Role of Animal Spirit Guides on Our Path

Role of Animal Spirit Guides on Our Path

Many ancient tribes acknowledged that animal spirit guides had power and importance in the harmony of our lives with these creatures. It was and is believed that each animal carries a unique spirit and energy. This means one can call on the power of this animal to heal, protect, and help through life’s journey. They may serve as a guide, power source, teacher, and ally throughout life.

Shamans would often enter a trance state and communicate with their spirit animals and help others discover their animal spirit guide. We must remember that our animal spirit guide is not our choice, but it chooses us. They most often make themselves known through dreams, meditations, initiations, and even visions. They are reflections of our deepest selves and symbolize the traits we often leave concealed.

Animal Spirit Guide Types

  • Messenger Guides – This guide delivers specific lessons and messages of a spiritual or warning nature. Once the message is understood, it leaves.
  • Shadow Guides – This guide is representative of the innermost fears that you must overcome to move forward on your path. It is a reminder of unhealed aspects that have been suppressed but require attention.
  • Journey Guides – These animal spirit guides come when you are at a crossroads and need to make a decision. This guide will help you through that journey and represents both challenges and rewards. It will guide you to the best path possible when you are lost.
  • Life Guide – This spirit animal is reflective of the inner self and is always with you. It is like an archangel that is ever present to remind you of your abilities and strengths. Each life guide has a specific message and meaning.
  • Land Guide – Land animals are associated with groundedness as well as mental and physical stability. These guides are filled with awareness and intuition.
  • Water Guides – Water animals are representative of cleansing and freedom as well as a symbol of the universal unconscious.
  • Bird Guides – Bird guides are symbolic of life transitions and assist us in the highest matters of knowledge. They offer great foresight.
  • Reptile Guides – These guides are symbolic of adaptation, being intuitive, and being independent. They remind us every situation offers a chance for growth.
  • Insect Guides – These guides bear gifts of tenacity, non-attachment, and patience as they are progressive and proactive. They are also adaptive, like reptiles.

Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide

There is a highly sacred practice to finding your animal spirit guide. It may take some time and focus so before doing a visualization meditation, try to spend the day focusing on it. Repeat the mantra “I am ready to find my animal spirit guide and open to receiving what it will share.” Be attentive to animals that crop up in your life as totems or signs of the actual animal. Do not rush through this or try to interact, just be present in a pure spirit. The whole process must be approached through intuitiveness and great humility.

Visualization Meditation

  • Find a quiet place in nature away from technology
  • Sit or lay on the bare ground with closed eyes and allow your body to sink into the ground. Focus on the wind and other sounds of nature. Let thoughts pass without resistance. Do not identify with any specific animals, just imagine them on a screen as if watching totally disconnected.
  • Let your breath take a natural rhythm and with each exhale, sink further into the ground.
  • Visualize a doorway before you and with each breath walk toward it.
  • When ready, open the door and notice the change in feelings and sounds.
  • You are in a void and though you may feel scared and lost, a presence will come along with you.
  • The presence should feel familiar, guiding, and safe because it has come to introduce itself and remind you that you are not really lost. It offers protection because it is your animal guide.
  • Reach into your pocket for a flashlight to see it for the first time.
  • What does it look like? What type of animal is it? Reach out to touch it.
  • Spend time bonding as you let its wisdom and presence illuminate your inner being. Take as long as you need before you open your eyes.

Once you find your spirit animal, it may pop up at different points in your journey. Accept the guidance that is offered and continue to move forward knowing that you are being watched over.