Messages from Departed, Loved Pets

Departed, Loved Pets

Connecting with pets that have had to cross over is something many pet owners desire. When connecting with the souls of these deceased pets, many mediums find that the pets are eager to let their humans know that they are fine with and through their transition to the spirit world. This is often most true when euthanasia is used as a last resort. Pet owners tend to have great angst over such decisions and then hold onto guilt about making the final call. This is because humans are overthinkers by nature and will always wonder if we have chosen the right option. On some occasions, a pet has been killed by a random accident and the owner feels responsible, even though they truly had no control over what happened when viewed rationally.

When a medium does readings for the pet’s spirit, the animals are almost always intent and insistent to let their humans know they are doing well and in a good place. They will also often share that when they arrived, they were greeted by the other pets the human had prior to them or at the same time or how loved they feel. In addition, some animals will share something funny to assure their human that it is them. One medium shares an example where a client was trying to contact their dog who had passed away just the week before. Though the client had wanted an earlier reading, the medium did not have an open schedule. Still, the insistent dog kept coming to the medium’s mind and telling her about a bird bath that desperately needed cleaning. It was an odd message that the medium did not wish to share at first because it seemed so strange. The owner may not have a bird bath or it could compound her grief by focusing on such an unimportant task, but the message was persistent. Eventually, the medium shared the message and the owner asked why she had inquired about the bird bath. The medium shared that her dog had insisted that she had not done a very good job. The owner admitted she had not and did the job again.

This was a relief for the owner who had recently had the dog put to sleep after a very difficult decision. To make things harder, there is sometimes a physical reaction of the animal’s body in which a cry or loud howl is released and it is tough to hear. This is not in pain, but a physical reaction after the soul has already left the body. This woman’s dog reassured her that he was already gone and happy to be pain-free before this reaction. It was nothing more than a reflex. The dog also shared with the medium about a small dog he had met after passing and upon describing it, the owner knew it had been a previous little puppy she had also owned. The dog shared that he was happy to be out of pain from swollen skin and that he would visit often to let the owners know he was still around.

Mediums often see apparitions of pets, even their own, to deliver messages that are sad, happy, unusual, and everywhere in between. Some of the messages are hard to hear but still bring comfort. While some may not be able or willing to connect with pets, some mediums do. This can bring comfort to those who have loved their pets as a family member and just want assurance that they are safe, happy, and pain-free.