave you and you always feel secure in the relationship. You feel safe when you are around him and you feel relief that he has come into your life.

You know that you don’t need a man to survive but you like having him close to you.

He Knows You

He will be one that knows you better than you know yourself. He will know what you are feeling, and he sees who you really are.

Challenging You

He will want you to be the best that you can be, and he will challenge you to be better. He will work with you and for you to push you and to help you realize that you need to be happy and motivated.


You and he will share the same ideas and values. You will have the same kind of important values such as:

  • Politics
  • Spiritual things
  • Goals
  • How you look at the world
  • If you want children or not
  • If you want to be married or not
  • Loving
  • Kindness
  • Ethics

These are values that you should never give up and these values will not change for you over time.

Team Players

You will see that you and he work well as a team. You will do things together and you will work hard to make each other happy. You will be partners.

When things are unbalanced, you will work hard to balance each other and to give each other strength.


When you look at other relationships you realize you were never that secure, but your soulmate makes you feel differently.

He comes and you no longer feel afraid or insecure, but you know he is going to be there for you.

How You Met is Special

The way that you met is a special story to you and him. You tell everyone that you meet about how you met your soulmate.


You finally know what love is supposed to feel like and be. You may have thought you knew this before but now you realize you never did.

Better You

He makes you want to be the best that you can be. He wants you to have a better life and you want it for him. Together you can work to make sure that you have the best life you can.

He inspires you and sees through your flaws.


You realize at this point that your past relationships were just infatuations. You know what real love is now and you know that you want to be in this relationship forever.

Being You

You feel that you can always be yourself with him and he can be himself. He doesn’t want a fake you, but he wants you to be the best that you can be but to be yourself.

He never wants you to lose your identity and he wants you to be your separate self and to be there with you so that you can become individuals but one.

You Know

You know that you are with the right person and you get that he is the one for you. No one else has ever made you feel that they were the one.

Working Through Bad Times

You and he will work through things that are hard. When you argue and fight, you will make up and work things through. You will fight through issues and you will do what it takes to have a happy life together.

Making Each other Happy

You want him to be happy and he wants the same for you. You go out of your way to do small things to make sure that he knows you love him and vice versa.


You never feel jealous because you trust him, and you know that you are the one that he has chosen to be with.

You Say What You Think

You are never afraid to tell him what you are thinking. You don’t have to worry that you will mess up the relationship by saying your thoughts or opinions.


You listen to him and he listens to you. You give each other undivided attention because you love each other.

You Can Do Nothing

He is one that makes you happy just sitting around and watching television. You don’t have to do anything big to have fun because you just want to spend time together.


When you are in a soulmate relationship, you find happiness and thrills all at the same time. You can meet the one that makes you happy and show you who you are.

You are in love and hopefully you have found the one that you can call your soulmate. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, keep looking and the universe will send him when the time is right.

Manifest Things to Your Life

How to and Not to Manifest Things to Your Life

People are always trying to manifest things into their life and often time they wonder if they are doing it right or if they are making mistakes. Some people feel confused about manifesting and many people fail to do the right things to get what they need.


Manifesting is getting things to come to your life. It is what you feel and what you believe in. When you have a strong belief, you can get things to come to you.

You can manifest things into your life, and this can be good relationships, health, a happy job or even things.

Some people will manifest things that they never imagined that they could manifest. The universe will help you to get what you want by aligning your energy with its energy and helping you to manifest.

What to Do and Not to Do in Manifesting

There are things that you should and shouldn’t do when you are trying to manifest things. This helps you to be one with the universe.

Do Not Be Expecting the Exact

Most people will manifest, and they think that they have to say exactly what they want. They will write things in their journal and they will make vision boards. They will expect things to appear right before them.

Manifesting isn’t about what you can get but it is about changing and becoming something new. It is good to vision boards because it helps you to be clear on what you want. But when you get caught up in wanting things to be specific, you have problems getting what you want. This can be especially true if you want things to happen at a certain time.

Do Believe that the Universe Has a Plan for You

Manifesting isn’t about being in control, it is about letting the universe help you reach your highest good. You will experience new things but when you are in control of everything, you miss out on what is best for you.

If you meditate and do positive affirmations and you have a better outcome because of the universe, this is what you want.

There is a plan that the universe has that is better than your plan and you can move towards what you want.

Let Go of Things

You have to learn to let go of what you desire and learn to be more patient. Be thankful to the universe for helping you to feel a certain way and for helping you to be guided down the right path.

Don’t Make it Happen

You have to stop trying to make things happen the way that you want them to. You need to be in control of your ego and learn to recognize patterns.

Even if you don’t feel in control, don’t worry about it. Don’t let small things upset you and stop avoiding dealing with things that you cannot change.

The universe has the best plan for your life, and you can find it if you stop trying to control things.

Do Practice Being Spiritual

When you manifest, you are creating things and collaborating with the universe to help you. It helps you to develop and to take action on things in your life.

Once you are spiritually lined up, you will see that you can trust yourself and your energy and you can make things work out well for you.

How to Align Your Actions

Learn to change things in your life. Figure out what you want, and you desire and align it with something inspiring. You might wonder what your real desires are such as getting out of debt or being of service to people.

Let your desire bring you joy and peace and let your spirit support it. You need to know why you want to have this thing and let go of any fear or doubt.

Clear up the energy within yourself and find out why you want what you want. Open up your journal and write down the things you want and let the energy fill you. Trust your own vision and move forward. Let joy flood your life and give yourself permission to celebrate you.

Don’t Save Your Manifesting for One Time

Some people think that they can only manifest things one time and that is not true. Do not pull out all of the big guns such as meditating and crystals because you have one thing you want.

Do what makes you feel good and allow your life to be positive. Do not put your manifestation in a box but allow yourself to feel inspired and to manifest all you want.

Do Manifest Each Day

Take time each day to manifest what you want. This is attracting things to you. Practice manifesting in each thing you do in your life. Here is how:

  • Commit to what you want.
  • Ask for guidance.
  • Appreciate things around you.
  • Be aware of what you are thinking.
  • Attract things to your life.


You can manifest things that you want in your life and you don’t have to be confused about it. There are ways that you should and shouldn’t go about manifesting. Read the above article to give you more insight on how to do it right.

When you manifest, you create a way to align your energy with the universe and to elevate your vibrational frequency. This isn’t about getting what you want but about becoming someone new.

Intuitive Reading

How Can You Have an Intuitive Reading that Will Help Your Life?

If you are a psychic, your goal should be to have a successful reading with your clients and to give them information to help them to be stronger and to be in control of their life.

As a reader, you have to learn to tell a story and give the information that you receive to the person that is in your care.

After you sit for a reading, your intuition will start to build. You are making a decision to talk to your client and to do the reading to try to figure out what is going on in their world. This means that you have to participate, and you have to have the client to participate in the reading.

They should never have to tell you a whole story, but you should be able to have someone in your care that is open to listen to you and to hear what you are going to say and to be ready to experience your healing powers.

Should the Reader Be Tested?

If you are a client going to a reading, you should never test them. You need to make sure that you are open minded, and you have an open heart. The reader is there to listen to what your energy is telling you and if you are open to them, you are able to have a good reading.

Sometimes a reading can have a specific question, or you might have something going on in your life that you need to get information on. This reading can help to enlighten you and help you to have the answers you are seeking. Something will come for you.

Readings for Fun

Even if you choose to go to a reading just for fun, make sure you are respectful of your reader. They are there and taking time out of their day for you.


Always know why you are going to the reading and what you want to get out of it. You can write down some questions you want to ask, and you can talk about what you expect during your reading.

All of the readings are different for everyone so something different will be told to you than it was to someone else. Sometimes the reading will talk about your inner being and will require you to think on things later, while some is full of experience and things about your life.

Sometimes a reader will be able to look at the future and know what is going to happen in your life. If you want someone that is going to focus just on predictions, this can cause the reading to not happen the way that it is supposed to.

The readings use energy that will help to reach you in your past, present and future and this can come to you but sometimes it doesn’t.

Be Open

Always go to the reading with an open mind. If there are predictions made, you want to know what is going to happen and not to feel angry or upset. This can be a talk about a career change or a helpless relationship.

Sometimes the energy will tell a story, and this will help the client to experience a real reading. It can show the client what they believe and give them a clear picture of what their energy is saying. Sometimes this will reveal things to you that you didn’t know.


The energy comes from vibrations around you, and this can change depending on how you feel. The reader has to get to the deep roots of what is going on for you.

A reading is a soul work, and the reader is trying to look into the heart and to understand you and what you are going through.

If you are open to the reader, you can have a better vibration and they can get more information from your energy.

Open Up Your Energy

No matter if you do a short or long reading, information will come to you. This can confirm things that you have been wondering or it can answer questions for you.

You may leave the reading feeling better about your life and you might get the answers that you need.

When someone is getting a reading, it can sometimes be hard things that come through or sometimes the reading doesn’t even make sense. Take this with you and know that it might make sense down the road and become clearer to you.

What You Get

It is important to accept whatever the reader tells you. Even when things don’t make sense at the time, it can come to you later and be revealed.

The reading will help you to have power that you didn’t have and when you trust your reader, you can get the answers and guidance that you want.

Sometimes the reader is a healer and sometimes you can heal yourself. The soul reading will help you in your spirit and you need to trust yourself with what you feel after the reading.

The reading is a place where you can learn more about yourself and find out what you want and what you desire in your life. Be clear about your intentions. Be empowered by what you receive and see whatever the future holds for you.


What Superpowers Does an Empath Hold?

Empath’s have strong powers and they are almost like superheroes. Here are some things that an empath has that other people don’t:

Super Vision

Empaths are people that are able to know what someone is thinking or feeling without being told. They can look at someone and know what is going on in their body and in their life. They have the ability to reach things at a deeper meaning.

They are visionary and they are able to use their gifts to help others and to help their future. They want to heal people and to have peace in the world.

Empaths often feel that they are gifted but that it makes them vulnerable to the world around them. Learn to develop your gifts to know how not to be taken advantage of.


Everyone has some intuition but not everyone is an empath. An empath is able to know things and to get messages without having a real reason for knowing things.

They have to have self-esteem and respect for themselves in order to survive the negative energies that they pick up day to day. This energy can come from people or places.

Empaths are able to receive messages and to know what is going on in the world around them. They have to keep their body and mind strong to be healthy.

Empaths often have a low self-esteem because they have to deal with so much negativity and it can cause them to feel out of control in their lives.

It is important that the empath world learns to use their energy to respect others and themselves.

Psychic Gifts

Empaths are gifted in their emotions and in the psychic world. They have gifts beyond intuition, and they are able to sense things and to feel things in their body and soul.

If something is wrong, they sense it and get a message. This is messaging that channel to them in different ways.

By working on your powers as an empath, you can use your energy to help you to move on in life and to help others.

Being There

An empath is always there, and they allow their presence to be strong. This can be timeless situations and can help them to feel deep with other people and animals in life.

Empaths are able to know that people have special gifts and to embrace people for being different. They often protect themselves so that they are not overwhelmed by what is going on in the world around them.

It is important to not distance yourself but to be confident in the abilities that you have so that you can understand other people and connect with them at a deep level. This can help you to not hide from the world but to embrace your gifts and help others.


Empaths are healers and they can help people that are in need. If you feel that you are different than the world, you are. Here are some things you might feel if you are an empath:

  • Hopelessness.
  • Feeling of being out of control.
  • Having low self-esteem.
  • Stopping things such as college or special activities that you once loved.
  • Being sick.
  • Being afraid of your giftings.

Here are some ways that you can use your empathic abilities to help yourself and others.


Learn to look at others and find out what is causing them to be sick.


Build your self-esteem and learn to trust who you are.

Psychic Gifts

Use your gifts to make others stronger.

Being There

Be there to help others and love yourself and others unconditionally.


Know that you have gifts to help heal others and to help them to transform and change.

Creative Works

Use your creativity to stay strong and to know your gifts. Learn to be bold when you talk to others and when you want to help them to heal or get better.

Creative Workings

Empaths often forget that they are creative. When you are a healer, you have to be creative in how you talk to others and how you teach them.

Learn to embrace your creative gifts. If you are an artist or a writer, that is your gift, and you can use it to help others to find out who they are.

If you struggle with things such as anxiety or stress, you have to learn to take your gifts and to find happiness in yourself. Do not fall into self-destructive behaviors or lose sight of who you are.

You are responsible for what you do with your gift and you are gifted form the universe. Learn to work through the world with these gifts and learn to be happy if you do or don’t fit in. Handle people and show them who you are.

Why Is Being an Empath Important

You are important because you have gifts. You have issues that you are able to understand and you are able to set boundaries and to find happiness even when you deal with negative energies.

Learn to master your gifts and to be strong in who you are:

  • Set strong boundaries to stay safe.
  • Allow yourself to embrace your energies.
  • Be confident when you talk to others.


Do not try to be normal or someone that you aren’t. Embrace your gift and do not let others put you down or make you feel bad for who you are. Be a superhero that you are and be a leader.

Be present in your gift and do not stay silent. If you struggle with mental problems, work through them so that you can be stronger.

Stop doubting who you are and learn to know that you have a gift and that you are strong. Be the best that you can be so that others can be the best that they can be too.

Seven Chakras

Knowing the Seven Chakras

There are seven energy centers, also called wheels or chakras, that are believed to run along the spine and into the head of every human. The chakras have historically been used as reference points for physical, spiritual, and energetic healing. Below is a type of crash course on what each chakra stands for, where they are located on the body, and how our well-being can be positively affected if they are in balance.

Root Chakra – AKA Muladhara

The root chakra or the root support in Sanskrit, is located in the pelvis or tailbone region. Being of the earth element its color is red and is associated with the skeletal system, reproductive glands, urinary system, kidneys, feet, legs, lower back, and hips. Essential oils that can help this area are sandalwood, ginger, and rosewood. Yoga poses known to help balance this chakra are the balancing poses, mountain pose, pigeon pose, savasana, warrior pose, and the yogi squat. If the root chakra is in balance, it manifests as a sense of peace, security, safety in the basic needs area, financial and emotional stability. The overactive root chakra will cause a person to feel as if their basic needs are not met. They may feel extreme hunger or physical discomfort that sends them into survival mode. A person can also feel fearful and anxious with eating disorders, digestive issues, lower back pain, hip pain, and ovarian or prostate issues. However, it the root chakra is underactive, someone may day dream often, lack concentration, and feel disconnected from their activities. To balance this chakra, make sure your basic needs are met through nutritious food and drink, plenty of sleep, and some time to relax. Taking care of the body is fundamental.

Sacral Chakra – AKA Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra or the place of self in Sanskrit, is located in the sacrum, low back, belly button region. Being of the water element, its color is orange and it is associated with the adrenal glands, low belly, lower spine, and large intestine. Essential oils that can help this chakra are rose, sage, and jasmine. Yoga poses known to help include the child’s pose, standing and seated folds. If the sacral chakra is balanced you will experience earthly pleasures with joy, not shame. This means sex, fun, good food and more will be pleasurable because you are living in the moment. The overactive sacral chakra can cause someone to exhibit additive or even gluttonous behaviors. They may fear pain or negativity due to trauma. This person will likely splurge on life’s pleasures to the point of self-harm. They may experience physical dependency, obesity, overreactions, restlessness, and codependency. However, an underactive sacral chakra may cause a person to make fear-based decisions that end up depriving someone of joy. They may live in an “all work and no play” state of mind which can lead to depression, decreased sex drive, lessened creativity, and even impotence. To balance this chakra, try personifying complete independence for a whole day. This can be uncomfortable, but you will find true freedom in the exercise. If the sacral chakra is underactive, enjoy a full day of pleasure to balance things out.

Solar Plexus – AKA Manipura

The solar plexus or the lustrous gem in Sanskrit, is located in the breastbone and bottom of the ribs. Being of the fire element, its color is yellow and is associated with the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and small intestine. Essential oils that can help heal this chakra include rose, myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood. Yoga poses that can be helpful include the plank pose, the boat pose, and the warrior pose. Someone with a balanced solar plexus chakra is confident in their wisdom, personal power, and decisiveness. This person will be discerning about what does or does not serve them because they are strong in their truth. Those with an overactive solar plexus may be short-tempered, controlling, greedy, show a lack of empathy and compassion, and micromanage others. However, those with an underactive solar plexus may experience an underactive manipura when feeling ignored or wrong. This can manifest as being insecure, indecisive, timid, needy, or passive aggressive. To balance this chakra, face a fear. Remind yourself often that your intuition is right and strengthen your core.

Heart Chakra – AKA Anahata

The heart chakra or the unstruck in Sanskrit, is located in the chest, heart and thoracic spine. Being of the air element, its color is green and it is associated with the heart, lungs, thymus gland, upper back including the shoulders, and circulatory system. Essential oils that may be helpful in this area include angelica, rosemary, and lavender. Yoga poses that are helpful include the camel, bridge, fish, and wheel. Someone with a balanced heart chakra will feel love for themselves and others. Those with an overactive heart chakra may ignore personal boundaries and give too much of themselves to the point of ignoring personal care. They will put others before themselves to extreme levels. Physically, they may have heartburn or heart palpitations. However, those with an underactive heart chakra often have one due to heartbreak. They may find it difficult to trust others and feel physically out of touch with their bodies or have circulatory problems. To balance this chakra, spend time with those that you love and practice loving yourself. Meditate on self-love and do a good deed.

Throat Chakra – AKA Vishuddha

The heart chakra or the very pure in Sanskrit, is located in the neck, throat, shoulders, jaw, and tongue. Being of the space element, it is blue in color and associated with the ears, mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, and thyroid gland. Essential oils that can be of help are neroli and jasmine. Yoga poses that may help the area include the fish pose, plow pose, and shoulder stand. A balanced throat chakra in a person will allow them to speak clearly from a place of truth and love with words that are easily found. Writing and the learning of languages will come easily and they will be helpful to those on the path to enlightenment. Those with an overactive throat chakra will be loud and interruptive while struggling to listen. They may fib, embellish, and exaggerate, but the imbalance comes from feeling unheard. Physically, this may manifest as infections, mouth ulcers, throat pain, and dental issues. However, those with an underactive throat chakra may be shy, unable to express feelings, quiet, and hold an overall feeling of being flawed in some way. To balance this chakra, ask yourself if you are using kind, true, and necessary words.

Third Eye Chakra – AKA Anja

The third eye chakra or the beyond wisdom in Sanskrit, is located in-between the eyebrows, the pineal gland, and the center of the forehead. Associated with the wisdom element with the color indigo, it is connected to the forehead, brain, pituitary, and pineal gland. Essential oils that may help include cypress, angelic root, and vetiver. Yoga poses that increase balance are the child’s pose and meditation. Someone with a balanced third eye is in tune with both the physical and spiritual worlds. Those with an overactive third eye may have a hard time relating to others and can be distracted by the paranormal or spiritual realm making day to day concentration difficult. However, those with an underactive third eye may feel disconnected from their higher power and physically suffer from headaches, fatigue, and sinus allergies. To balance this chakra, try meditation regularly.

Crown Chakra – AKA Sahasrara

The crown chakra or the thousand petaled in Sanskrit, is located at the crown of the head and upward to the heavens. The crown chakra is associated with the consciousness and spirituality element, its color is violet. Helpful essential oils include lavender, gurjum, galbanum, sandalwood, and rosewood. Helpful yoga poses include savasana, tree pose, and headstand. Balance in this chakra is the ultimate spiritual goal, something like Nirvana. When the balance is reached in the crown chakra, you have conquered death, suffering, and are no longer considered human. Humans should focus on balance in the other six chakras, but the crown should always be acknowledged as the others are brought into balance.

Twin Flame Ghosts

What Happens When Your Twin Flame Ghosts You?

Do you have a twin flame, and they aren’t contacting you or responding to you? Do you wonder if your twin flame is ghosting you?

What is Ghosting?

The first thing to look at is what ghosting means. Ghosting is a new kind of term that people use when someone is dating, and they stop talking to you or answering you without you knowing why.

This is not someone that you want to have in your life and is not someone that you want to have an intimate relationship with.

If you have feelings for someone or if you are with your twin flame and they are ghosting you, this might not be the same thing as when you are dating someone that is not your twin flame.

Twin flames might ghost you even when they don’t want the relationship to end and this doesn’t always mean that they don’t have feelings for you because your twin flame is meant to be part of your energy world.

If you would ask your twin why they keep ignoring you or disappearing on you, they will probably not really even understand why they are doing it. You are the best thing that ever happened to them and even if their behavior is telling you otherwise, they want to be with you and they need you.

Your twin flame is the other part of your soul and you will always be close to this person. The problem is, before you can really be in this relationship, both you and your twin have to heal from the things that are going on inside.

You have to know that if your twin flame begins to ghost you that this is a chance for them to heal and a time for the universe to help them through their struggle. When they come back to you, you will see that they are closer to you than ever before.

Your twin flame will always come back to you because they are meant to be part of your soul. They don’t have a choice to leave you and they will come back to you because they are meant to be with you through eternity.

Even if you feel that your relationship is over, it is only beginning. You cannot stay stuck in your problems and you have to learn to better yourself and to learn to make your life good until they come back to you.

There are some things that you can do so that your relationship will be better, and this kind of thing will work with your twin flame because the relationship is not based on their ego but based on a soul connection.

Some things that you will do will cause your twin flame to ignore you because the relationship is not a normal relationship. You might think that your twin flame is a toxic relationship, or you might be dealing with frustration with them because maybe they haven’t fully grown yet.

Do not let your twin manipulate or control you or else this can cause your life to keep going in circles. Do not let fear come to you and do not let the loss of your twin flame cause you to be afraid because you will never lose them.

Being afraid will not help to raise your vibrations which you need to be strong for your twin flame. Fear is something that causes negativity and lower vibrations in your life. This can cause you to be confused and cause you to act ways that you don’t want to act.

Sending Mean Texts

Do not fall for the idea of sending mean texts or saying mean things. Even if you are upset or mad, your twin flame has left for a reason.

Your twin flame is meant to be with you and if you have expressed your feelings for each other, you still probably haven’t gone through the runner and chaser state. This is a time where one of you will run away for a time and it will be hard for both you and them.

This can cause you to be angry, if they are the runner, and you might want to send them angry texts and say mean things because of the hurt you are feeling. Stop yourself form doing this and learn to be in control.

Heart Strings

Another thing to avoid is sending sad texts. Do not try to get them to come back to you by sending them sad texts. Doing this will only make them stay away from you longer and will not let you heal.

You still have a problem that is there in the relationship and if you send texts that are sad or trying to guilt them, then this will become a problem and you will have a longer wait for them to come back.

If you have a twin flame that is a man, they have a hard time understanding things sometimes and when a woman is sad, it can cause him to withdraw more.

Seducing Him

One thing that you should try to avoid is seducing your partner. Do not let your partner come around you and do not try to take them to bed. Give them time to heal and give them time to have their distance.

The behavior that they have right now will keep them away from you and you need to give them a chance to grow. This doesn’t mean that you should stop contacting them or that you shouldn’t love them, what it means is that you need to let them get over whatever they are going through before you sleep with them again.


Stop trying to make your twin flame jealous. When you post things online or say things or make it look like you are dating someone, it can cause your twin not to respond to you for a while. Your twin is meant to be with you, and they will not ever want anyone more than you.

They know that they are meant to be with you, but they need time to work through things in their life and to figure out what is going on.

When you try to make it look like you want to be with someone else, your twin journey will be harder to reunite. If your twin is with someone else, give them a chance to learn that they are wrong and give them time to figure out that you are the perfect one.

Ignoring Them

When you ignore your twin flame it will cause them to feel that they are losing you. This will cause them to feel that you are not interested in them.

Do not play games with your twin. This can cause you to show conditional love instead of unconditional love that you will need to show for your twin. It will also cause you to feel unloved in the end and it is an ego thing that you are trying to control.

Maybe your twin is ignoring you, but this is because they are trying to fight against your energy. This can be because of something in their past life or something in yours.

If you are in the runner and chaser stage, you will see that you have to work through this and you have to let your twin work through it so that you can find real love with each other.

Life is different for everyone and it is very important that you try to make sure that you are kind and loving when you find your twin flame and that you do not let your emotions be in control.

Making Ultimatums

Do not try to make ultimatums to keep your twin flame. This will never work for you and when you do this and you set boundaries, you cause the relationship to be controlling.

You will not get your way when you do this, and it will cause your twin flame to feel controlled and make them want to get away form you. This will cause there to be much frustration and cause there to be problems working out the situation.

A twin flame union will happen when the universe says it is time and not when you think the time is right or when you want things to happen.

Forcing Their Hand

Trying to force your twin flame to contact you will only cause them to contact you less. Let them reach out to you when they are ready.

Being afraid of losing them is something that we will all face at some time and it is something that we have to work through. One thing is that when you engage in behaviors that are negative, it will cause there to be a circle of bad times in your relationship.

When love is fear based, it is an energy that is negative, and it can cause there to be feelings that take so long to heal. Stop letting negative behavior control you and if you are trying to stop your twin from running, figure out what is going on and see how your past life is affecting your relationship.

Contact a psychic and get your Akashic records reading and see if this is what is keeping your twin flame union from working.

Learn to send out light and love to your twin flame and allow your journey to be a divine journey that helps you to stay protected and strong.

Departed, Loved Pets

Messages from Departed, Loved Pets

Connecting with the pets that have had to cross over is something many pet owner’s desire. When connecting with the souls of these deceased pets, many mediums find that the pets are eager to let their humans know that they are fine with and through their transition to the spirit world. This is often most true when euthanasia when it is used as a last resort. Pet owners tend to have great angst over such decisions and then hold onto guilt about making the final call. This is because humans are overthinkers by nature and will always wonder if we have chosen the right option. On some occasions, a pet has been killed by a random accident and the owner feels responsible, even though they truly had no control over what happened when viewed rationally.

When a medium does readings for the pet’s spirit, the animals are almost always intent and insistent to let their humans know they are doing well and in a good place. They will also often share that when they arrived, they were greeted by the other pets the human had prior to them or at the same time or how loved they feel. In addition, some animals will share something funny to assure their human that it is them. One medium shares and example where a client was trying to contact their dog who had passed away just the week before. Though the client had wanted an earlier reading, the medium did not have an open schedule. Still, the insistent dog kept coming to the medium’s mind and telling her about a bird bath that desperately needed cleaning. It was an odd message that the medium did not wish to share at first because it seemed so strange. The owner may not have a bird bath or it could compound her grief by focusing on such an unimportant task, but the message was persistent. Eventually, the medium shared the message and the owner asked why she had inquired about the bird bath. The medium shared that her dog had insisted that she had not done a very good job. The owner admitted she had not and did the job again.

This was a relief for the owner who had recently had the dog put to sleep after a very difficult decision. TO make things harder, there is sometimes a physical reaction of the animal’s body in which a cry or loud howl is released and it is tough to hear. This is not in pain, but a physical reaction after the soul has already left the body. This woman’s dog reassured her that he was already gone and happy to be pain free before this reaction. It was nothing more than a reflex. The dog also shared with the medium about a small dog he had met after passing and upon describing it, the owner knew it had been a previous little puppy she had also owned. The dog shared that he was happy to be out of pain from swollen skin and that he would visit often to let the owners know he was still around.

Mediums often see apparitions of pets, even their own, to deliver messages that are sad, happy, unusual, and everywhere in between. Some of the messages are hard to hear, but still bring comfort. While some may not be able or willing to connect with pets, some mediums do. This can bring comfort to those who have loved their pets as a family member and just want assurance that they are safe, happy, and pain free.

Open Up Your Heart Chakra

How to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

When you experience things like an eclipse or you see the planets changing, you need to make sure that your heart chakra is in the right place.

Your heart chakra is the place where you have love and unconditional care and compassion. It is the part of you that allows you to be a person and to be someone special.

We all have to learn to deal with things in our lives such as fear and hurt and the ego plays a big role in what we do in our lives.

We are not here just to live a life that is meaningless, but we are here because our soul has a mission. The way that the soul interacts with the universe is through the heart chakra and this is important to know and understand.

Seven Chakras

We have seven main chakras, and this is the energies that go through your body. The heart chakra is located in the middle of your chest and when you are stable and you feel strong, chances are that your heart chakra is strong and grounded.

The heart chakra can play a big role when the Leo season comes into play. This is where you will make sure that your circulation is strong and that your lungs and all parts of your chest area are healthy.

The blood will flow through your body and will go through your heart chakra and this will bring energy to your life.

The symbol of the heart chakra is a star that has two different triangles and six points. This is a symbol that means you need to wake up and get up. This means that you need to work hard to have a good journey in life and to get the things that you need to get to be better. This means that you should embrace change and want to see your life happy.

The other triangle that points down means that you are getting energy from the earth that can ground you and help you to know who you are in your life.

When you have questions about life and love, you can ask your heart chakra the questions. The heart chakra keeps your happiness and will help you to fulfill the needs that you have and to find your purpose.

When your heart chakra is opened, you will have faith and you will be inspired by good things. You will have hope and you will feel that life is great. When it is blocked, you will feel sad, pain, unforgiveness and you will feel hopeless. The heart chakra will be blocked and there will be a wall that is hard to work through.

The walls of your heart chakra will stop you from being able to love who you are and to stop loving the world. When the heart chakra is blocked, these things can happen:

  • You feel you have no purpose.
  • You feel that things are no longer important.
  • You are in a bad mood.
  • Overly sensitive to things.
  • Want to be alone.
  • Do not trust others.
  • Have heart diseases.
  • Are bitter and angry.
  • Blame people for things in your life.
  • Judgmental
  • You hate dealing with your emotions.
  • Hate yourself.
  • Have a hard time in relationships.

When you have to work on the heart chakra, you need to find love. You need to learn to love yourself and stop being mad at yourself or blaming others when things do not work out well.

The heart is loving, and you have to have the love in yourself before you give the love to the world.

When your heart chakra needs love, you need to work on it to make sure that you have your soul, mind and body aligned with your heart chakra and that your soul is open.

Opening the Heart Chakra

If you want to open the heart chakra, you need to go to a quiet place and relax. You can go outside and be in nature. Take time to deep breath and then put your hands on your chest.

  • Make circles like a clock with your hands and do this 75 times. Imagine that all the blockages are leaving your heart chakra.
  • Once you have done your circles, shake your hands and then imagine your heart chakra is strong.
  • Rest your hands and imagine your heart chakra is filled with beautiful things. Remember this for as long as you need to.
  • Do this each day until you notice that you feel happier and that your life is better. You can practice this each day to raise your energetic vibrations.

Keep the Heart Chakra Unblocked

Once you open your heart chakra, there are ways you can keep it unblocked:

  • Make sure you pay attention to things around you that are causing you to be angry or fearful. Put barriers up to protect you.
  • Write in your journal and write whatever comes to your mind for 15 minutes. Read it later.
  • Express what you are feeling to others and do not hide your real feelings. If you feel negative, tell someone and ask them to help you to find your positive side.
  • Use the colors green and pink in order to open up your heart chakra. You can eat these colors, or you can wear things that are this color. You can even find crystals that are these colors to help make you stronger such as: jade, emerald, tourmaline and rose quartz.
  • Love yourself and use positive affirmations to give yourself strength.
  • You can move your body to open up your chest and there are different yoga poses that you can do to make that happen.
  • Use your heart chakra by doing yam sounds or uhm chants. Do different pitches.
  • Use essential oils such as rose, peppermint or geranium.
  • Be loving and kind to people that you meet each day and allow your heart to become more loving.
  • Do not let toxic relationships control your life. Make good connections.
  • Speak and react only in positive ways. Before you send an email or a text, see if it is positive or negative.

Once you are able to open up your heart chakra, you can see that you can love more and that you can get love more. This will help you to feel secure and safe in your life.